• Kyoto TOUR

Kyoto TOUR

  • Kyoto FooDrink Tour @Nishiki street & Gion

    Details In the center of Kyoto, there’s a Nishiki market. It has more than 400 years history, so Nishiki market is called “Kyoto’s Kitchen”. There are more than 130 shops along Nichiki street(about 400m). You could taste and see several types of Kyoto food, then let’s learn Kyoto’s original food culture!! After Nishiki, we take a walk around Gion(Geisha area) and learn culture as well.

    3.0 hours

    65 Reviews

    ¥ 9,500 / Per Person

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  • Kyoto FooDrink Tour @Arashiyama

    Details Maybe you have seen the picture of Bamboo grove of Japan at least once. That’s the highlight in Arashiyama! Arashiyama was a villa of Aristocracy more than 1000 years ago. We also visit traditional beautiful Togetsukyo bridge and Tenryuji temple with beautiful gardens. Then we walk around Sagano area. While walking, we can try many types of foods!!

    3.5 hours

    43 Reviews

    ¥ 10,000 / Per Person

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  • Kyoto Pontocho Backstreet Food and Drink hopping Tour [evening tour]

    How about strolling in the evening time like local people? It is beautiful in daytime, but night time is also very beautiful!! We stroll around Shijo street and Pontocho area and stop by restaurants popular for locals. (Some spots are hidden even for Japanese!) We will enjoy good Kyoto food and drinks while walking town. Let’s do Kanpai together!!

    3.0 hours

    5 Reviews

    ¥ 13,000 / Per Person

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  • Osaka FooDrink Tour @Kuromon market and Namba

    Biggest city in western Japan, Osaka, has been known as the "nation's kitchen" because of its cuisine. The "Kuromon Market" that has supported Osaka's food culture for many years. Some local residents and professional chefs still come to buy high-quality food. On this tour, we will walk at Namba area and enjoy Osaka unique food and culture different from Tokyo. This tour's concept is"Kuidaore". "Kuidaore" is a Osaka word meaning "to eat till you drop"!! Through delicious food and drink, you would learn Osaka culture.

    3.0 hours

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    ¥ 9,800 / Per Person

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