[2019 May.] Sumo tournament tour in Tokyo

  • ¥ 9,800
  • MAX20 Guests


Have you ever seen Sumo tournament? Six Grand Sumo tournaments have been held each year. In January, March and September, it has been held in Tokyo. Let's enjoy watching Japanese traditional sports Sumo with an English speaking guide who is also a real sumo fan.
 • Watch a sumo matches at a traditional arena in chair B class reserved seats
 • Enjoy the intense sumo matches and the high energy of the audience


・14:45 Meet up at Ryogoku station west gate
・15:00 Move to Ryokgoku sumo stadium and enjoy sumo game
・15:40 The ceremony of entering the ring of Makuuchi divison (Stronger)
・15:55 The ceremony of entering the ring of Yokozuna (Strongest)
・16:10 Makuuchi divison start, watch and enjoy sumo matches with radio broadcasts service
・18:00 Finish
Price(per 1 person)
Sumo entrance ticket (Chair seat class B)
 English speaking guide
*In sumo stadium, a guide couldn't tell what is happened in a loud voice. But there is good radio broadcasts service.
Hotel pick up, Other personal expenses.
・This is a group tour
・We will leave at 3:00pm sharp, so please make sure to be there on time!
・There could be a delay at when tour ends, if you have an appointment or plan right after this tour, please let us know in advance.
・There is no children price.
・All payment is expected before tour.


Customer's Voice (1)

We were met at Ryogoku Station by our lovely guide Yoriko Kimura. Yoriko spoke English very well, was very knowledgeable and clearly had a passion for Sumo and enjoyed sharing it with us. We were given a quick tour of the stadium before being taken to wonderful seats to observe the Sumo bouts. During the event Yoriko explained the rituals and the nuances going on before us. Without her expertise it would have been difficult to fully comprehend and appreciate the spectacle. If you are interested in learning about Sumo I would highly recommend this tour.
by Duncan (01/23/19)