[March 2020] Sumo Tournament Tickets in Osaka

  • ¥ 8,000
  • MAX20 Guests
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Have you ever seen a Sumo tournament?

Six Grand Sumo tournaments have been held each year. In March, it is held in Osaka. Osaka is Japan’s second largest city after Tokyo and is located about 400 kilometers west of Tokyo. Let's enjoy watching Japanese traditional sports, Sumo Wrestling.
*It’s NOT a guided tour, but entrance tickets.

 • Reserve your tickets conveniently over our website.
 • Enjoy the intense Sumo matches and the high energy of the audience.
 • Enter and leave the Sumo Tournament anytime on your ticket date.

8:15 am - 6:00 pm
*Enter and leave the Sumo Tournament anytime on your ticket date

– 8:15 am Opens.
– 8:35 am Jonokuchi Division starts.
– 2:15 pm the Juryo Division starts.
– 3:40 pm The ceremony of entering the ring of the Makuuchi (Strong) Divison
– 3:55 pm The ceremony of entering the ring of the Yokozuna (Strongest) Divison.
– 4:10 pm Makuuchi Divison starts.
– 6:00 pm The Tournament finishes.
*We recommend you arrive at 3:40 pm.

8,000 yen/person
– Ticket Fee 5,600 yen
– Service Fee 2,400 yen (incl. Delivery Fee (If needed))
Sumo Entrance Ticket (Chair seat class B)
・Guide Fee
・Other Personal Expenses
1. Ticket Delivery:
We will deliver your tickets to your hotel in advance for your concierge to hold for you. The tickets will be available upon check-in. However, if we cannot confirm your reservation at the hotel beforehand, we will not be able to deliver your tickets. If you would like us to deliver the tickets to your hotel, please provide us with the following information:

- Hotel name and address
- The full name used for your reservation
- Check-in date

Please note:
– We require at least 5 full business days for delivery.
–  You will need to collect your tickets from our Tokyo office in Nihonbashi in the following situation: 
 1) When your booking date is less than 5 days away 
 2)  If you do not provide us your hotel information at least 5 full business days prior to your ticket date.
– If your hotel reservation details change, please let us know immediately.
– We only deliver to hotels which can receive tickets from us.
– We sometimes do not deliver tickets to some hotels, hostels, guesthouses, or private residences. In this case, please pick up the tickets at our office.

2. Ticket Pickup:
If you will be staying in Tokyo before the Sumo tournament and prefer to pick up your tickets, you can collect your tickets from our Tokyo office in Nihonbashi. Please book within 5 days of the ticket date. Our office is located 6 minutes (on foot) from Kodemmacho, Bakurocho, Higashinihonbashi Station.

Office Hours: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm (Weekdays)

Please confirm with us the date and time you would like to pick up your tickets from our office. For the ticket pickup at our office, please be prepared with your order number, the name used for the booking, and the date of your tickets.
After you have purchased your tickets, we cannot refund you your money.