Kyoto Private Full Day Walking Tour [Customizable]

  • ¥ 40,000
  • 8 hours
  • Max 8 Guests
  • 196 people already enjoyed this experience


With this private tour, you can see Kyoto efficiently in one day and also develop a deeper understanding of it and its culture.

This tour includes three must-see sights in Kyoto! A sample itinerary is listed.

Our friendly professional guide will meet you at your hotel and the tour can start from there. We will go to Fushimi Inari Shrine. It's a very famous spot for foreigners. Have you seen the thousands of Torii gates? After that, we move to Kinkakuji Temple (Golden Shining Temple). After lunch, we head for Kiyomizu Temple and experience Kyoto's most famous district. If we have time, we will stroll around the Gion area.

• Visit the most popular sites in Kyoto in one day and feel the traditional and unique atmosphere.
• LEARN the Japanese history and culture one step deeper while walking.
• ENJOY with our friendly, professional guide!

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (8 hours)

– 9:00 am Meetup at your hotel.
– Kinkakuji Temple (Golden Shining Temple)
- Arashiyama Bamboo Forest & Tenryu-ji Zen Garden
– Fushimi Inari Shrine (Thousands of Torii gates)
– Gion (Maiko area)
– 5:00pm Finish the tour.
*We can change this itinerary based on your request.
*You will be picked up and dropped off at your place of choice.
Your Hotel / TBD
40,000 yen/Group
*1 – 6 people : 40,000 yen
*Over 7 people : 45,000 yen

Approximately 5:00 PM
English Guide
・Transportation Fee (You and our Guide)
・Entrance fees (You & our Guide)
・Lunch (You & our Guide)
・Other Expenses
*If you change your itinerary, sometimes additional transportation fees may be incurred (You and our Guide).
  • 【General】
  • ・This is a walking tour, so we will not use a private van. We will take public
     transportation during this tour.
    ・The cost is not included and depending on your destination and hotel the
      cost will vary.
    ・If you need a private van, please let us know in advance. We will arrange it with
      an additional fee.
    ・This tour contains a lot of walking.
    ・(So we recommend you to come with comfortable walking shoes.)

  • 【Pricing & Payment】
  • ・All payment is expected before the tour.
  • *We can customize your itinerary based on your request.
  • *Private tour price: 22,500 yen for 4 hours, 40,000 yen for 8 hours.

Arashiyama Bamboo Forest In Kyoto

Arashiyama and Sagano In Kyoto


Customer's Voice (65)

We participated in the private all day tour of Kyoto with Yasuna. She was an excellent guide and very well informed . We visited the Golden Pavilion, The Bamboo Forest and the shrine of 1000 gates. She organized a great lunch. Would highly recommend
by Alana English (10/01/19)
We had a great 8 hour walking tour in Kyoto with our guide Yasuna. She walked us through the major sightseeing spots in Kyoto and told us about Japanese history and culture.She is also a great photographer, the photos she took us are amazing!We absolutely recommend Japan Wonder Travel and Yasuna to everyone!
by Cristiana (09/09/19)
We did an 8 hour tour of Kyoto with Kaori-san as our guide. Our proposed itinerary was easily accommodated, and she was very knowledgeable. We learnt a lot about Kyoto and Japanese customs, and we enjoyed Kaori-san's company.
by SG (09/03/19)
by M family (08/06/19)
We had a great day with Yasuna-san. She is well-prepared, gracious, helpful and patient. We learned a lot of Kyoto's history and traditions. We are taking home great memories. Thanks Yasuna.
by Prosel (08/01/19)
by Mirelle (07/28/19)
My family of five (2 adults, 3 high school/college) went on the full day Kyoto tour with Mika. We all thought that Mika was the best city tour guide we've ever had. She is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Mika went above and beyond and answered questions not only about places on the tour but about places we planned to visit later on our vacation. It was an extremely hot day and Mika planned our day so that we would be on air conditioned trains in between sites to cool off. She also took us to a great restaurant that provided vegetarian options for a few of us. We truly enjoyed our time with Mika, learning about her family, the Kyoto sites and having a few laughs along the way.
by SarahW (07/27/19)
The tour was carefully planned to meet our needs, and Elkie executed it perfectly. We have learned so much, and enjoy spending quality time with a true professional
by TM (07/27/19)
This customized tour was just perfect for our family of four (including teens). The guide Ellie was so knowledgeable and nice, and now we know much more about Japanese Life, history and Culture. We all really enjoyed our day with Ellie. Thank you so much!
by mirellakaram (07/11/19)
Our guide Kenji was the best. Kenji is originally from Kyoto and was very informative about the Kyoto area. Having Kenji as a guide the first two days that we were in Kyoto helped us get around the next few days. Kenji gave us more knowledge and information about the places we visited than any tour book could ever give. We did a lot of walking, so be prepared. The best thing is that you could customize your day and #japaneondertravel can help recommend the trip for you.
by Randy Hata (07/10/19)
Kenji was a wonderful guide and we enjoyed every minute of our day with him. He took us to wonderful places, taught us a lot about Japan and Kyoto and was a very nice person to spend the day with. Thank you Kenji for all the information, guidance and your friendly manner.
by Japan Traveler (06/29/19)
Our 20 year old granddaughter and ourselves spent 2 wonderful days with Akiko from Japan WonderTravel. The Office is extremely efficient. The online booking was easily done and there was further communication closer to the time. Our private walking tour was customised to our wishes and needs. Akiko kindly met us at our hotel. We visited the Arashiyama area, the Bamboo Grove, travelled on the Sagano Romantic Train, saw the Gio-Ji temple and the amazingly beautiful Okochi Villa. Not only did we learn so much from the gentle, beautiful Akiko but she also gave us lots of extra information that helped us during our stay in Kyoto. Thank you for a wonderful day.
by Sue Lawrence (06/22/19)
Akiko- san, thank you so much for being our guide and going out of your way to take us to the many places we wanted to visit and plan our unguided day trip in Arashiyama. It was a truly relaxing and memorable experience and we will be recommending you to our friends who plan to visit Japan soon. It was a pleasure to meet you and when ever you visit Poland, Warsaw and all things Chopin we would love to show you around for free since we live in the old town and know a lot about the history. arigatōgozaimashita Gavin and Arek
by Gavin and Arek (05/31/19)
We spent a wonderful 3 days in Kyoto with a truly superb guide, Ellie-San. Her knowledge of her city and her obvious love for it shone through. This made our 2 day walking tour and the food tour most pleasurable. Ellie was particularly considerate of our needs for rest and physical necessities. She chose the best local restaurants for lunch. When we said what we wished to buy in the way of presents, Ellie knew where to find the best range, quality and price.
by Lyndall (05/31/19)
Totally worth every penny on our Private Walking Tour of Kyoto for 8-9 hours with the lovely, delightful and knowledgeable Akiko. My husband and I were pleased to learn about the Japanese culture and highlights of Bamboo Forest, Gion area, Geishas, and the many shrines and buddhas in the area. We really appreciated the tea house and delicious udon lunch. Akiko is such a delightful personality, informing us of the history and the current social culture and reign of royalty.
by Keri-San (05/13/19)
We had the best time in Kyoto with the nicest guide Ellie. She was very well prepared and gave us a great overview of Kyoto. She answered all our questions patiently. Our whole family felt very comfortable traveling with her. The whole organization by Japan Wonder Travel was extraordinary. Thank you very much for this great experience.
by Barb (05/07/19)
We never visited Japan before, and were nervous about getting around Kyoto - especially since we had no experience using public trains/subways! Enter Japan Wonder Travel and our wonderful guide Yasuna. She made the tour both educational and fun, and we were able to both customize where we went and make changes "on the fly." Yasuna met us at our hotel, and at the end of the day got us a taxi to get back. This private tour was essential in providing the comfort needed to go out on our own for our final 4 days in Kyoto. Thank you again for the perfect introduction for our week in Kyoto!
by Mary B (04/24/19)
Fujii Shigeko was an outstanding guide who gave us the gift of a perfect day in the Kyoto area. She developed an itinerary that included sites of historic interest and provided a rich framework for understanding the cultural significance. During the full day tour, she explained interesting facts about day-to-day life in Kyoto and pointed out local curiosities. She was gracious in answering all of our questions and was exceptionally pleasant company. We felt very lucky to have spent our first day in Kyoto with her, it gave us an excellent basis for fine-tuning our itinerary during the rest of our stay in the area.
by Jackie (04/20/19)
It was an incredible experience!!!! Ellie was very kind and explaned us every detail of Kyoto. I would highly recommend this way of visitng Japan!!! Thank you!!!
by Sergio (04/19/19)
We have spent a great day in Kyoto, seeing everything we wanted to see. Our guide Ellie Takeda made everything possible to accommodate our needs. She showed us the best Kyoto can offer and we are very-very grateful. Thank you!
by Miro (04/08/19)
We had a great tour in Kyoto with Ellie. Her English was fantastic and so we were able to communicate and ask questions with ease. We had a beautiful and warm day. We walked around Kyoto with our personalized itinerary in mind however very flexible to wonder off “the plan.” I would def recommend this tour. We also used this agency for a tour in Tokyo.
by Jennifer (03/25/19)
Kaori did a excellent tour when she guided us through Kyoto a whole day. She showed us what we wanted to see and also had descriptive pictures with her. We really recomend her as a guide.
by Jirosan (03/22/19)
We did an all day walking tour of Kyoto with Kenji. A private tour for the 6 of us was an excellent way to go! Kenji's knowledge and stories opened up a whole new world to us. It was an amazing adventure - looking through all the pictures and recalling the amazing memories, I still can't believe how many wonders we encountered and experienced in the seven hours! There is no better way to discover Kyoto! Top notch! Excellent! Exceeded my expectations.
by Larisa G (03/19/19)
We had an amazing tour of Kyoto thanks to our excellent tour guide Keiji. We learned the historical and cultural significance of the sites we visited, and were in awe of their beauty. Keiji was a perfect guide. We highly recommend this tour experience and our guide Keiji.
by lhalliburton (03/04/19)
Excellent from start to finish. Ellie's English was perfect and she was a very knowledgeable guide. We learned a lot about Kyoto history, culture, and sites visited. Her food recommendations were perfect too! She took us to where the locals, not tourists, usually eat. She was very accommodating and flexible with our plans for the day, and she even helped us plan out the rest of the evening. We could've booked a second tour with her if only we had more time. Really recommend you take this tour to see the best of Kyoto and appreciate it more...esp if you have only 1 day.
by Puffer Mafia (02/08/19)