Meet the Team


  • Yuriko


    Hi, my name is Yuriko.

    I was born in the USA (Ohio) and raised in Japan. Later on, lived in Boston for 2 years. Have been working as a National Licensed English interpreter-guide since 2008. I would like to explore and talk about Tokyo, Japan and Japanese culture with you.
    Looking forward to seeing you!

    Guide area:
    Tokyo (food tour, private tour, customized tour) and greater Tokyo (Kamakura, Hakone, etc.)

    Specialties and hobbies are:
    Tea Ceremony (1st degree instructor), Kimono dressing (instructor)
    Sumo wrestling (enjoy watching and instruct new guides), Architecture,
    Cooking (Japanese dishes and sushi)
    Arts and crafts (cartonnage, egg art, patch work), Garden and Gardening

  • Sachimi


    Hello! My name is Sachimi and I am licensed English speaking guide.

    I live in Tokyo for 10 years.
    I like strolling around town, and for those several years, I have been discovering many places and interesting things in Tokyo.

    I am also enjoying Japanese traditional art such as kimono, tea ceremony, calligraphy and so on.. .

    Tokyo is so big and exciting, so many places to see, things to do and food to eat. I would like to assist you to discover wonderful Tokyo and make great memories of Japan!

    Looking forward to meeting you in person!

  • Lily


    Hi, I am Lily.

    I've lived in Tokyo for 20 years, but almost every time I find something new in this old city when I go out because Tokyo is constantly changing in many ways.

    I love cooking, dressing a Kimono, and exploring Japanese gardens and temples.

    It would be great to share beauty of Japan with you.

  • Toshi


    Hello! I am Toshi, an English speaking guide.

    "It's my turn!"

    I had a lot of opportunities to visit foreign countries on business. Meanwhile, I was supported by local people so much. Without their help, I could not carry out my work. One day I realized "It's my turn! It's my turn to support foreign people in Japan." Then I decided to be a guide.

    "I love Sushi."

    I love Sushi, not only eating but making. And I often teach how to make sushi to foreign people. I think national food is a good tool to understand the culture. Understanding the culture can bring people closer. I want to introduce Japanese culture through Japanese food.

    I hope to see you soon!

  • Yukio


    Hello! My name is Yukio

    Born and raised in Tokyo. Worked for computer software companies in U.S. and Germany.

  • Profile yoshika1 300x300


    Hello!! My name is Yoshika Kumagai. I’m very happy that I am a tour guide. Why? Because I really like travelling, walking around and enjoy delicious food.

    In particular, before going out, it is a pleasant time for me to plan, look for restaurants and spots worth visiting.

    I’m interested in Japanese history, culture and tradition. How about you? What would you like to see in Japan?

    I’d like you to know that there are many valuable and precious things about Japan, and enjoy yourself and experience wonderful moments in Japan.

    Please let me show you Japan’s beauty and essence!!.

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    What is Japan all about ?

    I have been obsessed with the subject since I became a national tour guide.

    I’m Noriko, an active woman loving to run a full marathon ,and at the same time, a ladylike housewife arranging flowers I grow.

    I fully enjoy four seasons in Japan like this :

    KIMONO  I have been captivated by kimono that is a sublime expression of Japanese beauty. Not only wearing them myself , I would love to help any tourists wear ones. UKIYOE I’m an art museum-goer and a collector of Japanese arts including some masterpieces by HOKUSAI, UTAMARO etc ; in reprinted edition .( They’re not expensive at all but absolutely beautiful ! )

    ZEN & TEA CEREMONY Tea ceremony is an attainment method of Zen. I really get into the philosophy of Zen. My ultimate goal is “to live in Zen”

    On top of everything, it’s always a great pleasure to accompany our guests and tour around. Now ,would you join us and explore Tokyo to know more about Japan !

  • Profile yuki


    Hello happy travelers! Hajime Mashite (nice to meet you).

    My name is Yuki Deleon. I was born and brought up in Tokyo, the capital of beautiful Japan.

    Traveling always gives us enrichment, joy and adventures to our lives.

    I myself traveled several times to Europe, and also lived in the U.S. for almost ten years.

    Every country has its unique culture and the most important thing, food!

    Japan is known for the Washoku (Japanese cuisine) which has so many varieties of dishes. I am always curious and eager for trying diverse food throughout the country, and love to share the foodies’ delight with my guests.

    My other hobbies (besides eating) are, folk art painting, quilting, crafts, cycling and camping with my husband.

    Looking forward to digging into yummy Japan with you!!!

  • Naoko


    Hi, I'm Naoko.

    I was born and raised in Tokyo.

    I love to exchange the culture differences. Let's share the time with big smile.

    I'm looking forward to seeing you!

  • Mami

    Mami (Mommy)

    Hello, My name is Mami (Mommy).

    I am living Tokyo area more than 30 years, and I used to live in the U.S. (Pittsburgh, and San Diego) for 8 years.

    I love playing tennis and nordic walking. I am a cheerful and outgoing person.

    See you soon in Tokyo!!

  • Tomo


    Hello! My name is Tomo

    I like coocking and reading history novels. Let's enjoy Tokyo togather.

  • Profile tae1 150x150


    Hello et Bonjour!

    My name is Tae. I am licensed English and French speaking guide. Since I became a guide in 2008, I’ve met a lot of visitors from all over the world and loved my job!!

    Tokyo is one of the world’s most exciting dining destinations. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the city as well as our food tour!!

    I myself lived in Europe and the USA for many years and therefore I have a great deal of experiences in communicating with people from different countries and cultures.

    I love travelling, seeing performing arts, visiting museums and shopping cute Kawaii items with my 2 daughters in my spare time.

    Hope to see you soon, À bientôt!!

  • Picture nagata


    Hello! My name is Hiro.

    I’ve been living in Tokyo for more than 25 years. Living in Tokyo is very exciting, and I am enjoying very much. I have 12 years old son, and 8 years old daughter. With my family, I am enjoying to visit museums, parks, theaters, new restaurants, Karaoke, and so on.

    I like eating and cooking, and drinking beer! I love meeting new people. That’s why I became an English speaking licensed tour guide. Before becoming the guide, I had worked as a writer and an editor for information magazines. So, collecting information is one of my specialties. I really think that Tokyo is fascinating and attractive town for foreign tourists. There are so many enjoyable spots to go. Let’s enjoy your trip with me! I am looking forward to seeing you soon!

  • Img 29621 300x300


    Hello, I am Naoko Higo. I am an English speaking licensed tour guide. I like cooking, eating, traveling abroad and strolling through towns I have never been to before. Whenever I go abroad, markets are “must-see” places for me to visit. Discovering local products, eating local foods and talking to local people are some of my favorite things to do. I feel that doing these things deepens the experiences of my trips and make my trips even more memorable.

    In Japan, I love Tsukiji. Tsukiji is filled with various kinds of foods. It is an energetic place to stroll around and to purchase a variety of fresh foods.

    I am also a Kabuki fan and I love to visit art museums. I also enjoy hiking, the Japanese tea ceremony and writing Japanese “Kana” calligraphy.

    Through these experiences, I would like to help you to make your trip to Japan an exciting and memorable one.

    I hope to see you in Japan soon!

  • Yoshie


    Hi, I'm Yoshie! Please call me 'YOSHI', like the green dinosaur of SUPER MARIO.

    I'm a mom of a 15-year old son, who has a big appetite. I love eating, drinking and cooking for my family.

    The whole town of Tsukiji is a big kitchen and a restaurant. Walking around the market, we can enjoy lots of delicious food and learn about Japanese food culture. Besides eating and cooking, I also love bonsai. Please feel free to ask me anything about it.

    ßI'm looking forward to sharing a wonderful time with you! See you in Tokyo!

  • Profile sayoko 600x600


    Hello! I am very happy to guide visitors from abroad to interesting places in Japan and to help them to enjoy seeing and experiencing Japan as much as possible.

    I had lived in Tokyo more than 20 years. Now I live in Yokohama with my husband and two children. I like cooking, gardening and reading books at cafes. I make sushi at home.

    The Yokohama full day tour includes Sea Bass (cruising), historical architectures, China town, Sankei-en Garden (traditional Japanese garden), and Landmark tower. Half day tour includes some of them.

    The Kamakura half day tour includes Kotokuin Temple (Giant statue of Buddha), Tsurugaoka-Hachiman shrine, and Komachi street (shops and restaurants)

  • Kumi


    My name is Kumi Nagai, a licensed tour guide of English.

    Having stayed in Italy for 6 months, I speak a little bit of Italian, too.

    Since I moved to Tokyo about 20 years ago, I have been fascinated by the city of Tokyo, which has both traditional and modern sides and also rich in nature.

    There are lots of things that your guidebook does not say, and places that are not tourist spots but popular among local people. I‘d like to share those with you.

    I love meeting people from all around the world and learning different cultures. I’m looking forward to seeing you in Tokyo!!

  • Yuri


    Hello! I’m Yuri Hanakame, an English speaking licensed tour guide.

    I've spent most of my life in Tokyo, except for 3 years in the U.S (2002-2005) I've also worked as an interpreter of Japanese Sign Language in my region and a volunteer staff at an animal shelter in Tokyo.

    It is my great pleassure to help you discover and experience this dynamic city of Tokyo.

    See you soon!

  • Michi


    Hello everyone! My name is Michi. I’m English licensed guide.

    I love watching movies,traveling,eating,and wearing Kimono.
    I grew up in Tokyo. So I love this city! Each area has its own attraction and unique culture. And I really enjoy guiding my guests and sharing our cultural behind.

    When I was a child,my parents often taught me the tradition or folk stories of Japan.
    And they really cared about each traditional events.

    We enjoyed that and I think that made strong our family bond. That’s why I’m curious to know the history or culture of different places all around the world and not just in Japan.

    I believe a tour guide is my true calling.

    Actually,Tokyo is really big and a little bit complicated like a maze. But don’t worry! We are always happy to help you.

    I hope we could give you “one of a kind experience” in Tokyo. I would like to help you to explore the new world. And hope to see you soon!

  • Skip


    Hi! I'm SKIP.

    I live in Chiba,east of Tokyo. I have run international trading business for decades, and would like you to enjoy and learn about Japan one more step deeply.

    Look froward to see you in Tokyo!

    I love running, skiing, hiking. My favorite food is liquidated rice, or "SAKE".

  • Mike


    Hello, I am Mike Nagaoka.

    I was born and raised in Tokyo.

    When I was a university student, I enjoyed hitch-hiking in Europe and came back to Japan through Middle East countries.

    I spent about 26 years in overseas countries (20 years in USA, 5 years in Hong Kong and 1 year in Taiwan) on business, and I really enjoyed myself there.

    I will do my best to provide you with opportunities to interact with locals and real Japanese life and to send you home happy.

    I will see you soon !

Guide in KYOTO / OSAKA

  • Connie


    Hello. I was born and raised in Kyoto. I’ve lived in Fushimi area for 20 years, very close to Fushimi Inari Shrine, one of the most popular sightseeing spots in Kyoto.

    I love traveling, watching movies, listening to music, eating and especially interacting new people.

    There are lots of traditional and modern places in Kyoto. And also there are lot of things that your guidebook does not mention, and places that are not for tourist spots but very popular among local people, such as local Sake breweries, local shopping arcade and so on. I would like to support guests from all over the world in many ways.

    I’m very happy to guide you. Looking forward to seeing you in Kyoto soon.

  • Mako


    Hello! I’m Masako. I’m an English speaking licensed tour guide.

    I was born and raised in Nara. Nara has many historical places and beautiful sceneries. One of my favorite places is Nara Park. The park has picturesque scenery and is famous for wild deer.

    I love traveling, go shopping, watching movies, and Karaoke.

    When I was 21 years old, I stayed in the U.S for about 10 months. At that time I visited New York, Las Vegas, Boston, and so on. After I graduated from the University in Osaka, I worked at a travel company. Then I had chance to speak English with my clients a lot and know their culture.

    Now, I would like to help people travelling in Japan as a tour guide! I love to meet people around the world and exchange cultures.

    I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Guide in Kanazawa

  • 14316083635351 300x300


    Hello from Japan! I am Eriko.

    We have many good places to visit. I want you to find your favorite place in Kanazawa.

    And please try FOOD here. Japanese food is delicious and has so much local varieties. Some may be unique or even weird. “Adventurous eaters” are wanted!

    To become a tour guide has been my dream since I was a high school student. So I am very happy to introduce our country as a guide. I believe Japan is enjoyable for anyone, through the year.

    Let us help you enjoy staying in Japan.

    Looking forward to seeing you soon.o.

Office staff

  • Profile fumito1 300x300


    Hi there! I’m Fumito. I’m a foodie & traveler.

    Prior founding Japan Wonder, I made a journey around the world for a 1 year with my wife, have been to 36 countries/areas.

    I met many great food, beautiful scenery, and gracious people in the world. At the same time, I recognized the potential of Japan.

    I live in/around Tokyo for 30 years. In Tokyo, we have lots of delicious food ,beautiful scenery, cultural diversity and hospitable people. I’d like you to enjoy not just only touristic travel but also deep & real & interesting Tokyo.

    I hope all of you enjoy Japan! Arigatou gozaimasu.

    What is my favorite food/meal: Udon, Sushi/Sashimi, Yakiniku

    What is my favorite spot around Tokyo: Kamakura, Nihonbashi, Tsukiji, Sunamachi, Shinbashi

  • Profile yu1 150x150


    Hi my name is Yu.

    I think Japan has so many to see! I want to introduce “local” and “unknown” Japan for foreign travelers.

    I love seeing travelers and Japanese get to know each other and laugh together, so I want make those scenes!

    I’ve lived in Tokyo for 20 years.

    After working at an advertising company for 8 years, I took a 1-year trip around the world in 2013. I’ve been to 26 countries, 7 months in South and Central America, and 3 months in Africa and Europe and India.

    In the beginning of 2014, I came back and started working for foreign tourists.

    My hobby is running, playing football, and boxing.

    If you’re interested in, please feel free to contact me, I hope to meet you. Let’s walk and laugh together!!

    What is my favorite food/meal: Curry, Yakiniku, Yakisoba

    What is my favorite spot around Tokyo: Tsukiji, Yokohama, Shibuya, Sunamachi

  • Profile junko 150x150


    Hi, I’m Junko. I love travel and eating.

    When I was 29 years old, I have traveled for a year around the world. At that time I was very impressed by experience (of course including food experience) in those country.

    I hope all tourist enjoy Japan by joining our tour and feeling Japan more deep.


    What is my favorite food/meal: Sushi, Ramen, Yakiniku

    What is my favorite spot around Tokyo: Kamakura, Enoshima, Kappabashi

  • Yukiko


    Hi, I'm Yukiko, 大家好!

    I am very happy to be here, I have lived in Taiwan for 4 years and moved back to Japan,

    Tokyo in August 2016.

    During my life in Taiwan, I had many chances to know that foreign freiends were interested in Japan, so I decided to try to introduce my own country to tourists.

    I love traveling and also love to know new people and culture. Now I am trying to know my own country including history and old traditional cultures, foods and more with my girls.

    There are many awesome places to visit in Japan, of course still many where I have never visited, so I hope to continue exploring Japan.

    Let's go discovering Japan with us!

    Hope to see you soon!!!


  • Tatsuya


    Hi travel lovers!! My name is Tatsuya.

    I was born in Kobe, but I live in Kyoto now.

    When I was 25 years old, I've been traveling around the world visiting 55 countries.

    First destination is Hong Kong, and last is San Francisco. Along the way I traveled in Europe by Bicycle.

    Now you understand, I’m a crazy traveler!!

    I’ve got many great experience from generous local people in that time.

    That’s why I’m very happy to introduce my country. It’s my turn !!

    I’m looking forward to seeing you with big smile !!

    Let’s go to “local” and “deep” Kyoto area with me !!

    My favorite food is Ramen. (Kyoto’s Ramen is so delicious)

    My favorite movie is “Paris,Texas” and “It's a Wonderful Life” and “new cinema paradise”.

    Thank you for reading. O-KI-NI !! (Kyoto’s dialect)

  • Takuto


    Hi I'm Takuto

    I am originally from Aichi pref. and go to university in Sendai, Tohoku which is next to Fukushima.


    When I was university student, I often went to Fukushima as a volunteer staff or any other activities and talked with lots of people in Fukushima.