Tokyo Private Tour [Customized] (7 Hours)

  • ¥ 35,000
  • 7 hours
  • On your request Guests
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Explore the sights of Tokyo on a 4-10-hours Tokyo private custom tour with a professional knowledgeable guide. Customize your itinerary according to your interests and schedules and you will enjoy the most memorable time in Tokyo. We will help you to design your experience based on your interests, such as food, culture, history, art, garden, shopping or something specific. Just choose the length of your tour and tell us what you would like to see. If you want to travel in comfort, we will arrange your own car and driver.

4 hours   25,000 JPY
7 hours   35,000 JPY
10 hours   45,000 JPY
*If your group has more than 4 people, please ask us.
4 hours   21,600 JPY
7 hours   46,440 JPY
10 hours   Please ask.

4 hours   25,920 JPY
7 hours   48,600 JPY
10 hours   Please ask.
Sample Itinerary
Tokyo 4 Hour HIGHLIGHT Private Tour
Tokyo Half Day West Tokyo Private Tour
Tokyo 1 Day Highlights Private Tour
Total Tokyo Experience -10hours Private tour
・Hotel Pickup
・Your own private guide (and driver as requested)
・Highly personalized itinerary planning
Transportation fees (you & your guide)
Entrance fees (you & your guide)
Lunch (you & your guide)
Other expense
  • ・If you want to travel in comfort, we can arrange your own car and driver.
  • ・All payment is expected before the tour.


Customer's Voice (197)

Despite monsoon downpours of rain and snow to finish the day Mami was a terrific host and guide on our day in Tokyo we discussed my obsession w/ fish and she made the Tsukiji market A customized experience complete w/ sushi breakfast despite the weather we made on the fly adjustments to our original schedule To work w/ the weather we had and moved thru two major areas of the city we were lucky enough to see a private wedding at the Meiji Shrine in the snow and Mami added to our understanding there We ended the day in an owl cafe and with specifics for subway to return to our hotel confidently Mami was key all day in helping us understand Tokyo’s extensive subway system and how to use it later great first day in Tokyo despite the weather working against us Thank you Mami
by Bradley J (03/17/20)
With the help of our knowledgeable (local) tour guide, Asaka, we were able to have some of the best food Tokyo can offer! In Tsukiji Fish Market, we tried the following: Mochi, Sushi (best tuna quality ever!), Japanese Omelet (very fluffy), White Strawberry, Sea Urchin Bun (charcoal infused bun with an uni cream and of course, sea urchin), Grilled Tuna (my personal fave!). We loved our experience with this private walking tour as it steers away from tourist traps and give you everything authentic — it also knocks out a lot of must-see places. Asaka was friendly and flexible. She also knows where to go for lunch according to your preference. ^^, Here are the places that we were able to visit and appreciate fully: Tsukiji Market, Hamarikyu, Asakusa, and Akihabara. I highly recommend this this tour! Arigato, Asaka! You are the best! -Kes&Mark
by Kessytron (01/21/20)
excellent and very friendly
by Tomo (01/11/20)
Our guide Kazu lead my family through an excellent tour of Tokyo. Beyond providing local insight to the places he showed us, Kazu also gave my family valuable tips on how to make the best use of the rest of our limited time in the city after the conclusion of the tour, and went above and beyond during the tour by continuing past the allotted 7 hours to make sure we saw everything on the itinerary and more.
by Alex (01/11/20)
Tak was our excellent guide around Tokyo, and we had a great time visiting different placer around the city. Tak was very nice person to chat about different aspects of the city, the way of life, and he was vert flexible accommodating our requests. We had a wonderful time !!!
by Pablo (01/07/20)
Nao was great!!! Knowledgeable, patient and kind. The tour was really well structured. Kudos for Naoko, I only have good things to say. Once again thank you so much.
by QP Fam (12/30/19)
The Japan Wonder Travel Tokyo Private Custom Walking tour with local friendly guide, Chihiro, was an excellent experience and well worth the expense. Chihiro was extremely knowledgeable of the culture and surrounding areas - she was totally brilliant and a truly caring and fine lady. She connected very nicely with my wife and helped us take many pictures ... some of the more colorful vending machines are shown here. We visited a very crowded Fish Market and sampled food and Saki - awesome! We then visited the Senso-ji temple and then went to lunch at Sunida Park and then off to the Meiji Jingu shrine ... all the time taking the subway system to travel - an awesome experience in itself! Chi, short for Chihiro, was a master at transportation and getting us to the right place on a very involved subway system. I would highly recommend this tour, most especially with Chihiro, to anyone visiting Tokyo. We now know the Japanese & Tokyo culture a little bit more and are totally set for the next trip to learn and enjoy more - five stars and highly recommended! Kevin C
by KevinC (12/29/19)
We had an amazing day with our guide, Yuriko. This was our first trip to Tokyo and she was so informative and knowledgeable about the city. She also helped us learn the subway system and we now feel confident getting around by ourselves. We highly recommend her and Japan Wonder Travel!
by NancyT (12/25/19)
Our walking tour with Sachimi was excellent. Despite the rainy conditions, we were able to see the outdoor/indoor fish market, grounds of Imperial Palace, have a nice traditional lunch and see the Meiji Shrine and gardens. Sachimi was very gracious, knowledgeable and professional. We would not hesitate in recommending this tour to others. Thank you.
by Laura Burbidge (12/11/19)
Great tour. We got to see 4-5 places in a private tour and got educated with each places. Our tour guide- Asaka was excellent host. Oh she is a great photographer as well. High recommend doing this if you are limited of time and want to see highlights of Tokyo. Asaka also taught us on riding the train system.
by Rolly Tamayo (12/09/19)
We had a wonderful time with Yeonmi as our guide. She was great with my kids and tailor to our needs to balance between traditional landmarks and kids friendly activities. This is a highlight of our Japan trip.
by Jamie (12/05/19)
Yeonmi was a delight as my guide for the day. So generous with her knowledge and patient in answering my questions that in the short time I was with her I learnt so much about Japanese culture. Yeonmi I will always remember the buckwheat noodles and will enjoy slurping them up just like you showed me! Frances Hollis New Zealand
by Frances (12/03/19)
My wife and I spent a day on a private tour of Tokyo with Yeonmi. We had an INCREDIBLE day! Yeonmi was engaging, humorous and very informative. We got to see many sights, learned much about Japanese culture and even learned how to navigate Tokyo train station :-) Yeonmi - thanks for a wonderful day!
by Steve (12/03/19)
Yeonmi was our tour guide. She met us in the hotel lobby and started introductions and a recap of what we were expecting to see and if we had any changes. Then we were off to the tsukiji fish market. we booked this tour for day 1 of our trip and it was the best idea. Yeonmi helped us navigate the train stations and gave us an in depth discussion of the fish market. We browsed the outer fish market and sampled teas, matcha cakes, matzah chocolate, soups, and we were able to make purchases. We then took the train to asakusa to the sensoji temple. I had wanted to buy a nice fan, and Yeonmi took us to a side vendor on the way to the temple. She was patient and accommodated our (mostly shopping) requests. We had a delicious lunch, she gave us 3 different restaurant options. We chose a place with rice bowls and shrimp tempura, yakitori and soba noodles. Then we were off to shibuya for the crossing and Hachiko statue, and meiji shrine. We saw a wedding party at the shrine as well!! We ran out of time, but Yeonmi was willing to take us over to Harajuku. We declined as our toes were tired. I highly recommend this tour!
by K-Lo (12/02/19)
Yeonmi is a very pleasant person who is knowledgeable about the area she showed us. Her English is good and she was able to explain the details of the sights we visited. She understood what we wanted and was willing to adjust the walk to suit our objectives. After a pleasant lunch in a restaurant she chose (and it was a good choice) we enjoyed Akibahara and Ginza. At the end she was helpful in explaining some of the intricacies of the Tokyo rail system and help us understand better how to get around on our own. All in all, we can recommend her to JTB and as a guide for Tokyo sightseeing.
by Henk Vanderhorst (12/01/19)
Sachimi was a fantastic tour guide! We met her on our first day in Japan and she was so helpful. She gave us honest recommendations, she knew Tokyo and the areas we wanted to see, and she also had a lot of knowledge (history, fun facts) of the places we visited. We had never visited Japan. Having Sachimi was so valuable to us because we learned the customs of the country and how to respectfully communicate with others. Not knowing the culture or the language makes it daunting to explore and be yourself. Having her guidance and caring company throughout the day gave us a lot of confidence to do it on our own for the next days of our trip. Thank you so much for Sachimi! She is a very kind soul and wonderful person. I highly recommend booking her for your tour. - Grant & Abby, Minneapolis, MN
by Grant & Abby (11/27/19)
I booked this tour for my family (3 of us) on the first day of visit to Tokyo and I can happily say I wasn't disappointed. Our guide, Sachimi-san contacted us before arrival to understand what we were interested in and tailored the tour accordingly. She is very knowledgable of Japan's history and traditions and was extremely accommodating of all our requests. It was a fantastic introduction to this wonderful city and a great start to our holiday.
by Nbiswas (11/25/19)
This was our first time visiting Tokyo, so we knew we wanted to get familiar with the city on our first day. Luckily we found Sachimi at Japan Wonder Travel. We hired her for the 7-hour private walking tour and this was one of our best decisions. This was an amazing walking tour which made our trip extra special. Sachimi is very professional and contacted us before arriving to provide a suggested itinerary. We had also done some homework ourselves so there were a few places off the beaten path we wanted to see too. Thus, we collaborated with Sachimi and came up with an awesome 7-hour custom tour which covered both her recommendations and our wish list. She arrived at our hotel on time and had one of the nicest personalities. From the beginning she provide helpful history of the city and had an informative notebook with all kinds of wonderful details. We had a great day with Sachimi and highly recommend her! Definitely request her if she is available. We were able to leverage her insight during our remaining 10 days while in Japan.
by Chicago-60653 (11/25/19)
My colleagues and I had a day to kill in Tokyo after some meetings, and signed up or this tour to be able to take in as much Tokyo as we could before we flew out. The tour turned out to be fantastic! Our guide was Kazu, and he was perfect for our tour. We had emailed back and forth before the tour so that he had a general sense of what we wanted to see, and when we met him in the morning we spent the first 15 mins finalizing the details and reviewing the plan with the group. He was amazingly helpful to help us get the most out of day. He helped us with much of what should have been simple things, but can be complex for visitors from another country. Things like understanding the subway, basic etiquette (some of which was quite surprising to us), types of food to order (and avoid), etc. The first hour with him saved us multiple hours of frustration that we would have felt if we had ventured out on our own. We hit several of the main sites (leaving some for next time), and got some fascinating history along the way. This tour was exactly what we were looking for. Seeing a ton of Tokyo, learning a little about the history and culture, without being rushed around. For anyone wondering whether the car service is worth it, my vote is that it is not. The public transit system is great in Japan and goes nearly everywhere, so I wouldn't recommend the extra money for the car service if you are debating.
by RandomTraveler (11/24/19)
Our private tour with was the best investment we made for our travels in Tokyo, Japan! We booked ahead several months and were happy with the communication with our guide before we left on our travels. Japan Wonder Travel’s tour guide, Yoko was a delightful and fun person with knowledge of history, customs and interesting stories. We throughly enjoyed the tour that she organized to our interests. We made the decision to do this tour on our first full day in Tokyo. We are so glad we did, for Yoko also became our teacher of how to use the metro system which gave us courage to go out on our own in the days to follow. Highly recommend this tour company to all!
by Suzanne Gwynn (11/23/19)
This is actually an update to a previous review. My wife and I saw some plaques in Tokyo we wanted. However, we had to leave them to keep up with a cruise provided tour guide. We really wanted these to mount in our house as a memoir of our trip. After getting back to the states, I contacted Takuji Nishida (Tak) who had been our tour guide the next day. All I had was a basic description and the shop we saw them in. Tak was great. He traveled to the shop on his own time, found the plaques, took pictures and emailed them to us with the prices. We selected the one's we wanted, and he went back to the shop, purchased them with money I had sent him and shipped them via air to us (this will be my wife's surprise Christmas present). He even had an overage in expenses and trusted me to pay him afterward (I did). This is far and above what one could ask of a tour guide and shows the quality of both the Japanese people and Tak as a person. My thanks to him.
by Dave (11/14/19)
Wondefull tour together with Tak. Perfect timing, good expalanation. I liked it.
by DNICK (11/13/19)
My group and I had a tour with Yoko on Monday the 21st of October and she was a great guide and we would love to recommend her very much. Kind Regards, Martin
by Martins Resor (11/08/19)
Yuriko Kimora was our guide in Tokyo. Yuriko was excellent! She was very knowledgeable, interesting & very enjoyable company. I definitely recommend her.
by Susan (11/08/19)
We had a 7 hour tour of Tokyo with our guide Kuro It was truly a most memorable experience We visited so many things that we would not have seen on our own Old parts of the city where there were tiny shrines hidden away amongst local homes The amazing Tsuki fish market where we learnt about tuna and other fish Liza was so knowledgeable about the history of Japan and made the tour to suit our interests Highlights also were our tempura lunch a visit to the peaceful Rikugien garden at dusk and lastly a visit to a local artists studio Kazu really made our trip to Tokyo so very special Thank you Japan travel for such a wonderful day Will and Jean
by Will and Jean (11/06/19)