Tokyo TOUR

  • Hakone Private Tour (By Bullet Train, 9.5 Hours)

    Escape busy Tokyo and take a bullet train heading west from Tokyo for about 1 hour and you will get to Hakone. Hakone is part of the Hakone-Fuji-Izu National Park. Here, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery with a view of Mt.Fuji. Explore the nature of Hakone from the land, air, and the lake on our full day private guided tour. You will enjoy the ride of the mountain train, funicular, the ropeway (cable cars), and sightseeing by boat. Our local knowledgeable guide will help you to make your adventure easy, safe, and fun!! This tour is recommended for JR Pass holders.

    9.5 Hours

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    ¥ 65,000 / Per Group

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  • Nikko World Heritage Private Walking Tour (10.5 hours)

    Escape busy Tokyo and take the limited express train SPACIA heading north from Tokyo for about 2 hours and you will get to the UNESCO world heritage site, Nikko. Nikko is the entrance to Nikko National Park, historic Toshogu shrine and the mausoleum of Tokugawa Ieyasu, the founder of the Tokugawa shogunate. Our Nikko tour will transport you to places of rich Japanese history, culture and breathtaking scenery all in one day.

    10.5 Hours

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    ¥ 60,000 / Per Group

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  • Mt. Fuji Pilgrim Hiking (1st to 5th Station)

    Mt. Fuji is not only a symbol of Japan but has been an object of worship for centuries. As a World Heritage Cultural Site, Mt. Fuji includes lots of historic and cultural values. This tour follows the traditional pilgrimage route from the base (Umagaeshi) to the 5th station. You’ll enjoy the historical and cultural heritage along the way. You will start hiking in the forest area and then start to see it change to a more mountainous terrain when you approach the forest limit line (2,500m). You will hike approximately 6 km (3.7 miles) for 4 hours. Enjoy this spiritual and relaxing hike with our professional local guide who will tell you about the ancient history of Mt. Fuji!

    7.0 Hours

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    ¥ 42,500 / Per Group

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  • Tokyo FooDrink Sweets Tour @ Asakusa

    Asakusa is one of the must see sightseeing spots in Tokyo. It keeps Japanese traditional atmosphere. Also there’s the biggest kitchen goods streets “Kappabashi” near Asakusa. You can, not only taste many traditional Japanese sweets, but also learn Japanese culture more with our professional guide. (*Please join us after lunch.)

    3 hours

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    ¥ 8,000 / Per Person

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  • Tour to Sumo stable and watch Sumo morning training!

    Sumo is a traditional Japanese sport based on Shinto belief. It’s like a “Japanese wrestling” where one tries to force the opponent out of the ring or force any part of his body touching the ground. Sumo wrestlers practice very hard from early in the morning. You could go in a stable and watch the practice close if you follow the rule of the stable. You will see the strongest guys!!

    3.0 hours

    20 Reviews

    ¥ 10,000 / Per Person

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  • Tokyo Half Day West Tokyo Private Walking Tour (4 Hours)

    There are some big towns in the west side of Tokyo, such as Shibuya, Harajuku, Shinjuku, and Ikebukuro. With this tour, we will visit Shibuya, Harajuku and Shinjuku. HIGHLIGHT • SEE unique culture at Scramble crossing and Takeshita street. • FEEL the gap between quiet atmosphere at one of the biggest shrines in Tokyo, Meiji shrine and young pop culture, Takeshita street. • Explore one of the busiest towns, Shinjuku. (This tour does not include the visit to Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building or Shinjuku Gyoen park.)

    4 hours

    9 Reviews

    ¥ 22,500 / Per Group

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  • Get ticket of Ghibli Museum

    Nobody can grow up without watching animations created by world known master animator Miyazaki Hayao. This museum is built by his Studio Ghibli. Here you can dive into the world of Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, My Neighbor Totoro and so on!! If you couldn’t get tickets in your country or after arrived at Japan, we do our best to find tickets.

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    ¥ 5,000 / Per Person

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  • [2019 September.] Sumo tournament tickets in Tokyo

    Have you ever seen Sumo tournament? Six Grand Sumo tournaments have been held each year. In January, March and September, it has been held in Tokyo. Let's enjoy watching Japanese traditional sports Sumo.

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    ¥ 7,500 / Per Person

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  • Asakusa Rickshaw Ride

    Enjoy your rickshaw ride in style and comfort with our professionally-trained drivers, called “shafu” in Japanese. Each “shafu” goes through an extensive training program focused on safety, hospitality, and of course the history and culture of the town and Japan.

    1 hour

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    ¥ 8,750 / Per Person

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  • Kyoto 1–Day Private Walking Tour from Tokyo (8 Hours Tour in Kyoto)

    There are many places to do one day trip from Tokyo for example Kamakura, Hakone… But how about going to Kyoto? Kyoto is a bit far from Tokyo, but you could do in one day. Our guide will welcome you at the platform of Kyoto station and show you Kyoto based on your request. With our passionate and knowledgeable guide, you will enjoy Kyoto efficiently! Additionally you could see Mt. Fuji on the way to Kyoto when it is sunny. Do you have a day free in Tokyo, let’s do it!!

    13.5 hours

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    ¥ 40,000 / Per Group

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  • [EVENT/17th Sep.] Tea Picking at the Foot of Mt. Fuji (Let’s Make Your Own Tea) 

    Do you like Japanese tea? Have you heard of Sencha? Matcha is quite famous, but we don’t drink daily. We normally drink Sencha. In this tour, we visit special tea farm and pick tea leaves from tea field, then sear it. It’s your own special tea as a souvenir. Tea around Mt. Fuji is very famous and tasty in Japan. Let’s make your own tea by yourself!!

    8.5 hours

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    ¥ 12,000 / Per Person

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