Kyoto FooDrink Tour – Nishiki Street & Gion

  • ¥ 9,500
  • 3.0 hours
  • Max 8 Guests
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Gain a thoroughly enjoyable introduction to Kyoto’s food culture with this small-group guided tour for the city’s best eating spots. Start at the deliciously vast 400-year-old Nishiki Market, nicknamed 'Kyoto's Kitchen,' where over 130 food shops and stalls will beckon your taste buds. Stroll through the Market and learn about its history and taste the various dishes unique to Kyoto including: Tofu Skin, Sesame Cracker, Croquette, Japanese Pike Conger Eel, Japanese omelet, and Sake.

Then rest your appetite by visiting a nearby shrine dedicated to the God of Education.

Then head for Pontocho Street; to arrive here, we must cross through Teramachi Street, Shijo Street, and Kiyamachi Street- all of which will enable you to immerse yourself in modern Japanese culture.
Pontocho street is very special, even for natives, because it is one out of the five Geisha districts in Kyoto. From here, you will walk across the majestic Kamo river and taste local sweets.

The final section of this tour will lead you to Gion district (which is also another Geisha area). The guide will take you out of mainstream hustle and bustle of the crowded streets and into the more photogenic and hidden soft spots. Not only will you be educated about the Geisha tradition (we call them Maiko or Geiko), you may even meet one if you're lucky.

11:00 am – 2:00 pm (3.0 hours)
Kyoto Daimaru Department (Karasuma) / Gion area
For a prompt departure at 11:00 AM.
Please arrive by 10:45 AM and meet in front of the Kyoto Daimaru Department Store.
MAP: Nishiki-map.pdf

・There are two Daimaru Department Stores. We will NOT meet at the FUJI
   Daimaru Department Store.
・The Daimaru Department Store is in front of the "Shijo Takakura bus stop" along
   the main Shijo-Dori Street.
・Please be careful, if you come by taxi.
9,500 JPY
Approximately 2:00 PM
1. Yuba (Tofu skin)
2. Sesame Cracker
3. Hamo (Daggertooth pike conger)
4. Japanese omelet
5. Sake (High Quality Daiginjyo)
6. Croquette
7. Japanese sweets
*Menu will be changed depending on the season or the condition of the stores.
*If you have severe dietary restrictions, it may not be possible to arrange food for you.
・English Guide
・Food (Menu Above)
Hotel Pick-up
  • 【General】
  • ・If you have any food allergies or you could not eat anything, please let us know.
  • ・This is a group tour.
  • ・We will leave at 11:00 am sharp, so please make sure to be there on time!
  • ・Please come with comfortable walking shoes as this tour is mainly a walking tour.
  • ・There could be a delay at when the tour ends, if you have an appointment or plan
       right after this tour, please let us know in advance.

  • 【Pricing & Payment】
  • ・We define a participant over the age of 12 years old as an adult.
    ・Children between the ages of 4 – 12 years old are considered a child.
     – (A child's price is 70% of an adult's price)
    ・Children under 3 years old are free (w/o Food).
  • ・All payment is expected before the tour.

  • 【Private Tour Option】
  • ・If you would like to do a PRIVATE tour, please send an inquiry to us.
     – (TOTAL PRICE = 12,000 JPY [Basic fee] + 6,500 JPY/person)
     – (If your group is equal or less than 4. Over 4 it's 9,500/ person)

Kyoto FooDrink Tour: Nishiki & Gion


Customer's Voice (97)

We had the good luck to be able to book this tour and had Mickey as our guide. It was the best tour and the best thing we did during our stay in Kyoto. Why? Because Mickey made the entire experience fun, relevant, and informative. Definitely come hungry because there is a lot of food sampling that runs the gammitt and too numerous to mention all. The eel and croquettes were particularly good. But in addition to the food stops, we had lots of information about Japanese culture, history, difference between shrines and temples, kabuki history and personal stories that make the difference between a good guide and a great guide. Thank you Mickey for such a wonderful day!
by Seattle Bea (11/06/19)
The trip with Miki in the market was wonderful. The tour was professional, very interesting and enriched my knowledge of Japanese traditional cuisine in general and the unique Kyoto cuisine in particular. Miki was attentive to our wishes and answered all questions raised during the tour. She treated us with dedication and made sure our experience was perfect. thanks a lot for everything. Honestly.
by yael birman (10/23/19)
Thank you so much Akiko for making this tour something special. From the first moment it clicked and we got to see the market with different eyes than if we would go alone. Akiko explained everything to perfection and we also learned alot about Kyoto itself. Thanks again for this amazing tour!!
by Fabian (10/21/19)
Great tour with Miki the guide, I learnt a lot about Japanese food and enjoyed the Gion district.
by Carol (09/21/19)
I loved my tour with Tatsuya! The food was great and I learnt so much about Japanese culture and way of life, specifically in Kyoto. The tour is accommodating, easy to understand and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to spend a few hours in Kyoto exploring and eating. Perfect for getting to know the area. You can check out a more detailed review on my blog by clicking this link:
by Jess (09/20/19)
We absolutely loved our tour of Nishiki Street Market and the Gion District. Our guide was exceptional! He ensured we got a complete appreciation of the market and the Gion district by allowing us to take our time savouring the food, soaking up the atmosphere and doing our gift buying. Highly recommend this tour!
by TC (08/31/19)
Had an fabulous time on this food tour, without a doubt one the best food tours i have ever done. Tatsuya is an incredible guide, and made the tour a really enjoyable experience. Do this when in Kyoto.
by Ajay (08/20/19)
We expected this to be just a tour of the Nishiki Market followed by a walk through the Gion didtrict. Instead we experienced much more. Not only did we see many different foods on sale, we actually were given samples 8 foods, some of which we not have tried , and all specially provided for this tour. We had walked through the previous night so this day time walk was a different experience and we say many different aspects of the area. We really enjoyed this tour and I acknowledge the professionalism of our 2 guides.
by Allan TSV (07/18/19)
This food tour is definitely worth doing if you're considering it! Kazu and Keiko were great guides who planned an itinerary full of yummy food. Instructions on how/where/what time to meet are straightforward. You meet with your group And walk to the market together. We made 7 "official" stops, but did quick detours if they saw something interested us. We ended the tour with a walk over Kyoto's widest river, and had yummy dessert. Afterwards, they gave us local recommendations and explained how we'd get to our next planned destination. Super fun and worthwhile!
by mbernicer (07/09/19)
Fantastic tour with Tatsuya, highly recommend for anyone visiting Kyoto. Small group gave us plenty of opportunities to get to know our guide and ask questions about the history and culture of the area. The tour took us through areas that you wouldn't otherwise experience to taste food and drinks that are local to Kyoto. Lots of laughs and good stories. Memories are made from tours like these.
by Nick & Shane (05/11/19)
Really enjoyed the food tour with Junko. We enjoyed the market so much that we went back later in our trip.
by KP (04/17/19)
This Tour WAS AMAZING. Our Tour guides were so friendly, funny, patient and really made our tour feel customized. I would highly recommend NOE and Tatsuya, complete professionals. Made our trip an amazing one, right down to the very fine details. Thank you so much! Kim and Morley
by Kim and Morley (03/19/19)
Our food tour was exceptional. Our guide Aki was extremely knowledgeable,, very interesting and worked very hard to give us a memorable and enjoyable experience. We had a fabulous time and learned a lot about Japanese food and culture. We highly, highly recommend her and this food tour.
by Lucy (01/31/19)
This was an absolutely great tour - the guide was very knowledgeable about not only the food but also history and culture as well - I would definitely recommend taking this tour if you are going to be in Kyoto!
by R.P. (01/24/19)
Our group booked this tour during the first week of November and we met our excellent tour guide Hiromi-san in front of Daimaru store exactly as described on the map. Besides being fluent in English and super friendly, Hiromi-san also provided a lot of historical information about Nishiki market as well as the various shops and vendors that are found in and around the area. One of the best things about having a local tour guide is it allows us to ask questions about various items and food that were included as part of the tour. We saw and tasted things we would have never discovered on our own and would definitely recommend this tour for anyone traveling to Kyoto.
by Burt (12/02/18)
Hiromi, my guide made my day to a fantastic day. It det like to be out with a friend but she was even better because har knew everthing. All the food were great. Thank you
by Anna (11/21/18)
We cannot recommend this food tour highly enough. We were lucky enough to have our guide Keiko to ourselves for the tour and she proved to be a highly knowledgeable and friendly companion for the duration of the tour. We tasted various wonderful foods that we would not have tried independently whilst enjoying the atmosphere of the Nishiki market and Gion area. Many thanks for such a wonderful experience Judith & Gordon
by J&G (11/17/18)
Great experience and incredible food! Akiko has been a fantastic guide that drove us to best stalls in the market where we could taste amazing food . Thanks her I now now a little more about the delicious Japanese food. Thank you again and look forward to coming back to Kyoto soon.
by Elena0411 (11/02/18)
This is Eli, a participant of the 10/25 FooDrink Tour. The tour was fun because Hiromi-san was friendly and generous about her local stories. It would be great to have a chance to tour with Hiromi-san again in the future.
by utalap (10/30/18)
We thoroughly enjoyed having AKI as our guide during our food and drink tour through the markets and the Geisha district. Aki was extremely knowledgeable and we feel we got to experience the local traditional cuisine which we would not have done otherwise. We would highly recommend Aki as a guide as the tour added a different dimension to our time in Kyoto.
by Neil (10/29/18)
Great way to see and experience an amazing, huge, diverse place. Guide was very knowledgeable and adaptable. Recommend to all.
by Cheryl (10/09/18)
A must do preferably on your first day. Our guides Kazu And Roo were excellent. They gave us a great introduction not only on the food culture in Kyoto but also the sites in Gion. Had an great time . This tour and the Arishayama tours are highly recommended. Thanks Kazu and Roo.
by LeilaNY (10/04/18)
Such a great tour of Kyoto. Very friendly staff, extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Spoke great English and showed great spots that would be tough to find without local help!
by William Crown (09/15/18)
We did a food tour of the Nishiki market with Kaori-san who was very knowledgeable, spoke English with great clarity. We tasted delicious snacks while learning about the origins of the food we were eating and various Japanese traditions concerning a particular food item. Kaori-san seemed to know the store owners, for example when we were tasting eel, she asked the kind man who was cleaning the fish to come out and show my daughter the meticulous process of deboning the fish! Kaori-san managed to make the tour interesting not only for me and my husband but also for my daughter who is 8 and my mother. Given that we are staying in Kyoto for four months, Kaori-san also provided us with extra information on resources we can use while we are in the city. Show less
by KyotoInFall (09/14/18)
Great tour of Kyoyo Nishiki Market ending in the Gion Geisha district. Keiko was generous with the samples and I tried and enjoyed some things I would definetly wouldn't have known to try by myself. The Hamo was a highlight definetly Oishi!!
by Ross (09/10/18)