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Tokyo TOUR

  • [2017 May.] Sumo tournament tickets in Tokyo

    Have you ever seen Sumo tournament? Six Grand Sumo tournaments have been held each year. In January, March and September, it has been held in Tokyo. Let's enjoy watching Japanese traditional sports Sumo.

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    ¥ 7,000 / Per Person

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  • Asakusa Rickshaw Ride

    Enjoy your rickshaw ride in style and comfort with our professionally-trained drivers, called “shafu” in Japanese. Each “shafu” goes through an extensive training program focused on safety, hospitality, and of course the history and culture of the town and Japan.

    1 hour

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    ¥ 8,750 / Per Person

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  • Get ticket of Ghibli Museum

    Nobody can grow up without watching animations created by world known master animator Miyazaki Hayao. This museum is built by his Studio Ghibli. Here you can dive into the world of Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, My Neighbor Totoro and so on!! If you couldn’t get tickets in your country or after arrived at Japan, we do our best to find tickets.

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    ¥ 4,000 / Per Person

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  • Mt.Fuji & Hakone one day BUS tour

    The tour will visit the World Heritage Mt Fuji & Hakone area. You may enjoy beautiful scenery of Mt Fuji if weather permits. At first we go to Mt.Fuji 5th station. Then move to Hakone. In Hakone, we visit Komagatake Ropeway and lake Ashi cruise.

    11.5 hours

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    ¥ 12,000 / Per Person

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  • Let's be a Samurai and experience Iai-do cutting!

    Have you heard of Samurai? Samurai is Japanese warriors. And Samurai sword(called Katana) is one of the most important thing for Samurai. In this course, we could learn Samurai basic technique. This tour is divided to three parts. First part, we learn Samurai etiquette, how to get in Dojo studio, how to start practicing. Second part, we learn Sword fighting techniques. Many kinds of cutting, how to draw and return the sword etc. At last, there is cutting test with real sword. If you could do well, you would be a Samurai!!!

    90-120 min

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    ¥ 18,000 / Per Person

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  • Sushi making experience @Authentic Sushi restaurant

    Don’t you want to be a sushi master?<br> Let’s learn how to make sushi in authentic Sushi restaurant! <br> You could understand everything about Sushi so you might be able to make sushi at home after the tour.<br> At last, we taste your own hand made Sushi!!

    1.5 hours

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    ¥ 10,000 / Per Person

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