Tsukiji fish market explore + Sushi making experience tour

  • ¥ 13,000
  • 4.0 hours
  • Max 32, Min 2 Guests


Sushi is the best popular food of Japan and Sushi restaurant is everywhere in the world nowadays. However, a small number of people have had an experience of making sushi. Then, our Tokyo Foodrink Tour offers special opportunity of sushi making class taught by a professional sushi chef. Moreover, our knowledgeable guide tours Tsukiji market before the class and show important elements of Japanese culinary culture. Combined with Tsukiji exploration, you would see the insight and may find its secrets. We wait for your challenge to be a sushi master!

  • ・Try sample foods that are beloved by fine cuisine restaurants e.g.Green tea, Bonito flakes
  • ・Explore Tsukiji market with a friendly guide and discover where the local foodies eat
  • ・Learn about the foundation of the Japanese food culture at the market called ‘the Kitchen of Tokyo’
  • ・Sushi making experience taught by professional Sushi chef
*Mainly Mon. Tue. Thu. Fri. Sat.
4hours (approx.)
【Departure time】
【Departure point】
Tsukiji Honganji Temple, in front of the gate
【Return details】
TBD (Depends on sushi school)

  • ・Meetup
  • ・Explore Tsukiji Inner market
  • ・Move to Sushi workshop and learn how to make Sushi
  • ・Eat your own made Sushi
Tsukiji Honganji Temple / TBD (depends on sushi school)
Please arrive by 8:15 AM to The main gate of Tsukiji Honganji-Temple
MAP: http://blog.japanwondertravel.com/Tsukiji-map.pdf
for a prompt departure at 8:30 AM.
PRICE (1 person)
13,000 JPY
Approximately 12:30 PM.
Your own made Sushi
*You could try some free sample in the Tsukiji outer market.
English guide
Food (menu above)
Transportation fee from Tsukiji to Sushi workshop venue
Hotel pick-up
Infant meals
Extra foods and drinks
  • ・This is a group tour.
  • ・We will leave at 8:30am sharp, so please make sure to be there on time!
  • ・There could be a delay at when tour ends, if you have an appointment or plan right after this tour, please let us know in advance.

    【Pricing & Payment】
  • ・All payment is expected before tour.
  • ・We don’t have children’s price. If the child doesn’t eat, it’s free.
  • ・Over maximum 1 group size, the group will be separated.
  • ・If you would like to do PRIVATE tour, please send inquiry to us.TOTAL PRICE= 12,000 JPY [Basic fee] + 10,000 JPY/person (If your group is equal or less than 4. Over 4 it's 13,000/ person)
  • Cancellation Policy

    【Notes about Tsukiji Market】
  • ・The guiding at the inner market is strictly restricted recently. Our guides may not accompany with you. Alternatively, we will give our handmade MAP and useful information before your exploration. The inner market visit is possible to be refused in the future (the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is under discussion).
  • ・Please come with comfortable walking shoes as this tour is mainly a walking tour. We can’t enter the market with sandals.
  • ・Baby buggy is not allowed at the inner market. You could deposit it at the outer market.

  • ・若你需要中文導覽的話,請在來信中告訴我們。 中文網站 (If you would like to join Chinese speaking guide tour, please note that when you send inquiry.)

    Customer's Voice (75)

    Excellent trip!!
    by Crissa san (04/20/18)
    What a fun event! The family (2 adults, 2 teenage boys) met our guide and after arrival of two others joining us, started the tour. We went to the Shrine near where we met which was interesting but not on topic—we had already done the temple and shrine tours. We then spent an hour+ in the market outside the main fish market—very interesting and with a wide variety of things to see and taste. Come with an open mind (and palate) as some of the flavors and textures were not those that I was expecting or used to—lots of fun stuff to buy too, snacks, knives, accessories and nori to name a few. We then went inside the main market which was in the process of clean up and closing (the only time tourists can go in). Amazing how large and clean the facility is. We got a chance to see many types of fish including some HUGE tuna. Just awesome. We also were given the opportunity to view the vegetable market but our group was pretty much done with walking around, so we opted to go on to the sushi making class. The class (at a restaurant in Ginza) was a lot of fun and very informative. We had made sushi at home but learned many techniques to make it easier and more presentable. The staff (our guide was Jun) was friendly and very accommodating. We highly recommend the tour for sushi lovers, including those with teenagers!
    by Jeff in California (04/18/18)
    The tour was amazing! Our tour guide was so nice and informative throughout! She answered all our questions and curiosities, as well as encouraging us to ask about anything. I would definitely recommend anyone who is traveling to Japan to book this tour! Sophia
    by Sophia (04/17/18)
    We had such an amazing time on this tour! It made all the difference to have Yukio there, who knew exactly where to go and the history of the fish market. It was also a blast making sushi afterwards! A perfect experience in Tokyo! Definitely recommend you to take this tour and class. It is well worth it! Thank you to Japan World Travel & Yukio :)
    by Courtney (04/14/18)
    We had market tour and sushi cooking class with Asaka san. She is so kindness and friendly, full of educated Japanese food. We saw many different fresh and dried food. Japanese food is really amazing !!! We been to outer market then inner market after that took taxi with Asaka to sushi workshop in Ginza. Sushi workshop is the best.You got individual cooking set and shared rice .Chef showed how to cut fish then how to make sushi. It was simple and yummy (If you don't have any experiences about cooking... don't worry) My class also had kids too. Also you would eat a lot of sushi that you made We would highly recommend this class. Pae and Sebastian san
    by Pae (04/12/18)
    Excellent tour. Great guide. Thank yo
    by Bill (04/09/18)
    We joined Tsukiji Market and Sushi workshop tour. The local guide is very nice. Everything was smooth. We have a great time. Thank you very much :)
    by Jay Todsaporn (04/09/18)
    The tour was amazing. Our guide Asaka took very good care of my family and we learned so much about all the different foods. She was very good about finding great sampling’s for my kids to try. Also, the sushi making class exceeded our expectations. Great authentic trained sushi chef and lots of staff to really assist you. Could not recommend more!
    by Jodi (04/06/18)
    Our family really enjoyed this half-day tour of the Tsukiji fish market -- our guide, Yukio, was fantastic and had lots of really interesting stories and facts about the market and Japan to share with our group. We felt very lucky to be able to see behind the scenes at the fish market and also to meet some of the vendors that Yukio knows. We also really enjoyed the sushi making class with Saito-san -- he made it fun and the resulting sushi was very tasty. We had dinner that night at a sushi bar and were very appreciative of the skill and dexterity of the sushi chef after having tried to do it ourselves. Fabulous tour and highly recommend it to others.
    by Happy Visitor (03/27/18)
    a wonderful tour. Our guide, Yukio, was cheerful & knowledgeable as he led us on our own, two person tour around both the inner and outer Tokyo fish markets. He knew many of the vendors at the stalls, which meant that we got to sample many delicious types of fruits & and seafoods. The sushi making class was as tasty as it was fun! Overall, an amazing experience.
    by Isabelle (03/21/18)
    Overall great experience! We also received the photos they took of us!
    by Nick G. (03/13/18)
    A wonderful experience! It was easy and quick to meet up with our guide, Yoshino. She spoke English very well, was informative, organized and fun! We learned a great deal from her that added greatly to the tour and our further travels around Japan. The fish market tour was a highlight of our stay in Tokyo. The sushi making class was informative and fun. Plus the sushi tasted great! We would recommend the tour to anyone. Overall a great experience and our guide Yoshino was excellent.
    by Reed (03/07/18)
    We took a private tour of the fish market followed by a sushi making class organized by Japan Wonder. The guide Nanako was great. She gave us a very thorough tour, helped us navigate the market outside the fish market, helped us shop for items we were interested in bringing home. After the fish market tour we had a great time learning how to make sushi and eating the sushi that we made. We had a fantastic time and highly recommend this tour.
    by Mel B. (03/02/18)
    Excellent Tour and Guide as well!
    by Annie (03/01/18)
    We had a fantastic time with Yukio at the fish market! He was very informative and friendly as he took us around both the inner and outer markets, and even took us to a special place to see the market from above. He took pictures for us and emailed them to me later. After our tour, we went to a sushi restaurant via taxi (Yukio escorted us) and took a sushi making class. Our teenaged daughters both enjoyed this part the most. Thank you for a great experience!
    by Lee family (02/28/18)
    Fantastic tour. Our guide Yoshie was excellent, she showed us many different types of local cuisine around the market - and advised us on what to try. The sushi class was a lot of fun. Highly recommend this tour. Thank you.
    by Jono (02/27/18)
    we had a great time with Maki, her English is excellent. she explained what everything was and we even got to sample some food in the markets. the sushi experience is fun and we basicly had to be rolled out of the resturant after all the sushi we ate. 11/10
    by paige (02/19/18)
    Excellent tour with knowledgeable and fun guide. The sushi making was great.
    by Stephanie (02/12/18)
    Our guide Yuko-san was kind, friendly, patient, informative, helpful, knowledgeable and fun. We were taught a lot information about different kinds of food to be found in the outer market, and the inner wholesalers’ fish market, and Yuko-san was patient as we sampled different Japanese delicacies. The Sushi making class was so much fun, as well as educational. The chef was very friendly, and Yuko-san translated the instructions for us. We then had the pleasure of eating the sushi we had created. We recommend this great tour, and we recommend Yuko-san as a great guide and ambassador.
    by Helenka99 (02/01/18)
    Yuko-san was an excellent guide and she brings the tour alive. She shares her knowledge easily and we thoroughly enjoyed the food and drink tour with her. She also gave detailed directions to help us get around on the subway and shinkansen smoothly. Highly recommended.
    by Sue2017 (12/30/17)
    Chihiro is not only the best travel guide in Tokyo, she’s he best I’ve ever had. She was so informative and helpful. The tour was so fun because we had her. She even helped me find a store after the tour was finished that I wanted to see in Ginza. She walked me there! My whole family loved her. Great tour. Great guide!
    by Dkam19 (12/28/17)
    This was a very informative tour and I had such a great experience! Our tour guide Yoko was very knowledgeable and it was such a pleasure to have her by our side. The sushi making class was so much fun, and now I can impress my friends back home with my newly learned skills! After the tour was concluded, Yoko even helped us find our way back to our home location, this was so nice and very much appreciated. Yoko also gave us great suggestions on shopping and other sites to see in Japan, and that wasn't even part of the tour. I appreciate her going above and beyond to make sure our experience was the best it could be. Thank you so much!!
    by Andrew A. (11/30/17)
    Naoko was a super guide she took us to all the interesting parts of the market and interacted with people to show us the sights. At the sushi making class she translated the chefs instructions and checked with each individual that they understood. Naoko also gave us printed instructions on how to make sushi to take home with us. Would recommend this tour and guide
    by Sam (11/19/17)
    I had a fantastic time on the tour with our guide Tomo. Her knowledge of the market and her friendly manner made for a memorable morning. The sushi class is a must do, great fun and fabulous food! If you're in Tokyo I recommend you give this tour a go, you won't be disappointed.
    by Simon (11/19/17)
    I’m not usually a “tour” kind of person, I generally like to explore on my own, however, I can confidently say that taking this tour was the best decision I made in Tokyo. I did the Tsukiji Fish Market tour with Sushi Making class afterward and it was so great! It exceeded my expectations. My guide, Ikuko Hoshi, was so knowledgable, so friendly, immediately upon meeting you her warm presence makes you feel like a friend. She was everything one could hope for in a guide. This tour and Hoshi made my trip to Tokyo! Would highly recommend it to anyone going to Japan.
    by Taylor O (11/09/17)