Sumo morning practice watching

  • ¥ 10,000
  • 4.0 hours
  • MAX 6 Guests


Sumo is a traditional Japanese sport based on Shinto belief. It’s like a “Japanese wrestling” where one tries to force the opponent out of the ring or force any part of his body touching the ground. Sumo wrestlers practice very hard from early in the morning. You could go in a stable and watch the practice close if you follow the rule of the stable. You will see the strongest guys!!

8:00-11:00 (3.0 hours)
*Finish time is different day by day. It depends on the season. Please check calendar to see availability.
Please arrive by 8:00 AM to The ticket gate of Ryogoku station
Approximately 11:00 AM.
PRICE (1 person)
10,000 JPY
English guide
Hotel pick-up
  • ・This is a group tour
  • ・We will leave at 8:30am sharp, so please make sure to be there on time!
  • ・There could be a delay at when tour ends, if you have an appointment or plan right after this tour, please let us know in advance.
  • ・There is no children price.
  • ・All payment is expected before tour.
  • ・Sumo stable is not a sightseeing spot, so you have to follow their rule!!
    -Please Sit on the floor and see the practice silently.
    (You can cross your legs)
    -Please do not spread your feet or show the soles of your feet towards the ring.
    -You cannot enter with skimpy clothes.
    -You are supposed to stay till the end of the morning practice. Practice ends around 10 am-11am.
    -No eating nor drinking allowed inside the stable.
    -Please do not stand up or move around inside the stable.
    -Please turn off your mobile phone.
    -When you take pictures, please do not use flash and turn off the shutter sound.
    -Please do not talk.
    -Please don’t take Video in the stable.
    -Please take off sunglasses or hats.
    *-In case of emergency, there is a restroom inside the stable, please let us know.


Customer's Voice (3)

The Sumo tour was excellent. Very up close and personal. The tour guide also spoke about some of the other attractions we past on the way to the stables, which was really good. I would recommend this tour to anyone looking for the authentic Japan.
by Pam (08/13/17)
We booked this tour a couple of days in advance when we saw it pop up on the Viator website. We initially wanted to go to a show, but all of the tickets were sold out. The practice was actually better though, I think, because we were right up close to the wrestlers and even got to meet them afterwards :-) This was such a cool experience and our tour guide Yuri was so thoughtful and knowledgeable of the subject. The only bad thing (which turned out perfectly actually) is that the tour description on the website said the practice would last 3 hours, but it was really only 1.5 hours. This is not a problem at all. That timeframe was actually good enough to see what we wanted to see. So yep, we definitely recommend this outing...totally worth taking some time to do!
by JVana (05/31/17)
It was a great honor to be in the presence of strong, hardworking sumo wrestlers and get to see and know the way they live. This was truly an experience to remember! :)
by shinecarrot (01/22/17)