[Virtual Tour] Nihonbashi Highlights (Tokyo)

  • ¥ 1,200
  • 45-60 minutes
  • MAX 10 Guests


EDO is the old name of Tokyo. In this tour, you will visit the Nihonbashi District, which used to be the center of commerce in old Tokyo (EDO).
In the EDO era numerous merchants, craftsmen, and a wide variety of goods from throughout Japan gathered here. The Nihonbashi Bridge was the starting point for the five major roads leading in and out of EDO.
This area has been developed with respecting the old days’ tradition. You can experience the mixture & harmony of old/new in EDO.

・Visit several shops with a history spanning over centuries, where you can enjoy the crafts and foods.
・Find a mixture of historic and new-age architecture on the main street with a fusion of Japanese and western cultures.
・Walk along narrow nostalgic backstreet alleys and find hole-in-the-wall eateries.
・Visit the off-the-beaten-path places like the coolest sake bars, cafes, and shops.

AM: 11:00-11:45
PM: 13:30-14:15
*Mainly Mon. Tue. Thu. Fri.
E-meet at Zoom

Visit several shops with the history over centuries, where you can enjoy the flavors and crafts.
Find mixture of historic and brand-new architectures in the main street and fusion of Japanese and western cultures.
Walk along in nostalgic narrow backstreet alleys and find hole-in-the-wall eateries.
Visit the off-the-beaten-path places like the coolest sake bars, cafes and shops.

1,000 yen/person
*All payment is expected before the tour
45-60 minutes
English speaking online guide
Consultation service
Real guide
The time is Japan Standard Time.
Don't mistake.

Please note: If you do not show up at the start time, our guide will wait for you for another 20mins after the start time.
If you still can not join in the Zoom session after 20 mins, your booking will be canceled and we will not be able to make a refund nor reschedule for you. The tour time will be 1 hour, we will not extend the tour time due to the lateness. 

Our guide will be there 10 min before the experience.  If you are not familiar with ZOOM, we recommend that you enter the room early.


Customer's Voice (3)

I really enjoyed this tour. I learned a lot of history about the city and the neighborhood that I never knew about. And especially, the little details on why the Tokyo roads are the way they are. Fascinating! Included are historic photos and art to show how things were in the past, and it helps me to understand this city better. Its great for people who want to visit Tokyo and even for a local who wants to learn something new!!
by Lu (07/14/20)
Normally I would be attracted to samurai and castles, but this tour was full of interesting information about a historically significant district of Tokyo. We learned about businesses that are hundreds of years old and still survive in very niche markets today - hint: toothpicks and expensive fruit - as well as the importance of the waterways and fish markets in the development of the city. Fascinating!
by chris (06/18/20)
Thank you for the great virtual tour. I joined the Nihombashi tour in Japanese before. Therefore it was very useful to join this tour in English again. Hope REAL tour is held in the near future after Corona.
by keiko (06/18/20)