Watching morning training and Enjoy wrestlers' food

  • ¥ 13,000
  • 3.0 hours
  • MAX 25 Guests


Japan Wonder Travel offers opportunity to “Watch the morning training” at the Stable. The training will be exciting and thrilling as the wrestlers aiming at the grand tournament in September. Also, eat Chanko Hot Pot that is the traditional energy food of the wrestlers. The stable’s trainee wrestlers cook and serve the meal. is the traditional Japanese fighting sport. This unique sport has attracted both Japanese and foreign people. Last year, a Japanese wrestler became Yokozuna (top ranking wrestler) first in a last decade further accelerates its popularity. The tickets for the Grand tournament in September 2017 may be sold out soon.

・ Watch exciting and thrilling training as the wrestlers aiming at the grand tournament in September. The Makuuchi wrestlers who sit in the upper hierarchy will also attend the training.
・ Experience the food culture of wrestler. The Chanko Hot Pot is very popular food that helps building up the strong body of the wrestlers.
30th August, Wednesday 2017
2nd September, Saturday 2017
6th September, Wednesday 2017
*Maximum: 25 people per day

【Time table】
・Length of the practice watching time is different between 1st Group (90min) and 2nd Group (60min).
・The schedule is subject to change.
1st Group
8:45 Meet up at the Kiyosumi Shirakawa station and walk towards the stable
9:00-10:30 Watch the training and practice match
10:30-12:00 Eat Chanko Hot Pot
12:00 Tour End
2nd Group
9:15 Meet up at the Kiyosumi Shirakawa station and walk towards the stable
9:30-10:30 Watch the training and practice match
10:30-12:00 Eat Chanko Hot Pot
12:00 Tour End
Kiyosumi Shirakawa station / Kiyosumi Shirakawa station
Please arrive by 8:30 AM or 9:00 AM to Kiyosumi shirakawa station
Approximately 12:00 PM.
PRICE (1 person)
13,000 JPY
English speaking guide, entrance fee, Chanko (wrestlers' cuisine)
Hotel pick-up, Other expence
  • ・This is a group tour
  • ・We will leave at 8:45am or 9:15 am sharp, so please make sure to be there on time!
  • ・There could be a delay at when tour ends, if you have an appointment or plan right after this tour, please let us know in advance.
  • ・We defined over 12 years old as adult, 4-12 years old as child. Children price is 70% as adults, under 3 years old are free(w/o food).
  • ・All payment is expected before tour.
  • ・stable is not a sightseeing spot, so you have to follow their rule!!
    -Please Sit on the floor and see the practice silently.
    (You can cross your legs)
    -Please do not spread your feet or show the soles of your feet towards the ring.
    -You cannot enter with skimpy clothes.
    -No eating nor drinking allowed inside the stable.
    -Please do not stand up or move around inside the stable.
    -Please turn off your mobile phone.
    -When you take pictures, please do not use flash and turn off the shutter sound.
    -Please do not talk.
    -Use the pictures and videos taken during the tour for only private. Don't post to SNS.
    -Please don’t take Video in the stable.
    -Please take off sunglasses or hats.
    *-In case of emergency, there is a restroom inside the stable, please let us know.


Customer's Voice (8)

This experience was absolutely top notch in every way, from organization, to the sumo practice watching itself, to the amazing meal that was served after! I actually didn't know a meal would be served and we would eat sumo food (chanko) and talk to the wrestlers. It was one of the coolest and most interesting things I've done in Japan and can't thank Japan Wonder travel enough! Great job guys and THANK YOU!
by Philip G (09/20/17)
This tour was excellent and exceptional! I haven't expected I could have a chance to have chanko hot-pot on the sacred sumo ring. Wrestlers served the chanko to us and we could have chance to talk with them! That chanko made my mouth water. Don't miss such an amasing tour of Japan Wonder Tour.
by Foodie AMG (09/17/17)
it was an excellent tour to a Japan-specific place! You expect to visit a place like this if you are in Japan. And guys made it as perfect as possible, thank you!
by Max (09/14/17)
It was a surprisingly interesting tour. Thank you for inviting us to a real sumo. It was nice to see this ring in the Ukrainian show (the show was released a week ago). I really liked sumo and recommend everyone to visit
by Inna (09/13/17)
by Boey Kwok (09/12/17)
Excellent tour!!! We loved it and felt very honored to be there. It was really special to us and we will always remember our trip to Japan!
by AmandaK (09/01/17)
I've been to Sumo Wrestling Championships in the past and they're already great - but THIS was over imagination! It was an exclusive experience where you can actually see the big sumo wrestlers training right in front of you, like just 2 meters away! If you're looking for a very special experience in Japan, if you like sumo, and especially if you think you know sumo, this is your tour - because you would see you didn't know it this close before this experience!
by mm (07/25/17)
The tour was amazing. I am living in Japan for more than 30 years, but it was first chance to have this experience. The training was so hard and worth to keep watching for an hour, the food was nice, but the best part was to have a chat and take some photos with the wrestlers. They were so friendly and gave us sumo match simulations. My friends and I absolutely recommend it to both Japanese and non-Japanese.
by Mikio (07/25/17)