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\\More than 600 guests have joined our Online Tours in 2020!//
Are you looking for a fun (online) activity for your team or company?
Does your company hire foreign workers or expats and are you looking for an interactive way to introduce them to the Japanese culture and some of the best places to visit in the country? How about a highlights tour with Japan Wonder Travel!! We offer tours to groups of any size, whether it is a private tour or a company event for over 200 participants, we can make it work!

*Why a Tour as a Company Event?

Because a tour is a great way to have a fun experience and explore Japan for people working in Japan too! Perhaps your company is based in Japan and hiring expats, or maybe you are looking for a way to introduce the Japanese culture, cuisine and language in an exciting way to (new) employees. Or perhaps you are planning a business trip to Japan and want to explore the destination too!

*Online Tours

With the recently changed travelling environment and the challenges presented, we started offering online tours. With our online tours, you can still discover the best places in Japan, but from the safety of your own home. Our local Japanese guides give interactive tours and use different technologies including Google street view, Google earth, panoramic pictures and/or movies clips to explore the destinations.
Recently, the importance of online meetings has been growing. Many companies are working remotely and minimize the real life contact for the wellbeing of their employees. With the face-to-face contact decreasing it is important to keep your employees motivated by offering fun online activities too. Why not have a fun online tour exploring Japan?

For Japanese clients:


・K日本語学校様 留学生のサマープログラムの一環としてご利用
・公益財団法人W様 世界の研究者たちが集う会議でチームビルディングとしてご利用
・G大学様 留学生向けのイベントとしてご利用
・R大学様 アジア交流イベント内でのご利用
・K専門学校様 留学生向け授業でご利用。(簡単な日本語で実施)
・Gホテル様 コンシェルジュ研修でのご利用
・海外ゲーム会社 社員アクティビティとしてご利用
・海外企業より チームビルディングイベントでご利用
(累計参加者:614名 2020年12月22日現在)

-An Introduction to Japan for Expats & Foreigners
-Team Building Activities
-Leisure Part of Business Trips
-Anyone with an Interest in Japan!
We offer different pricing plans, depending on your wishes and needs. For example, the price can either be fixed or depending on the number of participants, with a minimum charge. Let’s discuss the options that fit your budget and needs!.

All of our (online) tours are great for both tourists as well as companies. We are happy to customize the tours according to your wishes and can make it as interactive as you would like to. Whether there is a small group of participants or large groups of 200+, we can host a fun (online) tour that everyone will enjoy!

Please contact us if you have any questions or request - we hope to welcome you soon!
Quote: Adyen
“As part of our company wide event we have asked Japan Wonder Travel to provide an online tour for us. It has been amazing! Feedback was that everyone loved it.
Typically we travel a lot in our company so we wanted to keep showing people countries that they haven’t been to yet. People from Europe, Australia, United States and Brazil all chimed in to see what Tokyo had to offer."

"With over 150 people attending it was great to see the interaction via poll questions, chat box and Q&A at the end. Highly recommend this for any company in or outside of Japan that wants to show it’s employees what we have to offer on this side of the world!”

-Maarten Wessels
Managing Director Japan