Tokyo 1–Day Highlights Private Walking Tour (8 Hours)

  • ¥ 40,000
  • 8 hours
  • Max 6 Guests
  • 487 people already enjoyed this experience


First, we will meet you at your hotel, then take you to the Tsukiji Fish Market and let you enjoy the atmosphere of the world’s biggest fish market. After that, we will take you to Asakusa. We will visit the most famous temple in Tokyo, Sensoji, then we will go walking around one of the most traditional towns in Tokyo. After enjoying the delicious lunch in Asakusa, we will move to the Harajuku area. There you will get to witness the extreme contrast between the older calm religious Meiji Shrine to the modern busy pop culture-filled Takeshita Street. Lastly, we will take you to Shibuya, one of the craziest places in the whole world, where you will get to experience and enjoy the one and only famous scramble crossing!!

• Visit many important sightseeing spots in Tokyo in one day!
• FEEL the exciting atmosphere at the world’s biggest fish market, TSUKIJI
• LEARN the Japanese history and culture at Asakusa and Meiji Shrine
• ENJOY the Japanese modern scene at Takeshita Street and Shibuya

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (8 hours)
*Mainly Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat. Sun.
*When the Tsukij Fish Market is closed (Mainly Wed. Sun.), we will replace Tsukiji
  with another spot. (Imperial Palace etc.)

9:00 am meet at your hotel
- Tsukiji Fish Market
- Asakusa
- Meiji Shrine & Harajuku
- Shibuya Scramble Crossing
5:00 pm finish at Shibuya

*We could customize your itinerary based on your request.
*When the Tsukij Fish Market is closed (Mainly Wed. Sun.), we will replace Tsukiji
  with another spot. (Imperial Palace etc.)
40,000 yen/Group
*1 – 6 people : 40,000 yen
*7 + people : 45,000 yen
Approximately 5:00 PM
English Guide

・Transportation Fees (You and our Guide)
・Entrance Fees (You & our Guide)
・Lunch (You & our Guide)
・Other Private Expenses
  • 【General】
  • ・This tour contains a lot of walking.
    ・(So we recommend you to join with comfortable walking shoes.)
    ・We could change itinerary based on your request.

  • 【Pricing & Payment】
  • ・All payment is expected before the tour.

  • 【Wheelchair Accessible Option】
  • ・If you are with a wheelchair, please book from here.
    – LINK : Tokyo One Day Wheelchair Accessible-Highlights Tour

The Tsukiji Fish Market

The Asakusa Area

The Meiji Shrine


Customer's Voice (89)

Our tour with Eri was fantastic. We really enjoyed seeing Tokyo with her and learning many new things about Japan. Our boys especially especially enjoyed the tour. We would definitely go on the tour with Eri again. She has such a pleasant personality. Thank you very much.
by Hai (08/01/19)
We had a wonderful time. our guide was awesome. she was very knowledgeable and seemed like she was always one step ahead of us for what we wanted to do next. We would recommend Japan Wonder Travel to anyone.
by Mike (07/24/19)
We had such a great time. Our Tokyo guide was very attentive to our desires and interests and worked everything that we wanted to do into 4 very full days. We then took a day trip to Kyoto and our guide there was as equally wonderful. We were very impressed with every aspect of this experience. We would recommend this to anyone wanting to explore and learn about the region and country.
by DOGfamily (07/17/19)
We had an incredible private tour with Yeonmi! She ensured that everyone in our party was able to enjoy Tokyo - which she was very knowledgeable about including history and culture. She accommodated changes and requests we made, and knew the best places to eat and shop! We’ve already recommended this tour to other family members and friends planning to visit. Thank you so much Yeonmi and Japan WonderTravel for making our vacation a truly memorable experience!!!
by Family w/Seniors & Children (06/12/19)
We had a wonderful day with Asaka - exploring Japan’s highlights. Asaka, our guide for the 8 hot walking tour, was extremely responsive and attentive to our personal interests. She shared lots of interesting insights and delighted helping us attempting to learn the local language. The stroll through beautiful and interesting Tokyo was coupled with the fun of mastering the Metro. Excellent to deal with prior to arriving in Japan and communicated clearly and regularly. Highly recommend.
by Neilrachdavis (05/07/19)
Excellent, knowledgeable guide. Would definitely recommend!!
by Susan and family (04/22/19)
by Hanne sofie (04/10/19)
by TingBaoBai (04/09/19)
It is our pleasure to give this trip an Excellent rating. Not only we have managed to see all we wanted, not only that we managed to see it skipping the crowds somehow, but we also learned a lot about the history and culture of this great city. Our guide Tae was very knowledgeable and she made the trip to fit our needs and especially the way we enjoyed a city. We definitely recommend it
by Miro (04/08/19)
We had a wonderful day in Tokyo! Our schedule was personalized so we could see the things we wanted. Highly recommend this tour!
by Dle (04/02/19)
Our full day tour with Tomo exploring Tokyo was magnificent. She gave us the locals view and took us to many different areas with in Tokyo to explore new neighborhoods. She shared with us some of her favorite places such as a wonderful view of Shibuya crossing with drone like perpective. The kids loved shopping for 'squishy', eating ice cream in the shape of pigs, and the hot chocolate with their photos on top. We were lucky enough to see the cherry blossoms and enjoyed exploring the Imperial Palace and learning more about Japanese culture and religion. Thank you Tomo for sharing this very vibrant city with us.
by Rachel San (04/02/19)
by Henrik Kaufmann (04/01/19)
by Torben (04/01/19)
We had a really nice day in Tokyo with our excellent guide Yoko hosting us. You get so much more out of your day´spending it with a local person, who can give you lots of information that you would other wise never receive. Thank you very much Yoko!
by Hannu (02/27/19)
Masae was a wonderful tour guide. She met us at our hotel and spent the entire day with us. Having her as a guide let us navigate the Tokyo tube system and get around without a hitch. We saw so many things! It was a really wonderful way to explore Tokyo with a local person and learn about the culture and history of the places we saw.
by Lex (01/25/19)
Thank you Japan Wonder Travel for an amazing tour of Tokyo. Yuki was a fabulous tour guide and did a wonderful job managing our group of 11 (including 6 teenagers). The lunch venue organised by Yuki was perfect as was the coffee stop! It was brilliant that Yuki met us at our Tokyo accommodation as we had only arrived the night before so it made it really easy with Yuki coming to us and then guiding us around the public transport system. There is no way we would have seen so much in our first day without Yuki.
by Kiwis in Japan (01/24/19)
My family had a great tour with Yuriko as our guide. Yuriko was fabulous!! She took us through the Tsukiji outermarket, Asakusa area (Sensoji temple, Asakusa shinto shrine and Nakamise shopping street),then Meiji shinto shrine and Takeshita street. This is one of the best tours my family has been on and it's all because of Yuriko. She explained all the different types of fish and foods at Tsukiji market and we tried so many delicious new foods. At Sensoji temple and Meiji shrine, Yuriko shared with us the history of these important sites and answered all our questions. Finally, at Takeshita Street, Yuriko shared with us all the unique shops and some very interesting stories about the shops and their patrons. I highly recommend this tour to anyone visiting Tokyo and if you're lucky, you'll get Yuriko as your tour guide. She's the best!!
by Esther (01/09/19)
We had a wonderful first full day in Tokyo on our private walking tour! We were able to see many sights on our "Must See" list despite a busy Sunday and two small children (ages 5 and 9). Our guide, Mami was kind, patient, informative and fun! She helped us with all our our sightseeing goals, took us to an authentic local sushi lunch, helped us find a much needed (and delicious) coffee, and even stayed later to help us make our train arrangements for the next day. She was very sensitive to the needs of the kids throughout the tour and helped us balance a busy day with some nice time to stop and enjoy the sights. We would absolutely recommend Japan Wonder Tours!
by Christina (11/06/18)
My wife and I were given a tour of Tokyo by the fabulous Noriko - and we had an absolute blast! Not only was the tour informative and well thought-out, Noriko is a most excellent tour guide. She is knowledgable about the locations we visited and Japanese culture overall, her proficiency with English is impressive, and she is a warm and thoughtful person. I would recommend Japan Wonder Travel to anyone who is visiting Japan and would like the benefit of a well informed and pleasant companion. Sugoi! Dash
by Dashman (11/03/18)
Best traveling experience ever! Travel companions were just like family.
by Yojimbo5 (10/24/18)
We did this tour on our first full day in Tokyo and I cannot recommend it enough as the perfect introduction to the city. We could not have asked for a better guide than Yuriko and it very quickly felt like we were with a good friend rather than someone we had just met. Her knowledge of Tokyo is second to none but most of all she is a really lovely person. We went to the Fish market and tried many different foods (the best being the freshest and tastiest sushi possible) and saw gigantic fresh tuna, then to Asakusa, the Meiji Shinto shrine, Omotesando and finished in Harajuku. We could never have managed to navigate our way round so many parts of the city in one day on our own. This gave us the confidence to do our own "mini tour" on day 2 by which time we were able to use the metro like pros. Excellent tour and guide - highly recommend.
by Susan (10/16/18)
We had an excellent day in Tokyo with our wonderful guide Yeonmi. She met us at the cruise terminal in Yokohama and navigated the trains and subways as we traveled with ease -- and one of us is in a wheelchair! We visited the Higashi Gyoen gardens near the Imperial Palace, traveled to Asakusa to see the town and market and the magnificent Sensoji Temple, and had a terrific lunch nearby. In the afternoon it was on the Meiji Shrine, which was so beautiful and serene, a walk through a modern neighborhood with lots of interesting shops, and several scramble crossings in Shibuya. We had an outstanding sushi and sashimi dinner and then took the train back to the pier in Yokohama. It was a packed day and thanks to Yeonmi we learned a lot about Tokyo's history and traditions. I highly recommend this tour for anyone trying to see the best of Tokyo in just one day. And remember, this tour was all accessible to a wheelchair user! Magnificent!
by Susan (10/11/18)
We had great two days with Yuriko in Tokyo. to be honest is is almso imposible to see the whole Tokyo in 2 days, but we learned soo much from our guide! We had one day for east Tokyo and one day for west Tokyo. At the end of the tour I really fell in love with Tokyo and Japan. Yuriko is a great guide, she knows so much about Tokyo, she told us a lot about Japanese traditions and customs, showed us around the city, helped navigate the subway system. We were espcially delighted to see the fish market, it was very impressive.
by paveld (09/18/18)
We had a wonderful experience with our private walking tour. We had an excellent tour guide that not only showed us the places, but also thought as about the history and the culture. She was really helpful, polite and kind. She spoke english very well and made us feel at ease. My family and I will highly recommend having a private walking tour and to use Yoshie as your tour guide.
by Ron (08/27/18)
My Japan Wonder Travel experience was fabulous from start to finish! All communications and responses to my inquiries were timely and helpful. Most important of all, my tour guide Tae, was superb! Knowledgeable, warm, flexible, and responsive, she gave me a full day walking tour of Tokyo that could not have been better. By the end of the day, despite the fact that Tokyo is so big, I felt as though I had a real sense of the city. Tae filled me with interesting information and could answer any question. We walked through many different neighborhoods, I was introduced to the subway, and we had a marvelous lunch at a Ramen place I never would have found on my own. She quickly got the sense of what interested me, and geared the tour to these types of things. Her knowledge is wide ranging, but she was never pedantic or boring. To the contrary, we had fun the entire day while I kearned about the city. Booking this tour was the best decision I made!
by Lisa (08/25/18)