[May 2020] Sumo Tournament Tour in Tokyo

  • ¥ 10,000
  • MAX20 Guests
  • 95 people already enjoyed this experience


Have you ever seen a Sumo tournament?

Six Grand Sumo tournaments have been held each year. In January, March, and September, it is held in Tokyo. Let's enjoy watching Sumo Wrestling (Japanese traditional sport) with an English-speaking guide who is also a real Sumo fan.

 • Watch sumo matches at a traditional arena in chair B class reserved seats
 • Enjoy the intense Sumo matches and the high energy of the audience.

3:00 PM - 6:00 PM (3.0 hours)

– 2:45 pm Meet up at JR Ryogoku Station West Gate.
– 3:00 pm Head to the Ryokgoku Sumo Stadium and enjoy the Sumo Games.
– 3:40 pm The ceremony of entering the ring of the Makuuchi (Strong) Divison
– 3:55 pm The ceremony of entering the ring of the Yokozuna (Strongest) Divison.
– 4:10 pm Makuuchi Divison Start, watch and enjoy sumo matches
– 6:00 pm The Tournament finishes.
10,000 yen/person
・Sumo Entrance Ticket. (Chair seat class B)
 ・English Speaking Guide.
・Hotel Pick-up
・Other Personal Expenses
・This is a group tour.
・We will leave at 3:00 pm sharp, so please make sure to be there on time!
・There could be a delay at when the tour ends, if you have an appointment or plan
   right after this tour, please let us know in advance.
・There is no price for children.
・All payment is expected before the tour.

Sumo Tournament Match in Tokyo


Customer's Voice (25)

Yoshi was very knowledgeable and ensured that we were all enjoying the event and open to any question we had, no matter how silly we were. I would recommend this tour group to others touring Japan!
by Thookster (02/07/20)
Wow! This was one of my favorite things I did while on my 3 week trip abroad. If you're visiting Japan during a time when sumo wrestling is happening, YOU NEED TO GO! And if you do go, I would go on a tour with this company. My tour guide Yuko brought all the excitement on the tour. Before going into the stadium, she gave a brief history & rulesets for the bouts that we would see. It was the right amount of information and once we started seeing the bouts, all of the information came together. Yuko even told us before some of the major bouts the storylines of the sumo wrestlers, such as one bout between two high-school friends who were matched together or another bout between an underdog and a crowd favorite. It really brought life to the event and describing the intentions behind the sumo wrestlers going into their individual bouts made it all the more fascinating! Thank you Yuko and Japan Wonder Travel! I knew sumo wrestling would be fun, but didn't realize how amazing it would be!
by Kedar Patel (01/28/20)
Well organised with very knowledgeable guide. Would highly recommend them.
by Michael -Australia (01/27/20)
Very nice experience with excellent explanation and pointing out of the most interesting details.
by Iris (01/25/20)
Our guide Yoshi was fantastic. After a short introduction we received basic information on the Sumo tournament including rules, customs and a match schedule. She showed us a Sumo ring from up close as our seats were in the second ring of the stadium. During the game Yoshi was constantly moving around between the different people of our group to give more detailed and insider information on the Sumo wrestlers, crowd favorites, etc. Seeing as everything is in japanese, this was really helpfull. Thanks again Yoshi
by Robinken (01/22/20)
What an amazing event.i was completely blown away. Our 15 and 18 y/o daughters has as much fun as us. Yuko made it special by telling us all what was happening. She give us all the details to understand what was happening, why it was happening and what to look for. Sh is so passionate about Sumo... Thank you soo much fir an unforgettable experience fir all the family.
by Ziggy (01/22/20)
Excellent visit to the Sumo Grand Tournament. Thank you Yukio-san for the great explanation. Highly recommend this to anyone who wants an experience in the Sumo competition world.
by simon (01/21/20)
Fantastic tour of a Sumo tournament. Our enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide Yuko really added to the experience. Highly recommended for the whole family.
by Lisa (01/21/20)
We were very happy with the Sumo Tour. Our guide, Chihiro, did a super job explaining all about the Sumo history and the whole Sumo system in a interesting and fun way. We were a big group of 16 but Chihiro made sure that everybody got attentention during the game. Too bad her favorite, the only 95 kg, wrestler Enho did not win - we did our best to cheer for him :)
by Jonjohnsen (01/19/20)
Our guide Chi(please excuse me if I have misspelled your name), was welcoming, informative and extremely passionate about sumo. It made a great experience even better, she made the effort to inform us on various things throughout the matches (things I wouldn't have thought to ask but gave us much better context to enjoy the experience. She was happy to answer any questions. English speakers should feel confident booking this tour. The seating was a little further back on the balcony but more than close enough to feel the atmosphere. Thanks again, it truly was a once in a lifetime experience.
by Rikishi-au (01/19/20)
My family of three attended the Sumo tournament in Tokyo. Our guide Chii was excellent, very knowledgeable and lots of fun. The tour was well organized and having all the background knowledge about sumo was invaluable. The tournament was very exciting, we all had an amazing time.
by Heather (01/19/20)
My brother and I were visiting Tokyo for a couple of weeks and this was the highlight of the trip. Amazing atmosphere and sport with such a great history. Our guide Yoko was fantastic. Friendly and inviting, she didn't once hesitate in answering all of our questions throughout the event. Her knowledge and enthusiasm was very appreciated. Overall a great trip that we would both highly recommend. Thank you Yoko!
by Will (01/16/20)
We did the sumo wrestling tour on the 19th of September. It was a great event and should not be missed if you are in Japan. Our guide Yuko was fantastic. She met us the station which was the meeting point and even waited for some stragglers who were late. She has a very good knowledge of sumo wrestling and the history. The stadium was impressive with a large crowd. We really enjoyed it and the atmosphere inside was unbelievable. Yuko kept us updated during the bouts giving us information about each of the sumos getting ready to wrestle it was fantastic. Thank you Yuko for a fabulous afternoon of sumo wrestling.
by Perry (10/03/19)
Great Experience! Highly recommend! The host gave a joyful introduction into Sumo tournament, traditions and history. She is very fluent in English, so it was easy to understand her and to ask any questions. The atmosphere inside the stadium was breathtaking and the bouts super exciting. We could see the fights very well from our seats.
by Madlen (09/22/19)
Very knowledgeable and very enthusiastic guide. She made the entire experience exceptional!
by Fireball (09/18/19)
Our guide chihiro was excellent. She was kind and helpful for any question or requests we had. Thank you for giving us a moment toi cherish.
by Vinay Gudi (09/18/19)
Really fun afternoon. It was quite a unique experience that would have been difficult to arrange for a non-Japanese speaker without being part of a tour. Our guide, Yoko-san was the highlight. Friendly, really knowledgable and a real fan of sumo so it was great to experience it with her.
by Carlos (09/15/19)
Excellent; would definitely recommend them! Thanks Yuko for being a great tour guide!!
by Charyl-san (09/13/19)
We enjoyed our time at the sumo tournament. Our guide was helpful in explaining the rules to us.We loved Japan especially the people.Thank you for the photo.
by Aussi (06/10/19)
Our tour guide yuri was amazing, and she made the sumo a much more enjoyable and memorable experience! We went in with 0 knowledge and she taught us the fundamentals of the sport, and we left with a nearly complete understanding of the exciting history filled sport. We would recommend that anybody who is considering this tour definitely take advantage of this service because it truly made it a 10/10.
by Rob (05/27/19)
This tour was an amazing experience and far better than I could ever have imagined. Yoshika was so informative and fun, you could really tell that she loved Sumo and was just as excited as we were to watch the event. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone wanting to see sumo wrestling!!!
by Heather (05/25/19)
This experience could not have been better. We really wanted to go see the Sumo tournament but were a little intimidated by the process. Furthermore, the tickets on the official website were sold out and Stubhub was charging around $200! Thank goodness we found this. The process could not have been simpler. We took the subway to Ryogoku Station, left through the West Gate, and immediately saw someone with a Japan WonderTravel sign. We said hi, gave her our names and were introduced to our English speaking guide who was INCREDIBLY nice and knew SO MUCH about Sumo. She walked us to the arena, gave us a small tour, explained all the rules of Sumo (including various techniques that are used) and guided us to our seats where we enjoyed 2 hours of bouts. She continued to give us little bits of information and knew SO much about the individual wrestlers. It really enriched the experience as we went in knowing absolutely nothing about Sumo. In summary, if you want to see Sumo, but don’t speak fluent Japanese or know much about Sumo. This experience is absolutely perfect for you. You will not be disappointed!
by Zach and Shannon (05/15/19)
Excellent tour with a great guide with lots of knowledge. Thank you
by Paul (05/15/19)
One of the best tours I've had in Japan. Our tour guide, Yuki was very knowledgeable about the subject and informed of the both history, rules, and the current standings and favorites of the tournament. A very pleasurable experience.
by George (05/14/19)
We were met at Ryogoku Station by our lovely guide Yoriko Kimura. Yoriko spoke English very well, was very knowledgeable and clearly had a passion for Sumo and enjoyed sharing it with us. We were given a quick tour of the stadium before being taken to wonderful seats to observe the Sumo bouts. During the event Yoriko explained the rituals and the nuances going on before us. Without her expertise it would have been difficult to fully comprehend and appreciate the spectacle. If you are interested in learning about Sumo I would highly recommend this tour.
by Duncan (01/23/19)