[Virtual Tour] Enjoy Japanese Ancient City (Nara) with Friendly Deer

  • ¥ 1,200
  • 45-60 minutes
  • MAX 10 Guests


Have you heard about friendly free-roaming deer? Or, have you heard about the giant buddha statue? These are in Nara city which is a small but rich in the photogenic & cultural treasures.

Also, it is a a nice opportunity to experience the atmosphere of the local countryside of Japan.
Since Nara is close to Osaka and Kyoto, it is a great day trip when you are staying in Osaka of Kyoto for some days, but also a good reason to travel Japan, too.

*It’s NOT a real tour, but online virtual tour.

・Basic information on how to travel to the Japanese ancient capital, Nara & enjoy deer Park virtually
・Local stories that will help you enjoy Japan more
・Introduction of less famous but very nice sites to visit around Nara (Local sake brewery, photogenic spot, local nice restaurants)

AM: 9:30-10:30 (JST)
PM: 18:00-19:00 / 19:30-20:30 / 21:00-22:00 (JST)
*Mainly Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri.
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In this online experience, you will visit several UNESCO World-Heritage sites such as free-roaming deer park, beautiful five-storied pagoda, overwhelmingly Giant Buddha Hall, big and old shrine with wisteria & thousands of lanterns, and small local town "Naramachi" which is a former merchant district with traditional townhouses and warehouses in Nara city virtually on your couch.

The followings are what you can expect
-Overview of Nara city
You could learn about basics about Nara and people's thoughts of religion from this overview of Nara, the ancient religious center of Japan.
It will also be a tips to know not only Nara, but also other Japanese local towns and their own culture, too

-Nara Park
There are lots of free-roaming deer around Nara Park. We will show you the funny photos from our past tour with hundreds of guests. Also, you will learn how to enjoy with deers.

-Kasuga Taisha
Going into the forest, you will find Kasuga Taisha with thousands of lanterns. Local people believes there are gods around these sacred forest.

-Todaiji Giant Buddha Hall
Let's see the amazingly big buddha statue in the world biggest wooden building. Also, show you some other unfamous but very photogenic places around there for your future trip!!

-Naramachi neighborhood
It's a small town with many well-preserved old townhouses. You can imagine the past old days of Nara. Also, introduce some recommended local shops, restaurants, sake brewery, etc.

The temple which had the most influence for political, academic, and religious fields in the ancient times.
Since there were lots of destructions, not so much things to see around but the five storied pagoda here is one of the iconic photo spot in Nara.
Tell you the best spot to take a photo with pagoda here.
1,000 yen/person
*All payment is expected before the tour
45-60 minutes
English speaking online guide
Consultation service
Real guide
The time is Japan Standard Time.
Don't mistake.

Please note: If you do not show up at the start time, our guide will wait for you for another 20mins after the start time.
If you still can not join in the Zoom session after 20 mins, your booking will be canceled and we will not be able to make a refund nor reschedule for you. The tour time will be 1 hour, we will not extend the tour time due to the lateness. 

Our guide will be there 10 min before the experience.  If you are not familiar with ZOOM, we recommend that you enter the room early.