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  • Tokyo Local Street Food and Drink Tour @Sunamachi

    Sunamachi shopping street is a 670 meters long street located in a residential area of East Tokyo. You may think of Tokyo as a modern high-tech city full of busy people, however, here in Sunamachi, time flows slowly, and friendly supportive locals still run their family businesses. Exploring and seeing nostalgic shops is enjoyable. For example, an Oden hotpot shop sells the steaming hot ingredients at the front and a Yakitori Skewed chicken shop always gives off good smells. Many shops have been in business for over 60 years. Their foods are made with passed down family recipes and have supported the neighborhoods’ daily diet.

    3.5 hours

    60 Reviews

    ¥ 9,500 / Per Person

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  • Tokyo Food and Drink Tour @ Tsukiji and Asakusa

    The Tsukiji and Asakusa tour takes you to the two major attractions of Tokyo. Tsukiji, which has the world-famous fish market, gathers foods from both Japan and overseas. Their foods are of high quality and are the beloved food of Tokyoite. The next stop will be Asakusa, which has an old Sensoji temple, which retains the historical atmosphere of the Samurai period. You will also be able to see the famous Kaminarimon Gate and the cityscape with the Tokyo Sky Tree Tower in the background. They are perfect sites to take photos for your Japan trip. During this tour, you will enjoy delicious traditional Japanese foods and drinks from appetizers to desserts.

    5.5 hours

    71 Reviews

    ¥ 14,500 / Per Person

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