General FAQ

Q. How do I reserve service of Japan Wonder Travel?

Please book from each service page.
After you make payment, reservation will be fixed.

As for some ready-made service, you could pay when you send booking form.

As for other service, after you confirm our suggestion, please make payment by invoice we’ll send.

Q. When do I reserve? Is advance reservation required?

The tour must be reserved in advance.All payment is expected before tour.

Q. Are there any plan for child ? Who is child?

Yes, there are in some of our service.
Basically we define:

  • adult : 13 years and up
  • child : 4 years – 12 years
  • infant: 3 years and under

As for FooDrink Tour,
We assume that if your child is below 3 years, they will not be participating in the food tasting portion of the tour or that they might be sharing food with a parent. Therefore, for children below age 3, no fee is required and there will not be a food portion dedicated to this child. If you’d like food for your child under 3, then please tell us in advance. Either way, please indicate when you reserve, whether you are with a child on the tour, so that our tour guide can be prepared. If you have further questions, please contact us.

  • adult : 100%
  • child : 70%
  • infant: free
Q. Are tours offered only in languages other than English?

Our guide is all English tour guide.
One of them have a license of French tour guide.

So we can do in English and French, but we couldn’t offer in other languages.

Q. How should I dress during a tour?

Please dress casual, comfortable, and appropriate for the different seasons in Tokyo. Before you come this tour, please take a look at weather forcast.

Here are some general Weather Conditions in Tokyo.

January, February, March
Weather:Cold, dry, in rare cases snow. Temperatures can range from 0-15 degrees. With a wind chill, it can get below zero early in the morning. March is not as cold as Febrary.
What to Wear: Bring an warm coat, scarf, hat, gloves, shoes which you can walk easily and an umbrella.

April, May, June
Weather: Spring in Tokyo is the best time to be in the city, without doubt. Spring usually means less humidity and temperatures between 10-20 degree. In June, we are in rainy season, so many days we have rain.
What to Wear: In April, bring a light spring jacket. If you don’t have an umbrella, buy a cheap one at the comvinience store when we aware at the first drop.

July, August, September
Weather: Hot, humid. Temperatures range from 25-35.
What to Wear: Wear light clothing. Towels are needed.

October, November, December
Weather: In October and early November, the temperatures range from 10-25. But from the middle of November, it gets really cold.(Temperatures range from 5-15)
What to Wear: Wear light jacket. If you’re coming in the back half of November or later, maybe you always need a warm coat, scarf.

Q. Are the walking tours given in bad weather?

All of our tours are held rain or sunny. In the event of inclement weather, we will be able to go inside many of the establishments on the tour. We will not be outdoors for the entire 3 hours. You should still dress appropriately for the day’s weather conditions. It is impossible to cancel a tour at the very last minute due to many circumstances beyond our control. Before reservation, please be aware of the possible weather conditions for that time of year.

Foodrink Tour FAQ

Q. Will I have a good experience taking a Tokyo FooDrink Tour as a single?

We often have singles on our tours. We like to think of each tour group as its own family. If you are open to meet new people & having a great time, you will have a wonderful time on the food tour. Our food coordinators are so friendly that you can feel comfortable during the tour.
The minimum running number of people is two. So if the number doesn’t get to two when three days before the tour, it may be canceled.

Q. How much food is there?

Enough food tastings are served that for most people lunch afterwards is not needed. It’s very rare that anyone walks away hungry!
All food tastings are all included in the cost of the tour. There are 6-8 delicious food tasting stops on each tour. Each tasting has been chosen by Tokyo FooDrink Tour staff based on what we think is the best of the best in the town.
(Sweets tour is NOT included much food just snack.)

Q. Are any of your walking tours wheelchair-and/or stroller-accessible?

Unfortunately, wheelchairs and stroller are not recommended on our tours due to the many narrow and busy space that we walk on. If you have further questions, please contact us.

Q. Can I sit down during a tour?

Even though our walking tours are 3.5 hours, there are spots during each tour to rest. We understand that it might be difficult to be on your feet for a long time. We make sure that everyone is comfortable during our tours.