Fukushima Disaster Area Day Tour from Tokyo (Within 20 km of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant)

  • ¥ 25,000
  • 10 hours
  • Max 20 Guests
  • 214 people already enjoyed this experience


Now we operate a special 2 day tour, once in a month. Please check from here.
VIDEOS in 2019

See the Fukushima disaster zone with your own eyes.

On March 11, 2011, the Great East Japan Earthquake happened. It was the most powerful earthquake ever recorded in Japan.

The earthquake triggered a powerful Tsunami that reached a maximum of 40.5 meters and traveled up to 10 km inland. At present, more than 15,000 people are counted as dead and over 2,500 people as still missing. Even worse, we lost control of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

On this tour, we visit the coastal area of Fukushima. We hope you can get a real perspective of the damage caused by the disaster and the effect it had on Fukushima. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and can have an important impact on your life.

We visit three types of areas along with the coast while explaining the past, present, and future of Fukushima.
• We will visit the area affected by the Tsunami. You will understand how people reacted and a get a sense for
   the area’s past, present, and future.
• We will visit the restricted area where people are not allowed to live, because of the high level of radiation.
   This will help you better understand the people’s plight of the affected areas.
• We will visit the area where people are trying to rebuild their community. People are trying to bring back
   hope for their future and for their former home. This area may bring you to hope for the future.

【How far from Tokyo to Fukushima】
• Fukushima disaster area is about 200-250 km away from Tokyo in a straight line

• We need about 7 hours for round trip to Fukushima from Tokyo by van or bus.
   So we could stay about 5 hours in Fukushima disaster area in a day trip.
   If you would like to stay longer, please check 2 days tour.

*REF] Fukushima tour, 1-day vs. 2-day? What’s the difference

【Where we can go】
We will visit Namie town(①②③) and Tomioka town(⑤). We drive through Futaba and Okuma town(④). • We could go areas where evacuation orders have been lifted in 2017.(①②③⑤)
We could explore 6-14km away from Fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant and meet locals.

• We could drive thru route 6 in exclusion zone.(④)

• Please note that we don't have special permission to enter the exclusion zone.
It means that we could NOT go to Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant

【Tour Schedule as of 2020&2021】
We could operate the tour every day if we have at least 8 guests. 
(!): we decide to operate the tour.

2 days tour (Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant visit)
[February 2021]

2 days tour

1 day tour

Safety Guidance
Before The Tour
①Check the body temperature, and be sure it is lower than 37.5℃(99.5℉)
During The Tour
②Keep the Social Distance from each other *as much as possible
③Bring a portable sanitizer *recommended
④Wear the mask
⑤Wash and Sanitize your hand frequently

  ①   ②  ③

Please check the details before joining the tour.
The Safety Guidance for COVID-19
8:00 AM – 5:45 PM (about 10 hours)

– 7:50 am Meet up at Tokyo station Marunouchi North Exit.
– 8:00 am Depart from Tokyo Station.
– 11:30 am Arrive at the "Fukushima" Area.
  • Lunch.
  • Namie town which was hit by Tsunami.
  • The area people are not allowed to live in because of high radiation levels.
  • Tomioka town where people are trying to rebuild their community.
– 4:30 pm Depart from the "Fukushima" Area.
– 5:45 pm Finish the tour at Iwaki Station.(FUKUSHIMA)

(If you take express train "Hitachi" at 6:17pm from Iwaki station, you can arrive Tokyo station at 8:43pm.)
Tokyo Station / Iwaki Station (Fukushima)
English and Japanese
25,000 yen / Person
*Capacity: Maximum 20 (If you want more people to go, please let us know.)
Approximately 5:45 PM
・English and Japanese Speaking Guide
・Transportation Service (Van from Tokyo to Iwaki)
・Other Expenses
・Lunch (You can buy lunch during the tour)
・Transporation fee from Iwaki after the tour

  • 【General】
  • ・Minimum number of participants: 6
     – (We will let you know at least 7 days before the tour if the tour will be held).
  • ・All payment is expected before the tour.
  • ・This tour finishes at Iwaki station in Fukushima. If you want to back to Tokyo, you need to take train by yourself. Of course we could help you.

【Notes on Radiation】
We receive lots of question "Is it safe?".
• During the tour we have Geiger counter and we could know how much radiation we are exposed.
• We estimate that we will be exposed to about "0.001" mSv of radiation by this trip.
   If you come to Tokyo from New York by plane, you would be exposed to about 0.1-0.2 mSv of radiation (Round trip).
   This means that the radiation exposure for the tour is about over 100 times smaller than the round-trip flight from New York to Japan.
【Videos from our guests】

In Espanol

Fukushima disaster area tour

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Customer's Voice (33)

What a fascinating and special tour. We had an outstanding guide in Yoko - professional, charming and knowledgeable. Organisation was impeccable and we got to experience something truly special, speaking to locals affected by the disaster, visiting towns trying to recover and seeing all of the efforts to clean up the area. It was so impressive and something we will never forget. Seeing events on the news is one thing, but as many people as possible should see this for themselves, and to witness the incredible spirit of the people as they try to rebuild. Seeing the abandoned Ukedo elementary school near the coast, where the clock on the wall is stopped st the time the tsunami hit, was especially poignant. This was our second tour with Japan Wonder Travel and as a company, it is superb and cannot be recommended highly enough. We had a third tour planned for Kyoto, but very sadly had to cancel and return home due to the virus outbreak. If you're looking for an insight into Japan, you couldn't do better than through this company and the trips are worth every penny.
by David Bowden (03/22/20)
I spent a wonderful time with our guide Fumi san . I was very much impressed during our tour,meeting local people and hearing their story. I thought we should support Fukushima to make them as they were before earthquake. I recommend everyone to join this tour.
by Keiko (03/07/20)
I had such a good experience with the foreigners and the guides. Before I joined this tour, I was trying not to remember about that day. (3/11) However I was wrong. I shouldn’t forget that even now many people have been suffering from problems and also they have tried not to give up in the situation at this moment in Fukushima. I could learn so many things that I would never know when I’m in Kanagawa. I would like to say thank you for giving me a good this opportunity to this event.
by Momono (02/06/20)
Amazing and very informative trip. Yoko & her team went over and beyond to make this trip a memorable one and we cannot thank them enough. Fukushima feels like a different world and I hope this city recovers to the best of its ability.
by Claire (01/08/20)
Thank you so much for the amazing tour ! Everyone was so kind and excited to show us the different sides and opinions of the locals in Fukushima. I had the best time and would definitely recommend to everyone !
by Siena (12/04/19)
I was nervous about taking this tour because it could have just been disaster tourism - gawk at the destruction and enjoy a "cheap holiday in other people's misery." But it was so much better than that. You do get a good idea from it of the mind-boggling destructive power of the 2011 disaster, but you also get to meet local people, find out about how they've responded to the destruction, and help them with the rebuilding by contributing to the local economy. This was the most intense experience of my time in Japan and I was really glad I went.
by Tim Darlington (11/19/19)
Fascinating day touring the Fukushima Disaster Area. Great guide and discussion with locals. And a nice group of participants. Well worth the time and money.
by JDRoper (11/16/19)
It was a wonderful and very informative tour that was packed full of knowledge and first-hand experiences. The Geiger counters were a really nice touch to add to the atmosphere. You really felt a sense of seriousness and danger every time you hear a spike in counters. The entire tour was completely safe with our experienced tour guides. They were really friendly, approachable and answered every little question that was directed at them. I really appreciate the lengths they went to in order to translate each of the local's messages to us as well as each area significance during the tour. Do lend your ears to each one of them as everyone has their own story to tell. I highly recommend it for anyone who is curious about the Fukushima disaster or disasters in general. It was really an eye-opening experience for me. Thank you Mamiko-san and your entire team for the memorable experience.
by Shazzsteel (11/12/19)
We did this tour last week, it was a fabulous insight into the events occurring in Fukushima Mazda was a great host, friendly and informative. As part of the tour we met the "pineapple farmer" and also a survivor of the tragedy, both really interesting It's a long day from Tokyo but well worth it. I would absolutely recommend Mazda and the team at Japan Wonder Travel for this tour
by Sue (11/06/19)
I can highly recommend this tour if you're interested in what happened (and what is going on now) around the Fukushima nuclear disaster area. The whole experience felt authentic, thanks to our tour guide Yoko-san. At the end of the tour we were joined by Hiroko-san, a former local resident from one of the cities that was devastated by the tsunami. She gave a first hand review of the events on march 2011 and the still ongoing struggle with radiation in the region. Overall a great tour and great guide! 5/5
by Per L (11/03/19)
It was a wonderful and very educational tour. I have visited Japan several times but have never experienced what I saw in Fukushima. The guide was very good and her English was good. It was a very sobering experience to see how much the people of Fukushima have and continue to suffer.
by Spence Limbocker (10/20/19)
This tour was awesome! While travelling to the different points you will get a very good presentation of your Guide(mine was Yoko, she was very friendly and informative). We had interesting discussions as well. Each stoppage is unique and let you experience different aspects of the disaster. You will see different cities and being able to listen to the opinions of different people and ask them as well. I can highly recommend this trip. It seemed expensive, but it was worth it!
by Wulf Birk (10/11/19)
Great tour, really interesting places and a good history of the disaster and cleanup
by Matt (09/20/19)
Great tour with excellent tourguide
by Thomas (08/14/19)
We booked the Fukushima Disaster Area Tour out of curiosity and thirst for adventure. We definitely were not disappointed! You will roam different areas by bus and foot, always armed with your Geiger counter. You will see both, destroyed ruins of past lifes, but also new construction sites and residents that slowly return. The tour guide was very helpful and told us everything we need to know to fully understand the situation in Fukushima. Right now it is the only tour that starts in Tokyo, so you don´t have to worry about getting around on your own!
by Lisa + Michl (06/01/19)
AMAZING TOUR! First off this tour Is a great value, everything that is included in the price is a steal considering the length of the tour. Secondly this tour is filled with INCREDIBLE content, each person who spoke to the group was extremely passionate and informative about the events that happened and ongoing issues. Everyone was so kind throughout the areas we visited and appeared grateful that people were interested in what happened to them. I HIGHLY recommend this tour to everyone that is even considering it. Easily one of the highlights of our trip to Japan.
by Connery (05/29/19)
An amazing & truly moving tour. Thank you Yoto. I would recommend this tour & everyone was so fortunate to be guided by the gentle Yoto. She was informative,caring dedicated. Despite my natural health concerns, she was very reassuring & had great knowledge on the topic. PLEASE take the time to visit, to experience how this place & people were devastated. Thank you.
by Karl. GB. (05/02/19)
We have visited Japan seven times over the years and we would have to rate this experience as one of the most memorable we have had. Our guide Fumito from Japan Wonder Travel was so good and took us to places within the disaster zone to meet with some of the locals and to hear their experiences first hand. We are so glad that we did this visit as we now have a better understanding of what the local residents are facing as the area gradually is remediated. We were picked up from Tokyo Station and were driven to Fukushima in a very comfortable van. Trevor the driver was so good and very safe. Fumito gave us a very comprehensive presentation as we were driving. We would have no hesitation in recommending this tour with Japan Wonder Tours to anyone who wants first hand information on the disaster zone.
by Mr Jones (04/04/19)
The group tour was great and informative. I learned alot from this trip.
by David Kish (03/21/19)
Absolutely my favorite tour I took while in Japan. From start to finish one is given a full idea of everything that happened on March 11th and what they are doing post tragedy to rebuild and repair. Everyone in the tour was extremely friendly and polite. Could not say enough good things. If given the chance again would go back in a heartbeat. Excellent!
by Jeremy (03/06/19)
The tour was a great opportunity to see how recovery is going after 8 years and I am glad that I joined. Most of us think about Fukushima only on certain occasions and tend to forget the reality that there are still many people not allowed to return to their home. It was sad to see the gate saying “Do not enter”on the road where cherry trees lined up in the residential area. Meeting person who take care of the cattle was my highlight of the trip. Hope they would get the continuous support on the recovery.
by MO (03/06/19)
We had Fumi as our guide. She was delightful and easy to relate to throughout the day, and very knowledgeable. The visit to Fukushima taught me the scale of the power plant explosion in reality by seeing the abandoned towns where the people left 8 years ago, and not back yet, even not sure when they can come back. Thank you Fumi san for the detailed information and also taking us to the farmer to listen to his stories. Your knowledge and guidance made my experience much deeper.
by Emiko (03/05/19)
It was an excellent trip to provide us with a rare precious opportunity to get very close to the disaster -hit area and learn what’s going on in Fukushima now. We can see the disaster is not over yet. I strongly recommend this tour not only to people from overseas but also Japanese in Tokyo.
by Sunny (03/05/19)
can't believe 8 years have passed already, but still lots of traces are left on. How stupid and arrogant we, human beings are! We have to think and act what we can do for the future children. Thank you for the wonderful tour. I'll think carefully for the next national election.
by Nobuko (03/05/19)
The tour will change your perspective towards the situation in Japan and how their society reacts to disasters. Our excellent guide Taku-san is very friendly and knowledgeable, and you can really ask everything and anything during the trip. You will have chance to visit disaster hit areas, see the recovery efforts, and speak to many local residents there to really dive deep into understanding the current and past situation within these areas. You need not to worry about radiation levels, we were all given geiger meters to constantly track the levels of radiation and surprisingly, the radiation level is, at one point as low as what we are receiving in Tokyo! All and all, i strongly encourage everyone to join this tour!
by BenF (02/13/19)