Tokyo Local Street Food and Drink Tour @Sunamachi

  • ¥ 9,500
  • 3.5 hours
  • Max 8 Guests
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Sunamachi shopping street is a 670 meters long street and there are about 180 different stores located in a residential area of East Tokyo. You may think of Tokyo as a modern high-tech city with full of busy people, however, here in Sunamachi, that is opposite. Time flows slowly and friendly supportive locals still run their family businesses. You can enjoy the nostalgic local atmosphere by walking through the street.

Meet up with your friendly local guide at Kinshicho Station and take a bus to Sunamachi Ginza area. Get ready to soak up the local culture and be sure to get hungry before the tour! Taste some foods which are made with passed down family recipes. Try Tempura which is lightly battered fried seafood or vegetable, Inari Sushi which is Sushi rice wrapped with sweeten fried tofu, Yakitori which is grilled chicken skewers, Oden hot pot and Japanese Sake and so on. For the desert, have some Japanese tea and sweets. Listen to the histories and stories behind each stores at Sunamachi Ginza that your guide tells you during the tour and find your favorite Japanese authentic food.

If you want to know how locals live in actual way, Japan Wonder Travel will offer you the best food tour!

Safety Guidance
Before The Tour
①Check the body temperature, and be sure it is lower than 37.5℃(99.5℉)
During The Tour
②Keep the Social Distance from each other *as much as possible
③Bring a portable sanitizer *recommended
④Wear the mask
⑤Wash and Sanitize your hand frequently

  ①   ②  ③

Please check the details before joining the tour.
The Safety Guidance for COVID-19
  • ・Try homemade dishes such as Tempura, Yakitori skewers, and Oden hot pot.
  • ・Enjoy the freshly cooked foods in the stores' kitchen and served hot.
  • ・Have a street “Kampai" (Japanese Cheers) party with a cup of Japanese Sake.
  • ・You are welcomed by the friendly locals. You will feel a part of the community by
      talking to locals with the help of your guide.
 11:00 am – 2:30 pm (Approx. 3 hours 30 minutes)
 *Mainly (Tue. Thu. Fri. Sat.)

  • – 11:00 am Meetup at the South gate of Kinshicho-Station (JR).
  • – Move to Sunamachi Ginza Delicatessen Street by the local bus.
  • – Explore Sunamachi Ginza area and try many kinds of Japanese foods
  • – Return to Kinshicho-Station (JR) by the local bus.
Kinshicho-Station (JR, Metro) / Kinshicho-Station (JR)
For a prompt departure at 11:00 AM.
Please arrive by 10:45 AM at the South gate of Kinshicho-Station (JR)
MAP : Sunamachi-map.pdf
1 guest 2 guests 3 guests 4 guests 5 guests 6 guests
Group 9,500JPY 19,000JPY 28,500JPY 38,000JPY 47,500JPY 57,000JPY
Private 22,000JPY 29,000JPY 36,000JPY 43,000JPY 50,000JPY 57,000JPY

*If you want to do this tour privately,please let us know,we will make a payment link for you.
Approximately 2:30 PM
1. Tempura
2. Inari Sushi (Sushi rice wrapped with sweeten fried soy beans cake)
3. Yakitori
4. Sake
5. Minced cutlet
6. Oden
7. Japanese green tea & sweets

Please Note:
・If you have any food restrictions or allergies, please tell us at least one day prior to the tour date.(Until 17:00JST) Otherwise, we cannot change the menu for you.
・The minimum drinking age is 20 years old in Japan.
 – (We will prepare alternative drinks for participants under the age.)
・English Guide
・Food (Menu Above)
・Transportation Fee (Public Bus Round-trip) from Kinshicho to Sunamachi Ginza
・Hotel Pick-up
・Infant meals
・Extra foods and drinks
  • ・This is a group tour.
  • ・We will leave at 11:00 am sharp, so please make sure to be there on time!
  • ・There could be a delay at when the tour ends, if you have an appointment or plan
       right after this tour, please let us know in advance.

    【Pricing & Payment】
  • ・All payments must be made in full before the tour.
  • ・We define a participant over the age of 12 years old as an adult.
    ・Children between the ages of 4 – 12 years old are considered a child.
     – (A child's price is 70% of an adult's price)
    ・Children under 3 years old are free (w/o Food).
  • ・If you would like to do a PRIVATE tour, please send an inquiry to us.
     – (TOTAL PRICE = 15,000 JPY [Basic fee] + 7,000 JPY/person)

    【Other Notes】
  • ・若你需要中文導覽的話,請在來信中告訴我們。 中文網站
    (If you would like to join the Chinese speaking guide tour, please note it in your inquiry.)

    Tokyo Street Food Tour


    Customer's Voice (60)

    We had a wonderful trip to Japan in September 2019. One of the highlights was a food tour with Sachimi from Japan Wonder Travel. She had a very good knowledge of the special neighbourhood and she could answer all our many questions anbout food, culture and Japan in general. She was very nice company and we can warmly recommend her as a guide.
    by Mynster (12/03/19)
    We had a good time with our very nice guide. Lots of food and well organized.
    by 25 anniversary (11/19/19)
    Our food tour with Yuko was terrific! She is an excellent guide, and the food samples were all top quality. We appreciated meeting local food professionals who obviously took great pride in their products. We always try to schedule a food tour early in our travels. Japan Wonder Travel has always been excellent, and Yuko was outstanding.
    by SFbySail (11/13/19)
    Excellent tour Really local with a lovely relaxed feeling Our guide was fantastic and seemed to know everyone. Local food cooked for locals and eaten by locals Felt very relaxed not at all rushed One of the highlights of the trip which was full of highlights
    by johngregan (11/08/19)
    The tour with our guide Tomo was well worth it. Tomo was well prepared and organized. She was knowledgeable, listened and showed us hidden gems off the beaten path. We enjoyed the experience thoroughly and highly recommend it.
    by Rolf E (11/01/19)
    My family loved this food walking tour of Sunamachi Ginza. Tak is an excellent guide, very knowledgeable. The food is fantastic and it was great to have someone to guide us along the way and encourage us to try things we might not have been brave enough to try on our own. It was great to get away from the touristy areas and get more of a feel for day to day life in Japan. Tak is a fantastic guide, very warm and friendly, and we loved spending time with him.
    by MrT (10/07/19)
    Great food tour and wonderful guide! We booked this for the end of august (thursday) and apparently we were the only ones, cause we got a private tour by our guide Yukio. He was absolutely great! Spoke English well, was very nice and very knowledgeable. It was absolutely great to have a local show you around a place like this, and tell you about the food and to tell you what to taste. We tasted a lot of different food, and much of it we probably wouldn't have ordered ourselves, but it was all very good. Overall a great must-do experience with a perfect guide! Would recommend this to everyone!
    by Jonathan (09/07/19)
    We had a brilliant street food tour during our trip to Japan in July 2019. We tried food that we would never have tried on our own. We also met some very nice people and experienced a warm welcome everywhere we stopped by. Some of the best food we tried on the day were the gyoza, chicken yakitori and tempura. Our guide was excellent and made the tour very lively with a lot of explanations, background stories, introductions to people, etc. One of our fondest memories from our 3 week stay in Japan. Highly recommended.
    by Stéphane (08/01/19)
    Most delicious and funny tour with the best guide that you could ever have. We thank you a lot for this fantastic opportunity to taste the best of Japan street food. It’s so good we will never forget and we will tell all our family and friends. Best regards Simone-San and Tascha-San
    by Simone-San (07/24/19)
    It was super! Don’t eat anything for breakfast. You’ll need your appitite! Super sweet guide!
    by AnnetteLT (07/05/19)
    by Roman (06/28/19)
    This tour was great! Our guide (Eri) was so knowledgeable and kind. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone traveling to Tokyo who wants an authentic experience. We were the only tourists on the entire street and everyone was very friendly- this might have been because our infant daughter was smiling at everyone. Eri went out of her way to help us find diapers and make the experience enjoyable for two families with small children and strollers. 100% would recommend this tour to anyone and highly consider doing it again if coming back to Japan.
    by Amanda (06/27/19)
    Loved this food and drink tour on Sunamachi Ginza street run by local family businesses. Lovely tour guide Sachimi was very knowledgeable, informative and friendly. The food was delicious (Oishi) and plentiful. Would highly recommend this experience. Marilyn and Andy F from Brisbane Australia
    by Andy F (04/14/19)
    Everything about this tour was excellent. Yoko, our guide, was the most elegant, loveliest, full of information lady we could hope for. The food was amazing, I can't describe it, you should just do the tour and eat it all.
    by Helen (04/07/19)
    by Jas (03/29/19)
    Our Tokyo FooDrink Tour was excellent. Our guide, Eri, was so full of life that she made the tour full of fun. She also had a command of English. We strongly recommend the tour for tourists visiting Tokyo.
    by Houdini-san (03/20/19)
    The Sunamachi tour exceeded my expectation as it is not just food and drink. The friendly and pretty tour guide helped me to understand more about the Japanese culture which I found fascinating. Normally I do not eat street food because I worry that they could be made from leftovers. However, I changed my mind when I saw most of the street food are freshly made in front of you when you placed the orders. Tempura and the red bean paste “fish” are must eat as you can sit down and enjoy the food with hot tea. There are more than 60 shops along the two sides of the street selling miso, tea, seaweed, strawberry..... at very reasonable price. There are two 100 yen stores and my backpack was full after the 3.5-hour trip!
    by Clara (03/01/19)
    導遊非常親切友善 食物很美味,即使是長輩和小孩也能參與
    by Fantastic (11/16/18)
    The tour was excellent,Yoko was an fantastic guide. She is very informative and accommodating, the food delicious and way to much. I recommend the tour.
    by NYC Lady (10/18/18)
    Excellent tour guides and tour. Yoko, our guide, was so informative and talked with us about many other Japanese customs and traditions.
    by Laura (10/10/18)
    We did the Tokyo FooDrink Tour and it was one of the things I enjoyed the most in Tokyo. We tasted a great selection of different foods and they were all delicious. Eri, our tour guide, was very kind and had lots of information to share with us. Discovering Tokyo Street Food is a must!
    by Julieta (09/23/18)
    We enjoyed our tour of the Sunamachi Ginza with Sachimi very much! Even though we have already spent some time in Tokyo, we still learned a lot about the history, shopping and different foods. And we ate so much! We enjoyed being off the beaten path and saw very few other tourists. Sachimi was an excellent guide who was able to adapt to our interests and needs easily, and who shared a wealth of knowledge. We recommend Sachimi and Japan Wonder Travel's Sunamachi Ginza tour to anyone visiting Tokyo.
    by Kitt (06/04/18)
    Sunamachi FooDrink Tour is a great way to try out Japanese street food. Our guide Yuko made us feel right at ease. We went into numerous shops & enjoyed talking to the owners. It was fun to walk among the locals as they lined up at their favorite shops. Yuko exposed us to a wide variety of food.
    by Love to Travel (06/03/18)
    Thank you Yeonmi for an awesome food tour. We thoroughly enjoyed the food and had a great time. It was great trying all of different foods and learning about the local culture.
    by Debbie Blaine & Jake (05/25/18)
    Such a good tour. Wonderful tour guide and an overall unforgettable experience.
    by Jack (05/17/18)