“Let’s enjoy Japan one step deeper”

If you have friends in Japan, you will have a big advantage. They will allow you to travel and act like a local by being your guide and by providing the information only locals know, thereby, making your trip far more interesting and fun. However, not everyone has the luxury of knowing people in other countries.

Let us be your friends! We craft and create original tours by selecting the best content for you to enjoy Japan one step deeper with our professional guides. We will help you discover and make sure you have an authentic experience by providing excellent service that will help make your stay in Japan as easy and as comfortable as possible.


Our goal is to contribute to the peace of the future, cultivating deeper mutual understandings by producing opportunities to communicate with each other and to let others experience exciting cultural activities in various places.

Who are we?

What is important to us is to further our vision and to materialize our concept in people. We are composed of people who share the same will and ideas. Japan Wonder Travel is managed by KNOT WORLD Co., Ltd. You could meet the team from here.

  • Traveler

    We all love traveling. We understand tourists have many inconveniences during their travels abroad in a foreign land. It can be difficult know what the best places are to visit, things to do, or experiences to seek out, and to make the right choices to make your travel to Japan memorable. We can help you!

  • Passion

    We have nothing but passion for what we do, and we want visitors to be able to get the maximum enjoyment out of Japan. We make its our life’s work because we love to hear customers say “Because I love it / Because it helped me a lot” rather than “Because it’s on a guidebook / Because it’s famous”

  • Friendly

    We want to help and treat all our customers as kindly as one of your friends. All our staff want to communicate with people beyond nationality and borders.

Why Should you choose us?

  • Merit01

    Attractive Contents

    We are NOT a platform. We create original tours and select the best destinations and specialized adventures for you to get the most authentic Japanese experience. Enjoy Japan one step deeper. We believe that our tours are carefully designed to provide you with the best immersion in the Japanese culture. We promise, you will go home with a smile on your face and wonderful lasting memories.

  • Merit02

    Professional Guide

    We only recruit guides with amazing personalities. All our guides are professionally trained and are licensed Japanese tour guides. With our guides, you will get a unique experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Merit03

    Prompt assistance with your travel

    We do our best to assist our customers needs and accommodate anything they hope to see in Japan. It may be difficult for tourists to book some restaurants or gain access to some venues on their own. We can help with that! Some expensive hotels have concierge service that may be of help to tourists, but this is not always the case. If you wish to arrange for our services, we would be happy to be of help.

Professional Guides + Staff