Kyoto Pontocho Backstreet Food and Drink Hopping Tour [Evening Tour]

  • ¥ 13,000
  • 3.0 hours
  • Max 5 Guests
  • 98 people already enjoyed this experience


How about strolling around Kyoto in the evening like the locals? Kyoto is beautiful in the daytime, but night time is something else! It becomes a time capsule of beautiful scenery with a fun engaging nightlife! We will stroll around Shijo Street and the Pontocho area while also stopping by restaurants which are popular for locals. (Some spots are hidden even for Japanese!) We will enjoy good Kyoto food and drinks while walking around the town. Let’s have a Kanpai (Cheers!) together!!

5:45 PM – 8:45 PM (3.0 hours)
* Mainly (Mon. Wed. Thu.)

  • – 5:45 PM Meetup at Daimaru (Karasuma).
  • – Visit a very small alley bar where we will try some Japanese food and drink.
  • – Move to a local nostalgic bar and try the local food while a good drink.
  • – Walk around the Kiyamachi and Pontocho District, they are some of the largest
       drinking areas in Kyoto.
  • – Then head to a local restaurant and taste true Kyoto food.
  • – Finish the tour at the Shijo Ohashi Bridge (Side of Kamogawa River).
Daimaru (Karasuma) / Shijo Ohashi Bridge
For a prompt departure at 5:45 PM.
Please arrive by 5:40 PM and meet in front of Daimaru Karasuma.
MAP: Nishiki-map.pdf

・There are two Daimaru Department Stores. We will NOT meet at the FUJI
   Daimaru Department Store.
・The Daimaru Department Store is in front of the "Shijo Takakura bus stop" along
   the main Shijo-Dori Street.
・Please be careful, if you come by taxi.
13,000 JPY
Approximately 8:30 PM
1. Sake with Tempura (Small Alley Bar)
2. One drink and two Japanese dishes (Nostalgic bar)
3. One drink and a Kyoto original food (Pontocho area)
・English Guide
・Food (Menu Above)
・Hotel Pick-up
・Extra food and drink

  • 【General】
  • ・If you have any food allergies or you could not eat anything, please let us know.
  • ・This is a group tour and bar hopping tour. Not like gastronomic tour.
  • ・The drinking age in Japan is 20 years old. If you have someone who is under 20 years old or others who do not like alcohol can get non-alcoholic beverages instead at the bar we brought.
  • ・We will leave at 5:45 pm sharp, so please make sure to be there on time!
  • ・Please come with comfortable walking shoes as this tour is mainly a walking tour.
  • ・This tour ends at 8:45 pm usually.  If you have a flight in the very early next morning, this tour is not recommended.
  • ・There could be a delay at when the tour ends, if you have an appointment or plan
       right after this tour, please let us know in advance.

  • 【Pricing & Payment】
  • ・We define a participant over the age of 12 years old as an adult.
    ・Children between the ages of 4 – 12 years old are considered a child.
     – (A child's price is 70% of an adult's price)
    ・Children under 3 years old are free (w/o Food).
  • ・All payment is expected before the tour.

  • 【Private Tour Option】
  • ・If you would like to do a PRIVATE tour, please send an inquiry to us.
     – (TOTAL PRICE = 12,000 JPY [Basic fee] + 10,000 JPY/person)


Customer's Voice (14)

by Nila (06/18/19)
So much Fun! Thank you for showing us your beautiful city and the secret local spots to enjoy local food and drinks. We had a great time thank you Elie!
by Tour De Asia (06/06/19)
Thanks to Kimmy for a fantastic evening tour in Nishiki and Pontocho area. We really enjoyed talking to Kimmy and people in the nice little places she took us. Thanks for an excellent experience.
by tiheca (06/01/19)
Had a great time in Kyoto with our tour guide Kimmy! Enjoyed a lot of tasty food and of course it was accompanied with a decent amount of beverages. Highly recommend this tour!
by Johnny Madsen (04/09/19)
Tatsuya starts off with an introduction of Kyoto culture and some basic Japanese words we can use. We were introduced to hidden markets, bars and eating establishments that you would only know of from local knowledge. We fired so many random questions to Tachi about Japanese food, culture, lifestyle and words and he answered everything in his friendly, bubbly demeanour. He is a great guide that I wish I could bring along to every other city I visit in Japan.
by Robbie (12/20/18)
We spent 4 days in Kyoto and had this tour in one of the last days. We deeply regret not having it as one of the first things. We had the pleasure of being introduced to different kinds of food and alcoholic beverage by our guides Tatsuya and Ellie. They quickly created the feeling that we were just a group of friends out in town having fun, while showing us things of Kyoto we would never have found on our own. We went to small local bars with only 5 seats and some only japanese-speaking restaurants. The tour ended in a small sake bar with our bartender serving us party snacks, 3 kinds of sake and to top it all off entertained us by playing clarinet. We highly recommend this tour if you seek to experience the things a tourist normally never would try.
by Two danish lovebirds (11/16/18)
This was by far the best way to experience the hidden gems of Kyoto. Tatsuya was a fantastic guide with his genuine nature and fun loving personality. I would highly recommend this tour and your amazing company. Thank you Tatsuya, we really loved our time with you and I wish I could fold you up and carry you around with me as my personal guide in Japan.
by Steve Levon (11/12/18)
Kimi and Kazuyuki has been our amazing tour guides for Kyoto Bar Hopping tour. It was the highlight of our stay in Kyoto. We could feel and breath the real everyday life, drinking and talking with friendly locals. We loved the fact that during the tour you can learn not only about Japanese food culture but also understanding more about their history. Both Kimi and Kazu were fantastic! Thanks again for the great evening! Must do in Kyoto. Highly recommended.
by alviforna (10/26/18)
An absolutely fabulous tour of "back-stage" Kyoto, we thoroughly enjoyed it and can only recommend others to book the same. Tatsuya speaks great English and can give you loads of background info on Japan. Also, the places we visited were something else. The world's smallest bar, for instance, complete with tempura and sake. Excellent - all of it.
by Ann Hjaelmhof (07/19/18)
We cannot possibly recommend this food tour of Kyoto enough - Tatsuya is so friendly, knowledgeable & leads the tour with such enthusiasm & humour. If you're looking for a great way to see some of 'off the beaten track' parts of Kyoto, whilst learning lots & eating & drinking great food & drink, then look no further. We have done many food tours around the world & this was certainly one of the best Book now!
by Tim & Hannah (06/15/18)
We had an awesome tour with Tatsuya in Kyoto -- highly recommend this experience!
by Julie Y. (06/04/18)
We had the most amazing Japanese food & drink experience with Tatsuya. We went to places which were off the beaten track & are almost an underground culture known to the local Kyoto people. First we went through the famous Nishiki market to a bar which was very authentic & had 2 different kinds of sake with Tempura followed by a visit to an authentic izakaya where you are not allowed if you don’t speak Japanese. After a refreshing pint of beer & some cured fish we went along the Pontocho street to another restaurant which again served us 2 different kinds of sake with food. Through out the tour it felt as if we were a bunch of friends going on a night out & Tatsuya was funny & gave us a lot of local knowledge interspersed with anecdotes of the area. We had a great time & if you are visiting Kyoto please make this the highlight of your visit. You will not regret it!!
by Gauri (04/10/18)
A wonderful Tour with an exceptionally personal Touch. Highly recommended.
by ABu (04/10/18)
A fantastic evening In god company. We tasted food and visited places, that We would never have found on our own. Highly recommendable
by Ditte (08/02/17)