[Virtual Tour] Osaka Highlights

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Like a foodie's paradise, there are a lot of fine street foods in Osaka city. If you are eager to have yummy food, Osaka is the best place to visit.
This virtual online tour gives you the insight of Osaka's foods and local's recommendation which will be a help for your future trip!!
Not only about food, you could get a highlight of Osaka city with the tips of some iconic places, the introduction of places like hidden gems, and unique local stories for enjoying one strep deeper.
Have a nice virtual trip with abundant cultural things in Osaka!!

・Feel & enjoy the real local Osaka culture on this this webinar-style tour without leaving your couch
・Get insight of Osaka's major & hidden sites as local's recommendation
・You can ask anything if you have any question in this online tour for your future trip

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If you are foodie or if you have an interest to have a local food, Osaka city will be one of the best option for your future trip. It is known as one of the world greatest food cities with unique local culture and friendly local people!!

This online experience is packed with photos, movies, and something visual for you to be able to imagine real local Osaka in your room.

The followings are what you can expect

-Overview of Osaka local food & Osaka City
Introduction of local Osaka foods and local stories. You can know how local people like them and how local foods affect Osaka's unique, friendly and bit crazy culture.

-Travel tips: Osaka Castle Visit the landmark of Osaka in your morning and explore the nice park around the castle
-Travel tips: Minami area (Around Dotonbori street)
Minami is south part of Osaka known for Dotonbori Street, Shinsekai District, and etc. It is a lively and photogenic area with flussy eye-cacthing neon signs and giantic billboards.
-Travel tips: Shinsekai area Shinsekai is an area you can feel super deep local culture!!
-Travel tips: Kita area (Umeda)
Kita means north side of Osaka city where is more sophisticated and urban area. There are maze-like Osaka Station City with bunch of excellent department stores including one of the best in Japan, Hankyu Department Umeda Main Store and beautiful Floating Observatory.
-Travel tips: Osaka Bay area
Nearby Osaka port, there are several amusement spots such as Universal Studio Japan with cool Japan attractions and the world-biggest aquarium.

After the tour, let's share the recommended restaurants around Osaka for your trip!!

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