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What is Go To Travel Campaign?

Japan government announced that they started Go To Travel Campaign to encourage people to travel around Japan from July 22nd, 2020. This is a great opportunity to travel cheap in Japan! This campaign is not for international travelers but if you already live in Japan, why not going for a trip around Japan with Go To Travel Campaign?

With Go To Travel Campaign, the government will cover half of the domestic travel costs up to 20,000 yen per person per day (up to 10,000 yen for a day trip) with issuing coupons which are worth 15% of travel costs which you can use at the restaurant, other facilities or transportation etc, and giving 35% off discount on accommodations.

There is no limit for the number of traveling with campaign, so you can repeatedly travel at a half price in Japan during the campaign. The campaign will be applied until February 1st for overnight trips and January 31st for a day trip in 2021.

GoTo Travel Campaign Official Website (Only in Japanese)

We are following the COVID-19 safety guidance(Only in Japanese)
We comply with a requirement based on the Act on Special Measures against Countermeasures against Novel Influenza (Only in Japanese)

Compliance rules
Please check below before make the booking.

The purpose of GoTo Travel campaign is to encourage traveling with "new normal" standards, and please make sure you are following all of these compliance rules throughout your travel.
There is a possibility that the campaign office would cancel the application of the campaign if the applicant does not cooperate with the following conditions. It is important and necessary to prevent the infection.
Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

1, Please check your body temperature every morning during your travel, and if you feel sick or have a fever, you will need to follow the guidance of the health center. Also, please download the the app* in advance, so that you can manage your risk properly.
*COCOA - Contact-Confirming Application

2, During your travel, please follow the rules all the time. No matter where you visit, please avoid the crowds, and do not talk loud.

3, Accommodations are registered to GoTo campaign under the following condition.
*Checking Body Temperature at Check-in
*Identity Verification -Required for all members of the group.
*Infection Control Measures -At Shops, Public Bath, etc..
*Avoiding 3Cs -Closed Spaces, Crowded Places, Close-Contact Settings

※In case you forget your ID, you might be going to be requested to mail the copy of your ID later. If you are told to do so, please follow the instructions. There is a possibility to get charged if the fraud gets found out.

4, If the body temperature is higher than 37.5℃ at the check in, you will need to stay in the designated room and wait for the instructions from the health center.

5, It is generally considered that the group of young people, elderly and the travel including a party event can raise the risk of infection. Therefore, please make sure to follow the rules especially if you correspond to these cases.
If you get sick* during your travel.
*Fever, cough, any symptoms considered as signs of infections.







Mt.Fuji Area










Please read the notes below carefully

The travel fee means the fee indicated as the travel fee of the basic plan.
The travel fee includes the round-trip airfare, accomodation fee and also the following fees indicated, depending on the tour.

Application: Please apply as a group of 2 people or more unless there are any special remarks on the tour description.

The tour conductor: The tours are free-plan independent tours and there will be no tour conductor accompanying you. Please arrange any booking, reservation needed by yourselves.

Airplane: The air company we use is Peach.
*There might be changes in the flight departure/arrival time. For the information, please follow the information provided by Peach.

Accommodation: You cannot choose the room unless there is any remarks on your tour description.
*Even if there are two or more kinds of room types written on your tour description, that does not mean you can choose the room by yourselves.
*If the room is western style, the twin room will be prepared for a group of 2 people, and when the number of the group is 3 or more, an additional bed will be set in the room. 
*Please note that there is a chance that a baby with age one or under who does not require bed linens nor meals might be subject to facility charges.

Meals: The menu might be different for adults and for children. If your departure time is very early in the morning or your arrival is late in the night, the meals might not be available.

Cautions about using Peach

*The flight schedule shown here is for August 2020 onwards(as of July 2020). Please note that there might be changes in the flight number, types of aircraft , or flight schedule.
*Upon booking, the date of birth is required for all guest members.
*The seat booking is required for children with age two and above.
*If the child with age one turns age two during the trip, please select his/her age on the date of return flight when booking(the last date of the trip determines the booking age of children).
*You might be asked to show your ID upon boarding. Please bring your ID card such as passport, driver’s license, health insurance card or student’s ID card with you.
*The copy of your ID card will not be accepted.
If the name on your ID card is not identical to the name on the ticket, you will not be allowed to board the airplane. Please make sure to book the ticket with the name, exact same spelling in roman letters.
* If you bring a child with age less than two years old, please make sure to put his/her name, sex, the date of birth when booking. If you address that on the date of departure, you cannot board the airplane.
*You cannot select your seat in advance. The seats might be separated even if you are a group or couple.
*Please note that you cannot switch your flight to other airlines and even in the case of flight cancellation, we do not arrange nor cover your transportation and accommodation fee.

If your flight got cancelled due to bad weather, a natural disaster, a stryke or any other reason, we will do our best to arrange the alternative flight. However, there is a chance that we cannot arrange any. And you are to pay the expenses such as meals, transportation fees, and the airfare for the new flight tickets due to the cancellation, which might be higher than the amount of refund from us.

There will be no refund of the amount of difference even in the case of change in the flight schedule/ flight numbers.
The check-in is available from 90 mins prior to the departure time. Please finish your check-in at least 30 mins before the departure time, using an electric check-in machine.
If you cannot arrive at the boarding gate at least 20 mins before the departure time after finishing luggage check-in and security check, you cannot board the airplane.

If you miss the flight, the alternative transportation fee is to be paid by you and there will be no refund on the airfare.

The cost of check-in luggage up to 20kg is covered by this ticket
If your luggage weight exceeds 20kg, you have to pay an additional fee.
If the flight you desire is fully booked, you cannot reserve it nor be on the waiting list.
There is no in-flight service for free drink/food.
Standard Form Travel Agent Contract(English)