Get Bullet Train (Shinkansen) Tickets between Tokyo and Kyoto

  • ¥ 17,500
  • Guests


Bullet Train (Shinkansen) is running at speeds of up to 320 km/h, and is known for safety and comfort.
As for Nozomi trains(the fastest of all the trains), it takes for 2 hours and 10 minutes between Tokyo and Kyoto. The Japan Rail Pass don't cover for Nozomi trains.
If the weather is fine, you might be able to see the beautiful Mt Fuji from the train. We also try to get the seats for Mt. Fuji view.
How about getting Nozomi Shinkansen tickets and secure seats?

  • Easy : Secure tickets and you don’t need line up to purchase the tickets.
  • Advise : your route and time and so on.
  • Convenience : You are delivered your tickets to your hotel in Japan in advance.
PRICE (1 person)
Adults : 17,500 JPY per person (from Tokyo to Kyoto, one way)
Child : 8,750 JPY per person
*Adult is for 12 over, Child is for 6-11, Infant is 0-5.
*As for the fee of infants and babies, except that they need child's tickets in the following cases.
-When three or more infants accompany one adult or a child, the tickets are required for the third.
-When an infant or baby occupies his or her own reserved seat.
How to apply
1. Apply tickets
Please apply via this website with information below (read "Notes") and make payment.
-Preferred date and time
-Ticket collecting location
-If you are smoker, please let us know.
(They don’t have smoking seats, just the seats which is close to a smoking room)

My wish date and time
#01: 15th September, 2017 anytime for 3pm-4pm

-Ticket collecting location
Choose:Pick up at our office in Ningyo-cho or Receive at Your hotel (address and your check-in/ out details are needed)
*Office address : 15-7 Tomizawa-cho Nihonbashi Chūō-ku(Business hour: 10am-6pm weekday)
My hotel information
#name : Imperial hotel tokyo
#address : 1-1, Uchisaiwai-cho 1-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8558
#my booking name : John Smith
#check-in/check-out : 13th-18th Sep

*After payment, we’ll deliver within 2 business day.
But you need at least 3 business days to receive your tickets.
if you are urgent, please pick up your tickets at our office in Ningyocho.
If you are staying at a residence (Airbnb), we recommend you pick up the tickets at our office.

-We CANNOT refund the fee after we purchase your tickets.
-We will get reserved Seats at your requested date and time.
(After you make payment, we'll buy ticket. As for busy season, it will be sold out. If we could not get, we will suggest other options.)
-We can’t 100 % guarantee pair seats. (Of course we will do our best)
-If you miss the train, you will be able to use your tickets for the same type of train at a later time on the same day.(Only available for Unreserved seats.)
-It's same price to Kyoto station from whether Shinagawa station or Tokyo station.
-Please arrive the platform before 10 min of the departure of the train.
-The ticket can be changed only once to different time and date of the same category without any charges before the departure of the train. In that case, you have to do at a JR Ticket Office in stations by yourself. If you want to change twice, it cost any handling charges. The handling charges depends on the date which you want to change.
-We could also arrange Return tickets and tickets to/from other cities!!
Please feel free to let us know.