• Kyoto TOUR

Kyoto TOUR

  • Kyoto Rickshaw Ride(Arashiyama / Higashiyama)

    Enjoy your rickshaw ride in style and comfort with our professionally-trained drivers, called “shafu” in Japanese. Each “shafu” goes through an extensive training program focused on safety, hospitality, and of course the history and culture of the town and Japan.

    1 hour

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    ¥ 8,750 / Per Person

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  • Kyoto Dinner with Maiko Performance

    Near Gion, there is big Yasaka Shrine. In front of the gate of Yasaka shrine, there is a traditional Ryokan(Japanese style inn). In that Ryokan, you could have Kyoto cuisine with Maiko performance. After performance, you could talk with Maiko and play traditional Japanese game! All you can drink is also included. Let’s enjoy Maiko Dinner! (This is not guided tour.)

    2.0 hour

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    ¥ 19,000 / Per Person

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  • [2017 Nov-Dec] Kyoto Autumn Leaves Tour @Local Sagano area

    The viewing of autumn leaves, also called Koyo or Momiji in Japanese, has been a popular activity in Japan. Especially Kyoto is the most popular spot with its traditional atmosphere. Arashiyama and Sagano area is one of the famous spot for it. Because there is colorful nature and many beautiful temples. Most of tourist just go to famous spot. Of course it's very good to go, but it's also very crowded. So we can take you more secret and local area to see beautiful leaves. We take a public bus and go more deep area from central area. You can enjoy silent and sometimes wired spot. But please don't worry, we also go to Famous Bamboo Forest. Let's explore with professional and friendly English-speaking guide in small group. This tour is only from 15th November to 15th December. Only one month. If you will be in Kyoto, don't miss it.

    4.0 hours

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    ¥ 10,000 / Per Person

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