Tokyo 1 Day Highlights Private walking Tour

  • ¥ 40,000
  • 8 hours
  • Max 4 Guests


First, we will meet you at your hotel, then take you to Tsukiji fish market and let you enjoy the atmosphere of the world’s biggest fish market. After that, we will take you to Asakusa. We will visit the most famous temple in Tokyo, Sensoji, then we will go walking around one of the most traditional towns in Tokyo. After enjoying the delicious lunch in Asakusa, we will move to Harajuku area, and you may get to feel the huge difference between the Meiji shrine, a religious calm place, and suddenly the Takeshita street, young pop culture. At last, we will take you to Shibuya, one and only crazy place in the whole world, and experience and enjoy the one and only famous scramble crossing!!

• Visit many important sightseeing spots in Tokyo in one day!
• FEEL the exciting atmosphere at the world’s biggest fish market TSUKIJI
• LEARN the Japanese history and culture at Asakusa and Meiji shrine
• ENJOY the Japanese modern scene at Takeshita street and Shibuya

9:00 AM-5:00 PM(8 hours)
*Mainly Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat. Sun.
*When Tsukij is closed (Mainly Wed. Sun.), we replace Tsukiji with other spot. (Imperial palace etc.)
9:00 am meet at your hotel
- Tsukiji fish market
- Asakusa
- Meiji shrine & Harajuku
- Shibuya scramble crossing
5:00 pm finishes at Shibuya
*We could customize your itinerary based on your request.
*When Tsukij is closed (Mainly Wed. Sun.), we replace Tsukiji with other spot. (Imperial palace etc.)
Price(per 1 group)
*1-4 people : 40,000 yen
*5-8 people : 50,000 yen
*9- people : 55,000 yen
Approximately 5:00 PM.
English guide,

Transportation fee (you and our guide)
entrance fees (you & our Guide)
lunch (you & our Guide)
Other private expense
  • ・This tour contains much walking.
    ・We could change itinerary based on your request.
    So we recommend you to join with comfortable walking shoes.
  • ・All payment is expected before tour.


Customer's Voice (35)

Really amazing daytrip with an excellent tourguide "Toshi " really friendly and told us interesting facts about the culture of this amazing country. One day when I will be back there , i will be in contact with them again !!!
by Marcos Porto (08/02/17)
Our tour with Yuki was simply spectacular. She is a wonderful guide who knows Tokyo quite well, and more importantly, presents the sights in a way that is interesting, stimulating and fun.
by Patrick Telan (07/24/17)
YUriko is a fabulous guide. She is very knowledgable, smart, and charming. She used excellent judgment in deciding what to show us and adjusted the tour to our interests. We spent just the right amount of time in each of the many places we saw. She took us to see things we would never have found on our own, including the cafe above the Nissan Ginza showroom with pictures of us in the foam of our cappuccino s. What fun. We learned a lot about Japanese culture, including foods. The fish market stop was amazing. We learned how prayers are performed at a Shinto shrine and how to find our way around the metro, which was really useful when we went around on our own the next day. Takeshita Street was a favorite, with the swarms of young people dressed up. We also loved crossing Shibuya crossing--so many people flooding along with us. YUriko really extended herself. She took us to the JR ticket station and helped us make the train reservations for the rest of our two weeks In japan at the end of our tour. . And she took us to Mitsukoshi Department store to buy clothes when we told her we needed to buy some things because the airline lost one of our suitcases. She made what would have been an ordeal for us fun. We got superb service and then we went to the basement food section and saw amazing displays of food and had great samples and were astounded by both the artistry and the prices. YUriko was incredibly generous with her time and with information. We stopped spontaneously in one shrine we passed just because we were interested. She really knows Tokyo. We would have needed several days to see what we saw comfortably in one day with YUriko. Tour was totally worthwhile and totally worth the money. Highly recommend it.
by ernie (07/19/17)
Our group of 6 people really enjoyed our private day tour. Our guide, Naoko, was very helpful in navigating the trains and streets, especially with our two children in tow (6 and 4). Naoko was extremely patient and flexible, and we were able to adjust our schedule and stops based on the kids interest. Initially we thought the price was quite steep, but the tour was well worth it. I'm sure we would not have been able to see all the sites we did without getting lost, or missing out on something interesting, and Naoko's recommendations for our sushi breakfast and ramen lunch were delicious and very kid friendly.
by K. Johnson (07/12/17)
This was a great way to see a majority of Tokyo. It made it easy to get around. We really enjoyed our guide, especially the tea ceremony in the imperial gardens. GREAT TOUR!
by IR Takes Japan (06/12/17)
Big fun. Great tour.
by P. P. E. (06/07/17)
Outstanding tour. Yeonmi was an excellent guide, and was very knowledgeable, caring and personable. We especially enjoyed the fish market and trying different street foods. Yeonmi's guidance and introduction in using Tokyo's transportation system was a great help, and we were confident in traveling on it independently after our day together.
by Duke and Rose (05/09/17)
First class tour of Tokyo !
by Sylvain (05/05/17)
We enjoyed an excellent mini tour of Tokyo, hitting several spots which our Tauck tour did not take us. Our tour guide, Tae, spoke beautiful English and happily shared her extensive knowledge of the city and Japanese culture. We became friends by the end of the day and felt quite comfortable embarking on our own for the next three days. We highly recommend Japan Wonder Travel and especially Tae as a wonderful guide.
by Ruth Ann (04/28/17)
Tae was our tour guide in Tokyo all day yesterday. She was great, funny, and spoke great English. Recommend her highly. Five star!
by JP (04/28/17)
My wife and I thoroughly recommend this tour.As newcomers to Tokyo it gave us a superb 'crash course'in how to navigate the city and what we learned in 1 day would have taken us at least a week on our own. Much of the credit must go to our guide, Yoshika. She not only helped us get our bearings but also helped us understand the train system (vital in Tokyo),explained much about culture, history and everyday life and the miracle of tempura. Yoshika also took real delight in our reactions and was an absolute pleasure to spend the day with. These types of tours look expensive at first blush but we regard our investment as money well spent. By the way, follow the company's advice and wear good walking shoes!
by Burnley Pudding (04/20/17)
Thankyou Yuki and Japan Wonder Travel for a truly wonderful experience. From the moment we booked until even after the tour was over we were overwhelmed with the attention to detail and personalised service. Travelling with a four year old changes the way you need to approach sightseeing. Yuki and the team from JWT were amazing. Yuki made sure the tour took into account our needs, kept checking with us during the tour and made changes that reflected to meet our interests. We saw so much more than we expected we would be able to - plus the personal touches and knowledge meant we learnt more than our previous trips travelling without a child. Our son fell in love with Yuki and still talks fondly of her. On a side note - Yuki tooks us to an restaurant for lunch that we could only dream about going to. With nothing in English - we couldn't of done it without her. Thankyou and we have already passed on the details to friends and family. We hope to be back again soon and do more touring with you. The O'Brien Family.
by Grif (04/16/17)
by Suki (04/13/17)
Japan Wonder Travel really helped me and my wife get around the city. We would have been lost if we didn't have an expert guide who knew the ins and outs of the sprawling metroplex. Yoshika, our guide, was so incredibly fantastic! She knew almost every answer to our questions and was able to tailor our visit to fit in all the things we wanted to do. Our stay was only for a few days and we wanted to maximize our time. The best way we could have done it was with a walking tour, and Yoshika and Japan Wonder Travel delivered in spades!
by Jason Hearne (04/05/17)
by Rolf Hiller (04/03/17)
We would like to thank Yoshika for a wonderful full day walking tour of Japan. My wife and I had a great experience and Yoshiko was only too helpful to accommodate us. We asked lots of questions and she had a very deep knowledge of everything we asked. The tour was not rushed, but a good walking pace. Thank you again Yoshiko for showing us Tokyo. Nick Graham.
by Nick Graham (03/16/17)
So glad to have such a lovely guide help us navigate and appreciate Tokyo. Her knowledge of the foods at the Fish Market and her warm manner were especially commendable. As newer visitors, I would not, frankly, sightsee in Tokyo without a guide from this company.
by PE (02/18/17)
I'm so glad we booked this tour. I thought it to be a little pricey but because we were traveling with 2 young kids, it was worth the money to have someone guide us around everywhere. We were able to see everything we wanted to see and more. She was very patient with our children and knew how to keep them going even though they were tired from all the walking. She gave us special tours and got us free samples...kind of like having backstage passes! We were definitely able to see more than we would have had we navigated Tokyo ourselves.
by Great tour! (02/06/17)
We had the most wonderful day with Yuriko who facilitated our travel around Tokyo to ensure we saw all the places we had asked to see. We were never rushed and she was able to give us lots of information about all of the various locations we visited plus insights into the culture of Japan and its people. She took us to a wonderful restaurant for lunch where we were warmly welcomed. This was one of the best days I've ever experienced whilst travelling and it was largely due to Yuriko's knowledge and warm personality.
by Joy Rodwell (01/22/17)
My husband and I had a great day tour of Tokyo with Tae. She was informative, well-spoken and very personable. We enjoyed our time with Tae!
by Helen H (01/05/17)
We had a wonderful time with Japan Wonder Travel just a few days ago! Our tour guide Tae-san was so accommodating and flexible with the various requests from our party of 16. Not only our group being multi-generational with grandparents in tow, we also had 4 kids under 5 (including a 15 month old) so we weren't an easy party to manage. In the short time we were with Tae, we were able to visit a Catholic chapel (it was one of our member's birthdays), go to Asakusa to see the temple and shop, stop for a leisurely and delicious lunch, go to the Harajuku area and wander around, see the Meiji Shrine and drive by the Shibuya crossing. They were even able to do two drop offs as several in our group wanted to shop at Muji. This being my first time to Tokyo, I learnt so much about Tokyo and Japanese culture as Tae-san explained a lot of things on our bus rides to the various stops. She even taught our kids some Japanese language both orally and how the words were created and put together. We had a wonderful time and I would definitely book another tour with Japan Wonder Travel the next time we are in Japan!!!!
by Wonderful Indeed! (12/31/16)
Excellent Tokyo tour with fantastic guide yuriko!!! Whole family had a super fun day! 5 star guide and tour!!!
by Brad ebner (12/30/16)
Yuki was very professional and gave us a good overview of the sights and history of Tokyo. She was also very patient and extra warm to my rambunctious kids. Thank you Yuki and Japan wonder Travel for the great day tour!
by Sharon (12/15/16)
We had a great day out with our guide, Yuki-San. Yuki-San contacted me promptly after I made my booking to plan our trip itinerary. On the day of our trip, she met us at our hotel lobby and brought us around the Tsukiji fish market and some other places. I have 3 kids and 1 toddler and throughout the whole trip, she cared for my children as if they were her own. I've been to Tsukiji market and other places before but she was able to point out a lot of interesting new facts and sights to us. She also brought us to a lot of food and merchandise stalls that sold tasty snacks and unique souvenirs along the way. Last but not least ,Yuki-San went out of the way to bring us to a restaurant that we had pre-booked before the trip. Although our tour with her had already ended by 4pm, she still kept us company until the restaurant opened at 5.30pm. Yuki-San also taught my kids origami while waiting. As a parting gift, she also presented us with a box of self-made origami paper cranes! I am very, very touched by her sincerity and dedication!! She felt more like a friend than a guide to us. We really hope to see her again when we go back to visit Japan next time.
by Wonderful day, wonderful guide (12/05/16)
I had such a wonderful day with my guide, Tae. Tae was very knowledgable and kind and I highly recommend this tour!
by Loren (11/15/16)