Tsukiji fish market explore + Sushi making experience tour

  • ¥ 13,000
  • 4.0 hours
  • Max 32, Min 2 Guests
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***NOTICE : Tsukiji inner market move to Toyosu, but Tsukiji outer market and mini wholesale area remain in Tsukiji. We continue tour at Tsukiji.***

Sushi is the best popular food of Japan and Sushi restaurant is everywhere in the world nowadays. However, a small number of people have had an experience of making sushi. Then, our Tokyo Foodrink Tour offers special opportunity of sushi making class taught by a professional sushi chef. Moreover, our knowledgeable guide tours Tsukiji market before the class and show important elements of Japanese culinary culture. Combined with Tsukiji exploration, you would see the insight and may find its secrets. We wait for your challenge to be a sushi master!

  • ・Try sample foods that are beloved by fine cuisine restaurants e.g.Green tea, Bonito flakes and some snacks.
  • ・Explore Tsukiji outer market with a friendly guide and discover where the local foodies eat
  • ・Learn about the foundation of the Japanese food culture at the market called ‘the Kitchen of Tokyo’
  • ・Sushi making experience taught by professional Sushi chef
*Mainly Mon. Tue. Thu. Fri. Sat.
4hours (approx.)
【Departure time】
【Departure point】
Tsukiji Honganji Temple, in front of the gate
【Return details】
TBD (Depends on sushi school)

  • ・Meetup
  • ・Explore Tsukiji outer market and small wholesale area.
  • ・Move to Sushi workshop and learn how to make Sushi
  • ・Eat your own made Sushi
Tsukiji Honganji Temple / TBD (depends on sushi school)
Please arrive by 8:15 AM to The main gate of Tsukiji Honganji-Temple
MAP: http://blog.japanwondertravel.com/Tsukiji-map.pdf
for a prompt departure at 8:30 AM.
PRICE (1 person)
13,000 JPY
Approximately 12:30 PM.
Your own made Sushi
*You could try some free sample in the Tsukiji outer market.
English guide
Food (menu above)
Transportation fee from Tsukiji to Sushi workshop venue
Hotel pick-up
Infant meals
Extra foods and drinks
  • ・Tsukiji inner market move to Toyosu after 6th Oct. So in this tour, we don't visit inner market(business area), we visit Tsukiji outer market and mini wholesale area to introduce Japanese food and culture.
  • ・This is a group tour.
  • ・We will leave at 8:30am sharp, so please make sure to be there on time!
  • ・There could be a delay at when tour ends, if you have an appointment or plan right after this tour, please let us know in advance.

    【Pricing & Payment】
  • ・All payment is expected before tour.
  • ・We don’t have children’s price. If the child doesn’t eat, it’s free.
  • ・Over maximum 1 group size, the group will be separated.
  • ・If you would like to do PRIVATE tour, please send inquiry to us.TOTAL PRICE= 15,000 JPY [Basic fee] + 10,000 JPY/person (If your group is equal or less than 5. Over 5 it's 13,000/ person)
  • Cancellation Policy

    【Notes about Tsukiji Market】
  • ・We don't plan to visit inner market normally. Instead of that, we do our best to show you at outer market.
  • ・Please come with comfortable walking shoes as this tour is mainly a walking tour.

  • 【Others】
  • ・若你需要中文導覽的話,請在來信中告訴我們。 中文網站 (If you would like to join Chinese speaking guide tour, please note that when you send inquiry.)


    Customer's Voice (117)

    We both enjoyed the market tour, it was relaxed and informative + lots of free samples, and making sushi was great fun - so much food. Chirio was a great guide.
    by Georgia and Charlie (06/17/19)
    The tour was a great cultural experience. Yuko was very patient and gave us a very good background on the market’s history, the typical types of products and food. The sushi making course was very fund and even though it was very basic it gave us a good feeling on what this art consists of ! Highly recommend the tour if you are into food and culture.
    by Foodies (05/31/19)
    We had a wonderful time. Skip was a wonderful guide. This was a highlight of our trip to Japan
    by Metzmom (05/28/19)
    The tour was excellent, and extremely informative ! As another guest didn’t turn up, I had Pretty much a personal tour by Kiyoka. She was knowledgable, very friendly and enthusiastic and enjoyed learning about the Tsukiji area and it’s surroundings. The sushi making experience tour was also quite an experience, being taught by a master sushi chef of 30 plus years, it was an eye opening experience ! Definitely recommended to those who enjoy food and history!
    by Karlson (05/25/19)
    We had such a great time on this sushi tour. Great for a team event, team bonding while getting a cultural experience simultaneously. We also had great tour guides to help guide our experience. Highly recommended!
    by Sushi Lover (05/14/19)
    Excellent tour! Great guide. She took extra care to help us with our bags that we’d left in locker at train station. Note - tour starts and ends at different places. Would recommend this tour. Sushi making was fun and entertaining but best park was the guide.
    by LisaRick (04/24/19)
    We absolutely loved our Tsukiji fish market tour and sushi making class! Our guide Tak was brilliant and provided so many insights into Japanese culture and everyday life. Tak went out of his way to get to know each of our 9 group members, and was fantastic with our 2 kids. I highly recommend doing a tour combined with the sushi making class. Our head chef was delightful and we had so much fun! We got to make and eat so much delicious food, we all came away full and happy (and ready for a nap).
    by JDV89 (04/22/19)
    Our Tsukiji Old Outer Market Tour and Sushi Roll Cooking was amazing. Our tour guide Asaka did a great job and showed us a lot of special japanese food during the tour incl. a fugu sashimi, that we have ask for and wanted to try. The Sushi Master was excellent and the whole lunch was gorgeous
    by Christoph-san (04/22/19)
    Thank you Yuriko-san for a fun day and your kind spirit! Thank you for telling interesting stories and for all tips! Super interesting to hear from Japanese culture, history and food. Highly recommend this tour. -Hanna, Finland
    by Hanna (04/05/19)
    Excellent tour with Kiyoka! Really enjoyed her expertise and how we learned so much on the tour. The sushi making was a highlight for us all!
    by j.rene1 (04/05/19)
    Very nice tour. Well done
    by Mark (04/03/19)
    We met at the temple, which was very easy to find: directly across the street from the train station. Our tour guide was Naoko, who was perfect! She was knowledgeable about the history, food, and culture of the market & Japan. We learned so much, and had so much fun along the way. Naoko was full of smiles and kept the tour fun while informative. Her English was excellent, and she translated for us in the market and sushi making class. She encouraged us to sample a lot of food while in the market, and gave us time to shop at our leisure. Perfect balance for a tour on all levels! If you book this tour: Request Naoko!! The best people make the best experiences!
    by Julianne (04/03/19)
    We really enjoyed our tour with Tak in the Fish market. He took us to different vendors and booths where were we were able to see and sample different foods. His inside knowledge on where to go in the fish market was a great local's inside view of the culture . He even took us to his favorite knife shop for us to bring home a special gift. We then went to the sushi class to experience and learn how to make sushi. This was also a highlight and perfect for the children to learn more about the food culture. We would highly recommend both of these tours as in an inside top notch experience.
    by Rachel San (04/02/19)
    This tour was excellent! Highly recommend it! Out tour guide was so sweet and amazing! So helpful and knowledgeable.The sushi making class was absolutely great! Thanks to the wonderful people of Japan!
    by Alicia Torrens (03/25/19)
    とても楽しかったです! 带着姑姑参加,导游Rie女士的中文非常好,给我们介绍了筑地很多的内容,对于我们的任何疑问都非常耐心的解答,学到了日本文化有关的很多东西~做寿司也非常有意思,比想象中难!最后还有结业证书,很有成就感 (^▽^)
    by feng (03/21/19)
    So happy to be writing this review! We had an amazing time with our tour guide, Naoko, touring the fish market, learning some local history, and learning how to make the perfect sushi. :) Hard to know what our favorite part of the tour was because it was all so great! Thanks! Bryan and Steph
    by Bryan and Steph (03/15/19)
    Great experience! You walk through the market and can learn a lot from their culture with the explanation of the guide. After that we could see the chef cut and slide the fish that was great!
    by Anachu (02/09/19)
    Very good tour. Our guide was friendly and helpful. As a new expat in Japan I was able to ask questions about fish and vegetables that I hadn't seen before and get tips on how to cook them. Unexpected extras to an already memorable market tour and sushi making experience.
    by B&TK (01/28/19)
    Me and my wife did the Tsukiji market tour and sushi among last month and we had the best time! It was the highlight of our Tokyo trip. Our guide Eri was amazing - she was incredibly knowledgable and all the people we met on the tour let us sample bits and pieces of what they were selling and Eri made us feel very comfortable. The sushi making was also incredible and great value for money! We would highly reccomend this!!
    by LJBense (12/04/18)
    This was one of the highlights of our trip. It made the top 3 on his list of things we did in Japan over the week we spent here. Absolutely worth it, even with the inner market being closed. There is more than enough to see and experience in the outer market. Our guide, Mari, was outstanding as well. She sent us some superb pictures from the sushi making - that was a lot of food. That alone was worth the tour but the fish market was quite fascinating.
    by Rusty (11/22/18)
    We booked a tour threw the Tsukiji Market and the Sushi making course after and it was just wonderful. The tour was perfectly organized and we were very lucky as we found out that we had our absolutely fabolous guide Nanako just for ourselves. She did such a great job and we enjoyed it so much. Not only she showed and explained us all the corners of the outer market, but also told us a lot about the culture, the nearby temples and the japanese traditions. We even managed to see how a giant bluefin tuna was cut - a unique experience. I can really say that it was definitely an absolutely highlight of our trip to Tokyo this time and one of the greatest experiences we had in Japan until now (and its already my 4th trip). After Tsukiji we went to nearby neighborhoud Ginza, where we had our sushi course. The enviroment was very nice and traditional, with a lot of armosphere. Everybody was extremely kind and our sushi chef was brilliant. We had a lot of fun with him too and he was very patient explaining the details and answering every question. After that we could enjoy sef made makis and nigiris. And of course get our certificates, which was a lovely gesture. We will definitely recommend it to everyone. Thanks again for your care, the detailed information and the way you made us feel so comfortable.
    by Mischa and Gus (11/22/18)
    The Tsukiji fish market tour and sushi making class was excellent. Our guide Tomo was funny, kind, full of interesting information and went the extra mile for us. I would highly recommend the tour for anyone interested in Japanese food culture as it encompasses all sorts of food, not just fish. The sushi making class was good value and taught by a very accomplished, hilarious and encouraging chef. A good time was had by all.
    by Sofia-san (11/13/18)
    We were so lucky to have Asaka guide us through Tsukiji Market - pointing out all the best shops for the things we were interested in. We had some amazing Toro and Oysters and Mochi. Asaka also recommended the shop for our knife purchase. She made shopping so much easier. Our experience was So amazing we’re going back before we leave Japan to find some omiyage. We also thoroughly enjoyed the sushi making class. . Our instructor was patient and always smiling even though we weren’t the best students. To top It off we got to eat all we made. Great day! I highly recommend this tour.
    by Hawaii meets japan (10/31/18)
    日本旅行近二十次,卻是首度參與築地與壽司體驗行程。對於一名從小看著各種築地背景漫畫的我來說,魚市場搬遷到豐洲,真像是一個時代的告別,一定要在搬遷之際趕來緬懷一下。而場外市場熱鬧不減。吉田千裕女士非常專業細心解說非常精彩,讓我多知道了築地的各種名店與典故,而銀座Edo 江戶壽司手作體驗,師父教得很好,試做了捲壽司與握壽司,自己覺得很好吃哈哈。還得到一張修業證書非常有FU。回到台灣還收到如果在家自製壽司的資料與我自己有興趣的築地搬遷資料實在很感謝。總言之,這個行程無以倫比的美麗,絕對值得想要一窺日本文化的初入門者或是行家親自體驗,阿對了,雖然我當天因為調度是參加英語導覽,但是也會有提供中文導覽喔!力推!
    by Ming Ju Su (10/25/18)
    I stumbled across this company while searching for Tokyo tours, and wow, did I luck out. Yukio was a knowledgeable and enjoyable tour guide, not to mention an all-around great guy. For example: after the food tour, he offered to guide me to the sumo tournament going on while I was in town. As a newby to Tokyo and its subway system, I was so appreciative. If you find yourself looking for a Tsukiji food tour, book with this company. You won't be disappointed.
    by TMJohnson (10/03/18)