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Nobody can grow up without watching animations created by world known master animator Miyazaki Hayao. This museum is built by his Studio Ghibli. Here you can dive into the world of Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, My Neighbor Totoro and so on!!

Located at Mitaka city, which is a western part of Tokyo. This museum is easy accessible from central Tokyo but still has a quiet and another-worldish atmosphere. Don’t expect this museum to be a formal, quiet museum. The quirky interior design of the facility is built under the world view of movies so that both adults and kids can enjoy it. Even if you aren’t a big anime fan, you will enjoy this museum until you finally lose the sense of time. Visiting this museum must be registered as a top priority in Tokyo.

But unfortunately, tickets for this museum can be very hard to get for foreigners because the ticket shops in overseas are limited and tickets are always sold out well ahead.

If you couldn't get tickets in your country or after arrived at Japan, we do our best to find tickets.

  • Enjoy the original sketches of movies
  • Fall in love with the fairy-tale atmosphere
  • Take photo with the giant metal Laputa robot
  • Find as many characters as you can
  • Watch a short film played exclusively at the museum
PRICE (1 person)
[Early bird price] 3,500 JPY
--1,000JPY[Tickets fee] + 2,500JPY[Tickets taking service fee]

*Please book this option if you are placing the booking before the 8th 23:59JST of the previous month of the ticket date. *after you make payment full(5,000JPY), we only charge 3,500 JPY per person.

[Normal price] 5,000 JPY
--1,000JPY[Tickets fee] + 4,000JPY[Tickets taking service fee]

*After the 8th 23:59JST of the previous month of the ticket date, this price is applied.

Please check tickets information from here.
We need to get tickets speedy so don't set children's price.
How to apply
1. Apply tickets
Please apply via this site with information below (read "Notes") and make payment
-Full name (who go to the museum on that date)
-Preferred dates and time
-Ticket collecting location

My wish date
#01: 15th September, 2015 all day
#02: 14th September, 2015 Only afternoon (12 ,14 or 16pm)
#03: 17th September, 2015 Only 10:00 am
My hotel information
#name : Imperial hotel tokyo
#address : 1-1, Uchisaiwai-cho 1-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8558
#my booking name : John Smith
#check-in/check-out : 13th-18th Sep

2. Receive the result
Receive the reply within 3 days and we will let you know whether we could get the ticket or not.

*When we succeed to get your ticket
The ticket will be delivered to your hotel or picked up at our office by you. Please refer to the “Ticket Delivery & Pick up. We CANNOT refund the fee after we purchase your tickets.

#When we fail to get your ticket : FULL REFUND
The order is cancelled and the fee will be returned via Paypal. No handling fee will be charged. We are sorry we can’t meet your request.
Ghibli tickets for a coming next month are generally on sale from 10 th of each prior month at 10 am (JST). Getting the Ghibli museum tickets is very competing. If you cannot complete any of our requests in advance, we are not able to apply for the tickets on a launch day. This means you may lose the opportunity to get the tickets.

Then, please carefully read the following pre-order requirements and agree with our terms of condition.

Pre-Order Requirements:
・Include your full name and number of tickets in your application form.
・Include a couple of preferred dates and time for admission in your application form. Available Time for admission: 10 am, 12 am, 2 pm, 4 pm
You must enter the museum within 30 min from the referred time.
Admission times :
A. 10:00-10:30
B. 12:00-12:30
C. 14:00-14:30
D. 16:00-16:30
・Ticket collecting location
Choose:Our office at Ningyo-cho or Your hotel (address and your check-in/ out details are needed)
・Make a payment (via pay-pal)

Terms of Conditions (If you do not agree, please do not apply.):
・We can’t accept your cancellation for any reasons after our application as the ticket have your name. At the gate of the museum, you will need to show your ID.
・If we fail to get the ticket, we will make a full refund.
・We may fail to capture the money due to time lag. In this case, the expired payment will be invalid and re-payment will be asked with a new link. When we successfully accept your payment, you will always get a confirmation e-mail from pay-pal.
・Unlike to other museums, you need to decide the admission time when you buy tickets. Please note that tickets are invalid if you miss the admission time.
・Though you need to go in while this specified time, you can be in the museum till its closing time at 18:00.
Please read this blog "6 ways to get tickets for GHIBLI MUSEUM" before you apply.


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I really wanted to go to the Ghibli Museum but wasn't able to get tickets online on the day they were released, so I contacted Japan Wonder Travel. They were incredibly helpful and communicative – Yuko was so lovely. I will definitely use their services again if I manage to get back to Japan soon.
by Alex (06/07/19)
Great service!! Worth the extra cost to get the Ghibli Museum Tickets! Had an amazing time
by Flipnation (04/23/19)
So we booked for 2 Ghibli tickets due to the fact I was unable to purchase them in time while living in the UK, unfortunately they instantly sold out online so I was researching the web to see if it was possible to still visit the ever popular Studio Ghibli Museum while in Japan and came across Japan Wonder Travel and paid a fair price for the service I received! Yuko and the team were extremely responsive to all of my emails which was incredibly useful despite the time difference being +8 hours from the UK. We had an upset where I wasn’t able to collect the tickets the day before due to poor planning and started to panic but once again Yuko was there to save the day and reschedule a meeting with me. I picked them up from the office where everybody was incredibly friendly and welcoming. I was guided through how the museum asks for ID and the ticket information and given a panther to Tokyo which was so nice. The experience in the museum is something me and my partner will never ever forget all thanks to Japan Wonder Travel and a special thanks to Yuko, you are the best!
by Shane Chaffe (04/05/19)
Japan Wonder Travel was so easy and they were extremely helpful. Delivery of the tickets was incredibly fast, and the staff is very patient and communicative. And they got my tickets upon their first attempt! The only confusing part is the difference in "Types" when initially purchasing. The options are "Group Tour" and "Private Tour." JWT ticket reserving service is not the tour. They will reserve tickets and send them to your hotel. For that service, you need to make a payment with "group tour," but rest assured you are not paying for any tour, just tickets. Confusing, but I got mine just days ago! Thank you JWT!
by Tkdheat (03/23/19)
JWT was quick and responsive to all my queries and we got our tickets with minimum fuss. Very pleased with the service :)
by Shan (12/27/18)
To order Ghibli tickets from Sweden is not easy unfortunately. But with JWT, it worked well. Quickly, efficiently and correctly. And Ghibli is a wonderful experience.
by Lundvall (11/27/18)
I'm very pleased with Japan Wonder Travel, they have excellent service. I used their services to buy tickets to Ghibli museum because it was difficult to get them from overseas. When I arrived in Tokyo they had send the tickets and extra information to the Hotel. I really can recommend them. Thank you so much Japan Wonder Travel.
by Paula Aracely (10/30/18)
JWT was wonderful when it came to buying Ghibli Museum tickets. It was super easy to buy them ahead of time and when I arrived, the staff was beyond nice. It could have been a simple transaction and been perfectly fine, but they were pleasant and showed genuine interest in how my trip to Japan was going. Very nice, would recommend their service to anyone.
by Joe H from Toronto (10/15/18)
I tried to get Tickets for studio Ghibli museum within 4 weeks. And Japan Wonder Travel delivered the job.Communication was excellent I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone.
by Tom H (10/15/18)
by rst20xx (10/13/18)
Had a wonderful experience at ghibli Museum thanks to JWT. They found us tickets even when they were sold out! Everyone has been so Kind and helpful. Very recommended
by Davide (10/08/18)
This was a wonderfully easy way to get my tickets for Studio Ghibli. Japan Wonder Travel was responsive and communicative throughout the entire process and they were one of the most affordable (not to mention easiest) methods of securing my tickets to the Museum. They made it easy by shipping the tickets to my hotel so once I checked in at Tokyo, they were there waiting for me. Easy process and affordable compared to some of the competitors out there. I'll be using them again next time I'm in Japan (which I hope will be very soon!).
by Tony (09/18/18)
They helped me get tickets to the Ghibli Museum and sent it the my hotel where they gave them to me upon arrival. They replied to all my questions and made sure all the info was correct. Great great service.
by Mike (09/03/18)
Yuko was really helpful and very responsive! The service is very good. We picked up the tickets from the office which was easy to find with the detailed directions she sent us. Great service!
by Ryan (09/03/18)
The lovely people at Japan Wonder Travel managed to get 2 tickets for the Ghibli Museum when i had lost all hope! Fantastic service and great communication throughout the process. Highly recommended! Thanks Yuko and the team!
by Clipboard (08/22/18)
It work really well. The tickets where at my hotel waiting when I arrived in Japan.
by Jacob (07/24/18)
by Federica Donadonibus (07/05/18)
My online experience was exceptional. Replies and communications were fast and realible. Thank you for my Ghibli Experience :)
by Monica Nicole Yap (06/29/18)
Japan woder travel helped me get Ghibli Museum ticket before our scheduled trip to Japan. Thank you so much for your effort. I highly recommend this agency if you are looking for Ghibli Ticket.
by Fryll (06/19/18)
Getting the tickets was a very straight forward process as the office was easy to find. The ticket also came with instructions in english which I appreciated. I loved my time at the Ghibli Museum!
by Zoe (06/05/18)
The service from Japan Wonder Travel was excellent. I would not have been all to get Ghibli Musuem tickets without them, and even though you do pay a lot more than the face value of the ticket, it was worth it. The office is a bit tricky to find - it's in a laneway, rather than a street but they will deliver to your hotel, but not air BnB - which I understand completely. All of the staff I dealt with were incredibly polite and helpful. I would definitely recommend them and use them again.
by Suzanne (06/02/18)
Fantastic service provided by Japan Wonder Travel. Booking the Ghibli Museum tickets through Japan Wonder Travel website is very easy. Communication via emails with the staffs were very pleasant. They were very polite, responsive, professional and thorough. Information given were all very detailed (how to get to the office, Ghibli Museum etc). Definitely a stress free way to book the tickets as it is rather hard to get if you are not in Japan. We did enjoyed Ghibli Museum very much and it was fun as well. Thank you so much Japan Wonder Travel! Would definitely recommend their service.
by Caroline (05/27/18)
Japan Wonder Travel provides fantastic service throughout the booking and delivery service. Their website is clear and easy to use and a stress free way to book Studio Ghibli which is a must see on a visit to Tokyo.
by Frances (05/15/18)
Quick Response, trusted seller!
by Furqon (05/13/18)
Absolutely fantastic service! I had lost all hope of getting a ticket for the museum prior to departing on our trip! I had not realised that tickets needed to have been purchased a month or so in advance and that they sold out almost instantly! With 3 weeks until planning to visit the museum I was stunned when literally every outcome failed for getting tickets! We had pretty much given up hope on being able to go, which put a dampener on our upcoming trip to Japan...until I stumbled across the service that Japan Wonder Travel provided! After a few emails back and forth, I decided to purchase 2 tickets for our specific date range and wait to see if we were lucky enough to get some tickets. Japan Wonder Travel managed to find 2 cancellation tickets that matched our itinerary! It was so perfect, and we can't thank Yuko Fumito and Yu enough in helping to get us tickets! Would highly recommend you atleast trying if you are in a similar predicament!
by James Brown-san (04/09/18)