Mt. Fuji Pilgrim Hiking (1st to 5th Station)

  • ¥ 42,500
  • 7.0 Hours
  • MAX 4 Guests


Mt. Fuji is not only a symbol of Japan but has been an object of worship for centuries. As a World Heritage Cultural Site, Mt. Fuji includes lots of historic and cultural values. This tour follows the traditional pilgrimage route from the base (Umagaeshi) to the 5th station. You’ll enjoy the historical and cultural heritage along the way. You will start hiking in the forest area and then start to see it change to a more mountainous terrain when you approach the forest limit line (2,500m). You will hike approximately 6 km (3.7 miles) for 4 hours. Enjoy this spiritual and relaxing hike with our professional local guide who will tell you about the ancient history of Mt. Fuji!

• ENJOY hiking from the base of Mt Fuji (Umagaeshi 1,450 m) to its 5th station (2,305 m).
• FOLLOW the historic path of the Pilgrims.
• VISIT Kitaguchi Hongu Sengen Shrine.
• LEARN the history, culture, religion, and nature of Mt. Fuji.

10:10 AM – 5:00 PM (7.0 hours)

– 10:10 am Meet up at Mt. Fuji Station
– 10:40 am Visit Kitaguchi Hongu Fuji Sengen Shrine
– 11:10 am Go to Umagaeshi by taxi (about 3,500 yen per taxi)
– 11:30 am Start climbing Mt. Fuji (approx. 6 km, 4 hours)
– 3:30 pm Arrive at the 5th station (2,305 m)
– Then back to Mt. Fuji Station by bus (1,540 yen per person)
– 5:00 pm End the tour at the Mt. Fuji Station

※You can take a bus from Shinjuku at 8:15 am to Mt Fuji station (Arriving at 10:07 am)
※You can take a bus from Mt.Fuji station at 4:59 pm to Shinjuku (Arriving at 6:55 pm) (We recommend you book the seats in advance)
Mt. Fuji Station / Mt. Fuji Station
42,500 yen/Group
*Capacity: Maximum 4 (If you would like more people to go, please let us know.)
Approximately 5:00 PM (Depending on how fast you climb)
English Guide
・Transportation Fees
   – The bus from Fuji Station to the Shrine (JPY 150 per person)
   – The taxi from the Shrine to Umagaeshi (Approximately JPY 3,500 per group)
   – The bus from the 5th station to Mt. Fuji Station (JPY 1,500 per person)
・Other Expenses
・Lunch (Please bring a light meal and some water)
    ・Hiking boots
    ・A hat
    ・Some snacks
    ・A light meal (rice ball or sandwich)
    ・Extra clothes
    ・Rainwear (Separate rainwear is preferred)
  • 【General】
  • ・This trail is recommended for moderate hikers. (4 hours, 6 km, the difference in
       elevation is 855 m)
  • ・Please wear comfortable clothing and footwear for the hike.
  • ・Mt. Fuji's 5th Station is cooler than Tokyo, the temperature is about 10 to 15
      degrees Celsius (50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit) from Spring to Autumn.
    ・Please, bring a jacket, coat, or other warm clothing.
  • ・Due to weather conditions, Mt. Fuji may not be visible.
  • ・This hiking tour will be held until August 31st.

  • 【Pricing & Payment】
  • ・The payment is expected before the tour.

Journey to the Top of Mt. Fuji


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Both very professional and pleasant. Japan Wonder Travel prepared and managed a to-the-customer-tailored hike. They deserve our best quote.
by krivian (05/09/17)