Tour to Sumo Stable and Watch Sumo Morning Training!

  • ¥ 10,000
  • 2.0 hours
  • MAX 6 Guests
  • 240 people already enjoyed this experience


Sumo is a traditional Japanese sport based on Shinto belief. It’s like “Japanese wrestling” where one tries to force their opponent out of the ring or force any part of his body to touch the ground. Sumo wrestlers train very hard from early in the morning. You can go visit a Sumo stable and watch the training up close (as long as you follow the rules of the stable.) You will see the strongest guys practice!!

8:15 am - 10:15 am (2.0 hours)
*Finish time can be different day by day, it depends on the season and the stable.
*Please check the calendar to see the availability.
JR Ryogoku Station West Gate / Ryogoku Kokugikan
The Ryogoku-Station (JR) West Ticket Gate at 8:00 am.
MAP: Sumo-map.pdf
Approximately 10:15 AM
10,000 JPY
・English Guide
・Entrance Fee of Stable
Hotel Pick-up

  • 【General】
  • ・This is a group tour.
  • ・We will leave at 8:15 am sharp, so please make sure to be there on time!
  • ・There could be a delay at when the tour ends, if you have an appointment or plan
       right after this tour, please let us know in advance.
  • ・Only guests 12 years or older can enter the stable.
  • ・There is no price for children.
  • ・All payment is expected before the tour.

  • 【Sumo Stable Rules】
  • The Sumo stable is not a sightseeing spot, so you have to follow their rule!!
      • Please Sit on the floor and silently watch them practice.
        – (You can cross your legs)
      • Please do not spread your feet or show the soles of your feet towards the ring.
      • You cannot enter with skimpy clothes.
      • You are supposed to stay till the end of the morning practice.
        – (Practice will end around 10:00 am - 10:15 am.)
      • No eating nor drinking is allowed inside the stable.
      • Please do not stand up or move around inside the stable.
      • Please make sure your mobile phone is on silent.
      • When you take pictures, please do not use flash and turn off the shutter sound.
      • Please do not talk.
      • Please do not take videos while inside the stable.
      • Please take off any sunglasses or hats.
    *In case of an emergency, there is a restroom inside the stable, please let us know.

Sumo Tournament Match in Tokyo


Customer's Voice (30)

It was an amazing experience, the training took place right in front of us, so when the sumo figthers clash you FEEL the impact. Our guide was very informative and helpful. Truly unique.
by Tornesaurio (02/19/20)
by Victor (02/16/20)
We found the meeting point at last when our tour guide Mami came to pick us up. She was an absolutely fantastic guide who made this experience worth it. She was extremely helpful and took perfect care for us - her friendly and positive attitude affected the whole group and left everyone in a good mood. We missed the first part of the tour due to confusion about the meeting point, but after the sumo training, Mami went through her presentation with us as we were walking back to the station, showing us photos and telling us stories about sumo. You are very lucky to have her as a guide. The tour at the sumo stable was very fascinating as well
by Andreas (02/06/20)
It was a very informative tour! I would do it again. Yoshino was very pleasant and helpful and very gracious.
by Kathy (01/13/20)
We had a wonderful time visiting the sumo wrestler's morning practice session. We were very lucky and got to see several top professional wrestlers. Our guide, Yuko was incredibly helpful and even passed us notes about the wrestlers during the practice so we could understand what was happening. It was very easy to meet Yuko at the train station, and the entire experience was one of the highlights of our trip to Japan! It is a must.
by maggie (12/26/19)
We had a great tour with Itsuko. She was very informative about sumo wrestling and answered all of our questions thoroughly. We really enjoyed the entire experience!
by NancyT (12/25/19)
We absolutely loved the sumo practice. Our guide, Yukio Takahashi, was at the station to meet us. It was a small group. He gave us lots of information on the way to the stables. Watching the sumo practice was one of the most memorable experiences of our lives. It was a small room and they were practising right in front of us. Sometimes uncomfortably close :-). After the practice finished Yukio answered any questions we had and took us all the way back to the station. If you visit Tokyo this is a must!
by Clare & Ronan (10/08/19)
This was the best thing I did in Japan. Yuriko was an excellent guide she was very knowledgable and friendly. We met her at the train station and she briefed us on the sumo wrestlers daily training which included history, important facts about diet and sleep as well as the different techniques that the sumo wrestlers use. Being up close and personal in the stable was such a great experience. You see and feel how hard these athletes work and how dedicated they are to their craft. Thanks!!
by Jennifer Mendez (10/03/19)
The sumo stable morning training watching tour was an incredible experience. Before watching the practice, the guide expertly explains the history of sumo wrestling and what one can expect to see. The practice is in an intimate setting which allows you to have a personal experience and to fully enjoy it. Our guide Yukio went above and beyond for us. My friend and I had a question about attending a baseball game and Yukio took time out of his personal day to help us secure tickets. I would highly recommend using this company to see a sumo stable practice.
by Pearl (08/25/19)
A wonderfully berserk insight into Japanese culture. Beauty and aesthetics, attention to detail, dedication at all costs and in any condition, honesty, and of course, athleticism. Sumo has it all. This is Japan ina microcosm. But please, don’t bring young children. Even being a foreign visitor is no excuse for rudeness.
by Culturelover1 (08/05/19)
by Quinne (06/11/19)
Mr. Kazu is the best tour guide you can ask for! Mr. Kazu goes above and beyond to give you an excellent touring experience. Mr. Kazu gave us a history and cultural background of the Sumo wrestlers, explained the do’s and dont’s of Sumo, and much more. An added bonus - Mr. Kazu brought his own camera!! He took amazing photos for us and sent them to our personal email accounts. He had extra time on his hands, so he took us to the Seafood Market after Sumo Practice. He took us to the best tuna nigiri in Tokyo. Oishi! I’m glad I asked for Mr. Kazu’s business card, because I’m giving them to all my friends who are planning to visit Tokyo. Word of mouth is the best advertisement - and I am advertising him to all my friends! I give Mr. Kazu a perfect score - 5 out of 5 stars!! Arigato Gozaimas, Mr. Kazu (bow)
by Julia (05/28/19)
Fantastic experience that is well recommended! The sumo training should not be missed if you're visiting. Japan Wonder Travel was also a great service-very well organised and know knowledgeable!
by Jen (05/16/19)
Our guide was the delightful Yeonmi who looked after us touring Tokyo. nothing was ever a problem, She took us to markets for the best price for things for a grandchildren, we ate lovely lunches in tiny restaurants, and went to places we would not have found without a guide. Sumo practice was fun, the trains and various transport we went on was excellent. No need for private cars/taxis. we would ask for Yeonmi again
by Ronda & David (05/14/19)
This was a phenomenal experience! We would highly recommend Japan Wonder Travel for guiding you through the world of sumo. Our guide was highly knowledgeable and extremely friendly. We could not have had a better experience with Japan Wonder Travel! We recommend them highly!
by saavy traveller (01/07/19)
This was a great value actvity tour! The company was responsive and communicative via email. Their instructions were easy to follow includng directions to the meeting point and pictures of the meeting point at the train station. Our guide was very pleasant and informative. She walked us to the stable and gave us history and facts on sumo as we walked. She answered our questions and also gave us the guidelines for behavior once inside the sumo stable. Watching the sumo training was a really unique experience and highly recommended even if you are in Tokyo during a tournament.The training is rigorous and the discipline required to train at that level is incredible. One thing to note is that we were asked not to take pictures durng the training. Another tour group entered the stable about 30 minutes after we arrived and the people in that group immediately began taking photos and videos. No one asked them to stop but I think it was rather disrespectful of the training and the sumo wrestlers. So, perhaps photos are allowed but I highly recommend that you wait til after the training is done and focus on the wrestlers while they are training. It is truly a unique cultural experience. I highly recommend the sumo training visit! The guide and the company were top notch!
by The Dude (12/24/18)
It is with pleasure that I take the time to write a review on this tour. It was an excellent experience and something you must experience when going to Japan. I was thrilled watching the Sumo training and really enjoyed watching this martial art in action. Yuri, our tour guide, as absolutely sensational. She was always accommodating and went above and beyond to make sure we were informed of what was occurring during the Sumo practice. She also helped us get home and showed us a PASMO card. Thank you very much for your help and I look forward to doing a similar Sumo activity when in Japan again.
by T & T (11/02/18)
Watching a morning practice at a sumo stable in Tokyo was an awesome experience. Our guide Yuriko was wonderful. She is passionate about watching this national sport and shared her enthusiasm teaching us about the life of a wrestler, what it takes to be a champion and the Shinto beliefs within the competition. Yuriko pointed out among the wrestlers we saw that morning, was a visiting professional wrestler training for the upcoming Grand Sumo Tournament and a “rising star”.
by Patrice (09/11/18)
This was a great experience. Our guide, Yoshika met us at the train station for a short walk over to the stables. Along the way she explained the history and details of sumo. We were able to sit up close and watch them practice. We also saw a ritual of them blessing the sand for good luck. So unique. We were there for 3 hours and then we got to take a picture with a few of the guys. A really neat tour to see the intensity these gentlemen train with. Highly recommend this!
by Kim (08/30/18)
Great tour, really helpful and friendly guide. Excellent way to get to see Sumo Wrestling as real tournaments are not regular and hard to get tickets for. This tour allows you to watch training matches and routines for two hours. You get to meet some of the wrestlers and get a picture with them afterwards too! Well worth doing when in Tokyo.
by Joe (08/02/18)
My son and I got to sit and watch a great bunch of Sumo wrestlers engage in many matches and training exercises in front of their master instructor. It was a fantastic up close experience with an amazing guide who explained the history of sumo to my son.
by SanDiego (06/14/18)
My wife and i joined the Sumo morning training tour last week. It was a terrific, behind the scenes experience and we thoroughly enjoyed. The short walking tour of the area afterwards was also enjoyable.
by Tanner (05/28/18)
My boyfriend and I loved the tour! Our guide was very knowledgable and extremly kind. She also translated so we could have a chat with the sumo wrestlers at the end of the tour and took pictures of us. Furthermore she informed us about other events taking place near the stable. Highly recommended!
by Sina (05/18/18)
Most interesting : our guide, Yuki, was able to provide us with much information regarding sumo wrestlers and their life so it was more meaningful to us as we watched. We were seated close to the ring and this gave us a better view.
by She (05/17/18)
Great experience to take part of in Tokyo. I can highly recommend it.
by Maria (02/14/18)