Tokyo FooDrink Tour @Local delicatessen street “Sunamachi”

  • ¥ 9,000
  • 3.5 hours
  • Max 8 Guests


Sunamachi shopping street is a 670 meters long street located at a residential area of East Tokyo. You may think of Tokyo as a modern high tech city with full of busy people. However, here in Sunamachi, time flows slowly and friendly supportive locals are still run their family business. Exploring and seeing the nostalgic atmosphere shops is enjoyable.
For example an Oden hotpot shop sells the steaming hot ingredients at the front and a Yakitori Skewed chicken shop always gives off good smell. Many shops have business over 60 years. Their foods are cooked with family passed down recipe and have supported the neighborhoods’ daily diet.

  • ・Try Japanese homemade dishes such as Tempura, Yakitori skewered chicken and Oden hot pot. The foods are just cooked in the stores' kitchen so as to be warmly served.
  • ・Have a street “Kampai (Cheers in Japanese)” party with a cup of Japanese Sake.
  • ・You are very welcomed by the friendly locals. You would be able to feel being engaged in the community due to talking to them via your guide.
*Mainly Tue. Thu. Fri. Sat.
3hours 30minutes (approx.)
【Departure time】
【Departure point】
South gate of Kinshicho-station(JR)
【Return details】
Kinshicho station(JR))

  • ・Meetup
  • ・Move to Sunamachi Ginza delicatessen street by local bus
  • ・Explore Sunamachi Ginza area and try many kinds of Japanese foods
  • ・Go back to Kinshicho station (JR) by local bus
Kinshicho station(JR,Metro) / Kinshicho station(JR)
Please arrive by 10:45AM @South gate of Kinshicho-station(JR)
for a prompt departure at 11:00 AM.
PRICE (1 person)
9,000 JPY
Approximately 2:30 PM.
1. Tempura
2. Inari Sushi (sushi rice wrapped with sweeten fried soy beans cake)
3. Yakitori
4. Sake
5. Minced cutlet
6. Oden
7. Japanese green tea & sweets

Please Note:
・Food preferences and allergies are needed to be notified in advance. e.g. vegetarian, gluten allergy
・Minimum drinking age is 20 years in Japan. We will prepare alternative drinks for under 20 years old participants.
English guide
Food (menu above)
A bottle of water
Transportation fee (public bus round-trip) from Kinshicho to Sunamachi Ginza
Hotel pick-up
Infant meals
Extra foods and drinks
  • ・This is a group tour
  • ・We will leave at 11:00am sharp, so please make sure to be there on time!
  • ・Please come with comfortable walking shoes as this tour is mainly a walking tour.
  • ・There could be a delay at when tour ends, if you have an appointment or plan right after this tour, please let us know in advance.

    【Pricing & Payment】
  • ・All payment is expected before tour.
  • ・We defined over 12 years old as adult, 4-12 years old as child. Children price is 70% as adults. After booking for adults, we send link to pay for children. under 3 years old are free(w/o food).
  • ・If you would like to do PRIVATE tour, please send inquiry to us.TOTAL PRICE= 12,000 JPY [Basic fee] + 6,000 JPY/person

  • ・若你需要中文導覽的話,請在來信中告訴我們。 中文網站 (If you would like to join Chinese speaking guide tour, please note that when you send inquiry.)

    Customer's Voice (30)

    Hi thanks Yeonmi the tour was great and thank you for your time and experience loved the street food tour great start to my time in Japan the tempora restaurant you pointed out was great the food Hall was worth looking at lots to see and take in thank you so much Andy
    by Andij1066 (02/11/18)
    The Sunamachi Ginza tour was very interesting. Friendly Mr. Kazu-san was most informative. He introduced me to many vendors and explained their shop and product histories. I was quite full after 3.5 hours of sampling all the delicious food and drinks! The neighborhoods are a part of Tokyo not experienced by most visitors, so I highly recommend going on this unique tour.
    by Janna (12/02/17)
    Very interesting and funny tour at a local market, that we would not have visited without this tour (we were the only tourists there), Our guide was fantastic - he introduced us to the market, showed us local specialities and answered kindly all our questions about the local japanese food habits and traditions. We were blessed to have a "private" tour with him and enjoyed it a lot. We highly recommend the tour to everyone who is interested to not only taste local specialities but also learn about their origins and how they are made. We would definitely always book this tour again!
    by Family Perrier (10/13/17)
    Awesome tour with Sammy! We ate what locals ate and explored the alley way of mom & pop shops. Great experience away from the tourist areas. At the end, we ate, drank, laughed, and ate more. An unforgettable experience. Thank you Sammy.
    by James L (10/02/17)
    Excellent walking tour with yuko at sunamachi ginza. Friendly, knowledgeable and kind, what a wonderful guide. The trip was well organized and had great variability of food to experience. A+ tour
    by Salma (08/05/17)
    This was a great tour, we traveled to the long road of various food stalls with long family history, there were so many different types of foods to try and taste. Yuko-san was very knowledgeable explains all types of food for us. I was extreamly full by the time we finished! I will be going back again for sure!
    by Mikea (08/03/17)
    We took the Sunamachi Ginza with Hero - we had a great time, nice selection of Japanese foods and great stories and guidance. We had fun, thank you!
    by RoniRon (07/30/17)
    Thanks, Kumi, for the wonderful experience! We tasted a selection of popular Japanese 'side dishes' and learned a lot about Japanese culinary traditions in a very pleasant way. We would certainly recommend this tour!
    by Martine (07/24/17)
    Yu led us on a great tour through Sunamachi, a street loaded with yummy foods, history, and friendly people. Yu was entertaining and gave informative, interesting info on the street and store owners. He also was able to answer the many questions we had. As tourists in Tokyo, we yearn to visit streets where locals shop...but don't know where to go. The Sunamachi Street tour was exactly what we wanted. Food was delicious, Yu was the best guide! We'll check with your company for more tours when we visit again next year.
    by Hawaii Visitors (06/03/17)
    Thank you Yu...u work hard to give us a great food tour. It was such a treat to meet generations of locals more than one store perfecting their food. The over 20 types of miso was my favorite. Thanks again!!
    by Judy (04/17/17)
    The tour was excellent. Our tour guide Sachimi was wonderful, very knowledgeable and spoke very good English. The food was delicious at every stop and the local shop owners were very friendly. The tour lasted 3 hours and Sachimi also helped us find our way to our next destination at the end of the tour. We would highly recommend anyone to try out this tour, especially at the start of your trip to give you an idea about the local cuisine and what to expect from Tokyo food and drink.
    by James and Lucy Boler (03/31/17)
    Very relaxing food tour with a wide range of well known traditional Japanese foods for tasting. Our guide was Sachimi. She was very informative and made sure we all enjoyed our food experience. Would recommend this tour to anyone travelling to Japan.
    by Emma (03/27/17)
    If you want a local's perspective on local food and market culture, you can't go wrong with this. We showed up on the morning and were greeted by 3 guides to babysit us and one other couple - this made interacting and getting local insights super easy as there was always someone around to ask questions. All in all, Yuko, Jung and Thai did an amazing job in guiding us around and made the morning fly by (in the most positive sense). It was an awesome experience and me and my wife can't express our thanks enough to the team - more so even than the insights, we fell utterly in love with them and their authentic and genuine interest and passion in all things local. Highly recommended!
    by Ferdi (03/25/17)
    We had a wonderful time! Yuko and team were extremely knowledgeable, accommodating, warm, friendly, and took us for some delicious food. Five stars and two thumbs up!
    by Michelle (03/25/17)
    This tour was great! Our tour was very organized and also a superb insight to real Japan. Our tour guide was very intelligent and had impressive knowledge of the history, people and specialty products that were in this unique market. Wonderful culture and learning experience unlike anything we saw in Tokyo. Delicious food made fresh and the people were so kind and warm hearted. My family had so much fun!
    by Excellent! A Japan must-see!! (03/22/17)
    I thoroughly enjoyed my tour with Yukiko. She's a wonderful guide: very knowledgeable, kind and great company. It was very special to walk Sunamachi street with her to meet locals and try their foods. Everything was delicious, and I learned a lot about Japanese culture. A very special day which I highly recommend!
    by Fantastic tour with Yukiko! (02/21/17)
    Noriko was an informative guide and a very pleasant companion. I recommend this tour to anyone new to Japan and looking to see how many of the locals live and shop. Noriko met me promptly at the meeting place, whisked me off on the bus to Sunamachi Ginza and provided much information on typical Japanese meals and how busy householders utilise all the products of the stalls to save time when preparing meals for their family. I enjoyed sampling the products of the stalls and the sake we shared with our yakitori. Many thanks for a memorable day
    by Francine from Sydney Australia (11/29/16)
    Had a great day out in Tokyo's delicatessen street. Thanks very much Kumi for your kind guidance.
    by Harri & Jarmo (11/15/16)
    Tae , did an excellent job , she had a very good , english , and here knowledge level was more than expected from a tour guide. She had a very warm and friendly approach to her customer , which mad us feel very wellcomed at all the stops we made tasting the different foods.
    by TAE (11/13/16)
    We enjoyed our tour with Nori very much. Without this tour we would never have made it to Sunamachi Ginza as tourists who do not speak Japanese. We were very thankful to get a glimpse into the lives of real Japanese as they went about their business in this lively area. The food was 'oishii' (delicious) as well. Thank you Nori and thank you Japan Wonder Travel!
    by Steve and Alane (11/04/16)
    The area was a very good place to try different street and traditional foods of different areas of Japan. Our guide was very gracious and patient to explain and answer our questions.
    by Food and drink tour of Sunamachi ginza (11/04/16)
    Had such an excellent tour with Kumi. We had a great time and tried lots of delicious food. Thank you for a great day Kumi, would definitely recommend to anyone coming to visit Japan :)
    by Mel + Daniel (11/03/16)
    What a great tour. We were a bit late finding the meeting place but Kumi & Tae waited at the meeting place until we arrived. After a quick introduction from Kumi & Tae, we were on a local transit to the Sunamachi Ginza area for our food tour. We sampled so many types of food during the next few hours that we were stuffed at the end of the tour. All the vendors were so friendly. It was great talking to the vendors with Kumi & Tae as our translators. During the food tour we even visited a shrine. The tour is at a leisurely pace. Just wear comfortable footwear. Thanks so much to Kumi & Tae for such a wonderful tour. This was definitely one of the most memorable parts of our trip to Japan.
    by Calvin (10/23/16)
    The guide was very good and picked out interesting and wonderful food along the street we walked, we also tried sake and visited a local grocery store and a tea shop. I've been to Tokyo two times and i would say this is a must do.
    by Highly recommended! (10/02/16)
    Exceptional tour and tour guide. Enjoyed all the sights, sounds, smells and shopping. We would highly recommend this tour.
    by Linda F (09/28/16)