[Virtual Tour] Japan: Hot springs and Sento experience

  • ¥ 1,200
  • 45 minutes
  • MAX 10 Guests


This online experience will introduce you to the Japanese bathing culture, starting from fancy Onsen(hot springs) to local Sento(public bath).
Let's learn the customs and rules of taking bath in Japan and get prepared for your next trip to Japan (in the near future, we hope!)
*It’s NOT a real tour, but online virtual tour.

・Find out how we locals take bath in everyday life and how we enjoy it
・Learn the rules and tips of taking bath like a local and get ready for your next trip
・Get our list of recommended Onsen and tatoo-friendly Sento/Onsen in and around Tokyo area

AM: 9:00–9:45 / 10:00-10:45 (JST)
PM: 17:00-17:45 (JST)
*Mainly Mon, Tue, Wed
E-meet at Zoom

Have you seen Japanese snow monkeys bathing in hotsprings?
That is a good example how Japan is abound with hotsprings and water resources.
If you are planning your next trip to Japan, vising Onsen(hot springs) or Sento(public bath) is a must-do!
Let's learn our bathing culture from the ancient times to today by answering some quizes along the way.
You might be hesitant to take a bath with strangers without bathing suits but don't worry.
We will show you the rules and tips to take bath in Japan and recommended spots(in and around Tokyo area) to enjoy it to the fullest!

1,000 yen/person
*All payment is expected before the tour
45-60 minutes
English speaking online guide
Consultation service
Real guide
The time is Japan Standard Time.
Don't mistake.

Please note: If you do not show up at the start time, our guide will wait for you for another 20mins after the start time.
If you still can not join in the Zoom session after 20 mins, your booking will be canceled and we will not be able to make a refund nor reschedule for you. The tour time will be 1 hour, we will not extend the tour time due to the lateness. 

Our guide will be there 10 min before the experience.  If you are not familiar with ZOOM, we recommend that you enter the room early.


Customer's Voice (1)

An excellent opportunity to learn about different elements of Japanese bathing culture while stuck at home. Our guide was very attentive to building a sense of what it meant to the community and well-being of Japanese people. As a foreigner this was a vital link that was unique to an online tour. Yoshi also gave us some tips and recommendations for when we have a chance to visit for ourselves - what a great way to plan a trip!
by chris (07/25/20)