Kyoto Private Full day walking Tour [Customized]

  • ¥ 40,000
  • 8 hours
  • Max 8 Guests


With this private tour, you can see Kyoto efficiently and have a deeper understanding in one day. This tour includes at least three must see in Kyoto! We could customize your trip fully, and sample itinerary is below. Meeting our friendly professional guide at your hotel, the tour starts. We move to Fushimi Inari shrine. It's very famous spot for foreigners. Have you seen thousands of Torii gates? After that, we move to Kinkakuji temple(golden shinning temple). After lunch we head for Kiyomizu temple and feel the atmosphere of Kyoto's most famous district. If we have time, let us stroll around Gion area.

• Visit the most popular sites in Kyoto in one day and feel the traditional and unique atmosphere.
• LEARN the Japanese history and culture one step deeper while walking.
• ENJOY with our friendly, professional guide!

9:00 AM-5:00 PM(8 hours)

[Sample Itinerary]
9:00am Meetup at your hotel
-Fushimi Inari shrine(Thousands of Torii gates)
-Kinkakuji temple(Golden shining temple)
-Kiyomizu temple and walk around Sannenzaka and Ninenzaka
(The most famous temple in Kyoto and walk around traditional town)
-Gion (Maiko area. If we have time.) 5:00pm Finish
*We could change this based on your request
*You will be picked up at and dropped off at your favorite place.
Your hotel / TBD
Price(per 1 group)
*1-6 people : 40,000 yen
*over 7 people : 45,000 yen

Approximately 5:00 PM.
English guide,
Transportation fee (you and our guide)
entrance fees (you & our Guide)
lunch (you & our Guide)
Other expense (If you change itinerary, sometimes additional transportation fees (you & our Guide) is needed)
  • ・This is a walking tour. We don't use a private van. We take a public transportation during the tour. That cost is not included and depending on your destination and hotel.
    ・If you need a private van, please let us know in advance. We will arrange it with additional fee.
    ・This tour contains much walking.
    So we recommend you to join with comfortable walking shoes.
  • ・All payment is expected before tour.
  • *We could customize itinerary based on your request.
  • *Private tour price: 22,500yen for 4 hours, 40,000yen for 8 hours


Customer's Voice (18)

A fantastic tour with an excellent guide with a personal touch. He made our Kyoto stay great!
by Lucky Clover (11/02/17)
Super friendly staff, wonderful experience
by Hedgehog (10/21/17)
Walk, walk and walk. If you are interested on truly know a city, you must walk it. We had a great day in Kyoto with Naomi, she was very kind and knows a lot the city, the traditions and the shrines and temples. She took us to Fushimi Inari Tasha and explained everything about the place. Then we went to Arashiyama forest and had lunch in a beautiful traditional japanese restaurant. Finally we ended in the Nishiki market. The best of this kind of tours is that you travel by train, subway, and of course, walking, so you get immerse in the everyday culture of Japan. Also, Naomi suggested a lot of street food to taste as we moved form one place to another. No doubt, get that tour, you can't go wrong with them!
by Jose C (10/21/17)
Our tour of Kyoto with tour guide Michi started at Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine. I had been to Kyoto before but this was one of my requests for this trip. It was beautiful with all its red tori. I believe you can hike up a ways for a great view, but we did not do this. Maybe next time. We next headed to Arashiyama just outside of Kyoto proper to see the bamboo forest and monkey park. The Monkey Park was on my nieces wish list. Both did not disappoint. I wish we could have walked around Arashiyama a little. It looked fun with a ton of shops and eating places. Lunch was fantastic at the best tempura place in town according to Michi. The kids liked the matcha azuki bean shaved ice. We continued onto the Golden Pavillion and the Nishijin silk factory. Nishijin is famous for providing woven silk for kimonos. All in all it was a great day. Michi was very knowledgable and fun. I would highly recommend her as a tour guide and Japan Wonder Travel for all your touring needs in Kyoto.
by Jeannette T. (07/19/17)
Ellie was an amazing guide. Great info and tips about Kyoto. Overall amazing! Must do to get a good understanding of such a beautiful city.
by Matt (06/21/17)
Thank you Japan Wonder Travel for the great and spotless Kyoto and Osaka Private Tour Arrangements and Execution! Our group of 10 pax enjoyed all the tours, shopping and fascinated by Japanese cuisine! We love Japan and would definitely go back and explore other places in the future!
by Fidelyn (06/15/17)
We had a wonderful day touring with our guide, Michi. She was very helpful, informative, and flexible. The people at the Japan Wonder Travel office were always very quick to respond to all emails when we were booking our tour, which was very much appreciated. Would definitely recommend them!
by JG (06/01/17)
We had a great day in Kyoto thanks to Kenji-san's hospitality. He was flexible to change our itinerary at the last moment. He was understanding when we needed to take breaks. We learned more history than we had picked up on previous visits to Kyoto. I recommend our guide and Japan Wonder Travel! Excellent hospitality
by Joyce I (05/26/17)
Great tour! Very informative, my guide spent the entire day with me .
by Christine (05/25/17)
we were a group of 2. the guide met us at the train station near our reserved train car on time. excellent touring, we used the tube/ taxi ( which is our choice) whenever we needed to go from one place to another. we went to: -Kinkaku-ji -Arashiyama bamboo grove -Kiyomizu-dera -Fushimi inari-taisha had very nice lunch at Arashiyama ( Halal restaurant as requested) we had a nice walk followed by tea in the shopping area of Fushimi inari-taisha, took us back to the train station on time our guide was very helpful, informative and cooperative. we covered all of Kyoto in only 8 hours
by Hanaa (04/01/17)
Keiji was an excellent tour guide. He was well informed, and had a great understanding of the city and it's history. Keiji was totally amenable and was able to change our agenda on the go as we decided to spend more time in places or added things that we wanted to accomplish. At the end of the day, Keiji was able to set up up for an exclusive private Geisha Show at a private Tea house that was incredible. He never once complained that we kept him with us almost 3 hours longer then the tour was supposed to be. I would highly recommend Keiji and his private tour that is looking for an inclusive detailed way to see much of Kyoto in an organized and timely fashion.
by Bradley Block (02/01/17)
I had a wonderful 1 day tour with Fuji all around Kyoto! We were lucky to have amazing weather and were able to visit Fushimi Inari shrine, Kiyomizu temple, roam around the Gion area, and visit the beautiful Arashiyama area and see some amazing fall foliage. Fuji was so kind and incredibly knowledgeable about the Kyoto area. I would recommend this tour to anyone, and hope to return soon myself!
by Loren (11/22/16)
We had a wonderful time with a private tour, 8 hours. Our guide, Kenji was so informative. We learned so much about Kyoto, Golden Temple, Fushimi-Inari, Gion, and other temples. We highly recommend Japan Wonder Travel.
by Mark and Mary (11/03/16)
The tours arranged in Tokyo and Kyoto and the transfers were all professionally done and the guides were very good . I would highly recommend this company to anyone who really wants to experience Japan like a local. One of the unintended highlights was having lunch with the guides which really allowed us to experience restaurants and food that we would never have been able to use without a guide .
by Joseph steinbok (10/28/16)
Japan Wonder Travel was great to work with. Our contact Yu, a co-founder of the company, responded to our every question and concern during our planning stage. He also met us at our hotel several mornings to make sure all was going well which was above and beyond. We had 3 wonderful guides (Yuriko in Tokyo, Noriko in Kyoto, and Kimiyo in Nara) who were very informative, personable, and spoke easy to understand English. We had just a few days in each place, and they made sure we were able to visit all the sites on our lists in a very efficient manner. They were receptive to our requests and seemed to want to make sure we had a great visit to Japan. I will recommend Japan Wonder Travel to our traveling friends.
by Archie and Sue Magee (10/27/16)
We had such a wonderful time strolling about Kyoto with Kenji. He was super informative and friendly and we couldn't believe how many things he showed us in one day! We also got to learn more about him and his history, including that he played rugby... and still continues to! Awesome. I would most definitely recommend Kenji (and Japan Wonder Travel) anytime for touring!
by Brian M (10/24/16)
by Ingo (10/18/16)
My girlfriend and I selected Japan Wonder Travel as a last minute decision for Tokyo and then Kyoto and both private tours were extraordinary and memorable. For this one in Kyoto, we were matched up with a knowledgeable, friendly, local guide Noriko who knew all the ins and outs of the city and all the history behind it. Some of the highlights we saw were: -The Fushimi Inari shirines -Toji temple -Various Buddhist Temples -The shogun palace and a lot else walking from place to place Noriko helped us to coordinate and communicate with all the locals along the way. I would say if you're thinking about booking you 100% should not hesitate, and hope to get Noriko! Thanks for a great day in Kyoto.
by A Memorable Day in Kyoto with Noriko! (09/23/16)