Koka – Real Ninja Tour

  • ¥ 15,000
  • 7 hours
  • Max 10 Guests


Have you heard of Ninja? We have many ideas about Ninja, but the origin of Ninja is a hidden secret…
The Koka area is an hour from the Kyoto station and it is said to be the place of the Ninjas origin. In this tour, we first learn what it means to be a Ninja. Then we will do the same training as the real Ninja did in the past. You can experience both the spiritual side and the physical side of what it means to be a Ninja. A Ninja's training can be challenging sometimes, but it will be worth it to become a Ninja! After this tour, you can get your very own Ninja certification!!

  • ・Learn what it takes to be a real Ninja and make a Ninja’s emergency food ration.
  • ・Hike up the mountain and do some training as the old Ninja did hundreds
       of years ago.
  • ・At the end, you can get certification to be a Ninja!
 9:00 – 16:00 (7 hours) *Everyday.

  • – 9:00 AM Meetup at the Kibukawa Station.
  • – Head to the Handoji temple and learn what it means to be Ninja.
  • – Learn how to make a Ninja's emergency food ration.
  • – Perform a ceremony to calm your mind and ready your body.
  • – Hike up the mountain and begin your ninja training.
  • – 4:00 PM Finish the tour and you can get your Ninja certification.
Kibukawa Station / Kibukawa Station
Kibukawa Station at 9:00 AM
Approximately 4:00 PM
15,000 JPY
・English Guide
・Lessons and Workshop Fee
・Lunch box (Japanese rice balls; Onigiri)
・Ninja Costume Rental Fee
・Transportation Fee during the tour
・Hotel Pick-up
・Transportation from/to Kibukawa Station
・Extra foods and drinks

  • 【General】
  • ・If it's raining, we might not be able to go to the mountain to have training.
  • ・In that event, we will go to a real Ninja's house.
  • ・The minimum amount of participants on this tour is 4 people.
  • ・If we could not get 4 or more people on the day of the tour, we have to cancel
       the tour.
  • ・(We will let you know one week prior to the tour.)
  • ・We will leave at 9:00 am sharp, so please make sure to be there on time!
  • ・There could be a delay at when the tour ends, if you have an appointment or plan
       right after this tour, please let us know in advance.

    【Pricing & Payment】
  • ・All payments must be made in full before the tour.
  • ・We define a participant over the age of 12 years old as an adult.
    ・Children between the ages of 4 – 12 years old are considered a child.
     – (A child's price is 70% of an adult's price)
    ・Children under 3 years old are free (w/o Food).