Fukushima Stay From Tokyo

  • ¥ 35,000
  • Overnight
  • MIN 8 Guests


【Tour Schedule for 2020】
19th(Mon) - 20th(Tue) Oct
19th(Thu) - 20th(Fri) Nov
*Reservation deadline will be 15days before the tour date.

We visit several types of areas along with the coast while explaining the past, present, and future of Fukushima more deeply.
• We will visit Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.
• We will visit the area affected by the Tsunami.
You will understand how people reacted and a get a sense forthe area’s past, present, and future.
• We will visit the restricted area where people are not allowed to live, because of the high level of radiation.
This will help you better understand the people’s plight of the affected areas.
• We will visit the area where people are trying to rebuild their community.
People are trying to bring back hope for their future and for their former home. This area may bring you to hope for the future.